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Flattering a girl is all about giving a specific, direct compliment that comes across genuine and shows interest. Flatter that cute girl using genuine compli…



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  • Philip Johnson 3 years ago

    If I complement a girl I instantly stop fancying them. I think the concept
    of ‘pulling’ someone is bogus. Either you feel a connection and an
    attraction or nothing and there is nothing on this earth you can do to fake
    or hurry it along. That’s what makes love so special. When you feel it
    after such a long time of feeling nothing it’s such a surprise and is so
    fantatic you’re grinning from ear to ear.

  • delonge5000 3 years ago

    jessica makes me smile.

  • Rocky183 3 years ago

    I usually just apply lots of pressure– Oh! FlatteR, not flatten!

  • MrRREXX 3 years ago

    I think the tip to compliment her once is a great..because we men usually
    overdo it. /thanks

  • ZANEDUKE45 3 years ago

    this video helped me a little bit but you should make videos to help if you
    are not on a date but just a group of friends, to socialize with them

  • NothingUnintentional 3 years ago

    ah i thought this said how to flatten a girl..

  • Kris Bright 3 years ago

    @Jjonathanhart What happened to the good old days when girls used to
    approach me? Why can’t the rules of high school work like the rules in the
    real world? Freshman year I couldn’t keep the girls off me. Now that I’m
    out of high school finding a girl interested in me is like finding a needle
    in a haystack.

  • Gary Lee 3 years ago

    hi Jessica Claire, what is the name of the channel these videos are on? thx
    have a wonderful day

  • Aragiss 3 years ago

    ZOMG 138713 videos!

  • LosAngelesWriter 3 years ago

    The moment she says “rule” keep in mind ‘rules” only apply to ice guys, not
    to drug using, alcoholic women beaters, they get to do whatever they want
    and still get laid 24/7.

  • nagesh ingalagi 3 years ago

    really it works or not i dont know but it is super to follow for new once
    like me

  • TheSim1derful 3 years ago

    @maolieksvids I completely agree. Girl speaking here, by the way. I also
    think that girls in general should be less harsh on guys who hit on them.
    Even though it shouldn’t be this way, guys are still expected to do most of
    the asking out (which is sexist bs, but I digress), and I cannot imagine
    how stressful it would be to constantly be expected to make the first move.
    Compliments should be mutual; guys have feelings, too.

  • John Scott 3 years ago

    Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective: How to be a Little Bitch

  • Thegeaza 3 years ago

    jessica. i think your hot lol.

  • quantomic1106 3 years ago

    nice couch!

  • Justin Gamache 3 years ago

    tonight as I am watching this video, you are the sexiest girl on youtube
    and I will listen to you all night long..

  • Craylo white 3 years ago

    I shower my girl with compiments she says its not enough <3

  • shafi420 3 years ago

    Wow Jessica! that was very helpful. i kinda get it now what u mean by
    sincere compliment. thank you

  • MrAlexandreJuby 3 years ago

    @TheFirstNeuron ahahhah

  • luwu2008 3 years ago

    @agun17 ????

  • WwLoganxX 3 years ago

    What are the women’s opinions of this dating coach’s advice? Is her advice
    good at all? Is it too generalized? And so on.

  • Om Karmacharya 3 years ago

    You know that painful moment when your friend (who’s been a loser
    permanently, I’ve gotta tell you) gets a beautiful woman to fall in love
    with him in like 2 weeks? God, that just occurred. I understand I ought to
    be happy but I would prefer if it was me. He stated he applied the the
    Cupid Love System (Search for it in Google). I wanna hide inside of a cave
    at the moment.

  • JL Hughes 3 years ago

    MILK BAGS!!!!!1!ONE lolololololololololololololol

  • botchalism 3 years ago

    Treat a girl like dirt, and she’ll stick to you like mud.

  • Auro Zinq 3 years ago

    Hi Hi Hi Hi is that all i fucking hear out of these stupid fucking videos.

  • QuartuvLarry 3 years ago

    Nobody respects an ass-kisser

  • mrimsoperfect 3 years ago

    @tgrwp42j12 I know.

  • 2334Johnlegend34 3 years ago

    What women don’t seem to understand is that when a guess says: “Your eyes
    are beautiful” in a sincere tone he is 99% of the time being sincere.
    Saying it different doesn’t make it more believable in my opinion. But it
    will probably make a longer lasting impact on the woman in question.

  • Goran Milokovitch 3 years ago

    @quirks1 Ha, good one. Like asking a dog about how to teach a dog to shake

  • aviomaster 3 years ago

    DID they have dating tips back in the VIKING time.

  • MariiAndMikesMusic 3 years ago

    ok.. so anyone want to know how to flattedr a guy ? XD

  • Colin W 3 years ago

    @squidlipsss In Soviet Russia Mouth in cock!

  • ZSy264 3 years ago

    @treku958 so comments like these get thumbs up but one tiny offhand comment
    hinting at pedophilia is not alright? Double standards I say! Let the
    priest have his fun, won’t you?

  • mattyice2411 3 years ago

    well if i ask her what color her eyes are then im clearly not looking at
    her eyes. and we’re not in new york city. you are. im not.

  • TheRadiantstate 3 years ago

    @trifight I’d rather live with cats than with the constant sexual
    disappointment your girlfriend experiences. Before you think I’m being
    rude- keep in mind the kindness I’m affording you by implying that you
    could possibly have a girlfriend in the first place.

  • BluTrilobite 3 years ago

    Can I use this: “Hey, baby! How about some soup with those flies?!”

  • bsh9616 3 years ago

    Big nosed yenta says what???!!!

  • joker123344 3 years ago

    0:55 ummm thank u

  • legendnemesis 3 years ago

    i wonder how she looks like when she poops

  • mrmikejohnson463 3 years ago

    Be easy on the compliments guys. When you compliment a woman, it raises her
    “value”. It’s the exact opposite of what you should be doing actually. I
    just finished reading one of those dating guides (the one on BetheBadboy.
    com), which was surprisingly good, and in it, it states that pre-selection
    is one of the most important attraction triggers. Meaning, if the girl is
    under the impression that you’re wanted by a lot of girls, she’ll u too!

  • CameronIRL 3 years ago

    Don’t use the word sexy when you talk to women. Other words are much better.

  • RASHTG 3 years ago

    @squidlipsss Thanks to Botox