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Enjoying a date on a tight budget is easy in all four seasons; free dates include walks, ice skating, dance lessons or drum circles. Go on cheap dates while saving money with advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys.

Expert: Jessica Claire
Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller



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  • TheGameInFrame 2 years ago

    0:53: is that supposed to be a wink?

  • ja7x12 2 years ago

    hey babe wanna go watch paint dry would be just as good!

  • dagonlord32002 2 years ago

    please shut the fuck up

  • mpalin11 2 years ago

    I have to admit, I watch these videos just for Claire 😀

  • thorington 2 years ago

    I think she had a stroke at 0:53

  • Attila709 2 years ago

    I usually take the woman to mcdonalds and afterwards collect cans and
    bottles together.

  • Nameloc2012 2 years ago

    If you’re in New York City, you’re probably living in a dumpster and eating
    dead rats.

  • Beriana Preas 2 years ago

    I’ve looked over all the comments. I think it’s a good video clip. My older
    brother simply wants to get excellent with ladies. He uncovered a lot from
    Master Attraction. (Google it.) The recommendations about seducing women
    from clubs from Master Attraction got him his first fucks in around 3 yrs.
    I’ve been irritated however given that I heard them all.

  • Akira Boroque 2 years ago

    I don’t think this applies to people like me who are living in the desert

  • Yellodoodle 2 years ago

    In all these videos it looks like she has a stroke every 60 seconds

  • cain825 2 years ago

    which woman is going to slip the cost? wake up!

  • Delgado21 2 years ago

    Everytime I showed a girl a squirrel on a date I had sex!

  • dagonlord32002 2 years ago

    this cunt is annoying. the hardest part that noone talks about is when u go
    up to a girl and say hi and she rolls her eyes without even getting to know
    u. Talk about that part not what to do afterwards………..

  • Lisa Moore 2 years ago

    Ladies don’t like being called such. Stop it. Listen-PUT YOUR BEST FOOT
    FORWARD. PERIOD. Would you let your sister or daughter date you if you have
    one? Get real. There is someone for everyone. That is also important to
    remember. Be patient, not confrontational and calling such lovely
    names…..just a thought, okay? Good luck…

  • blabblab1212 2 years ago

    Another low cost dating tip is to invite a girl over to your apartment and
    then say, “instead of going out to dinner, why don’t we just make a can of
    pork and beans, and then after bit, light each others farts and photograph
    the blue flame coming out of our asses”! Girls just love a man with novel

  • CowboyNiceguy 2 years ago

    i know it ain’t cheap but going Paintballin is alwase fun,

  • TheABsiNtHeFaiRy 2 years ago

    i don’t agree with her tips either, maybe its just a culture thing i guess.
    american dating motions might be different from european ones in that case.

  • Dan Hagen 2 years ago

    Totally don’t mean to sound like a d*** but i would totally try to ask you
    out Jessica Claire….your really cute 🙂 but i am sure you get that all
    the time.

  • TheABsiNtHeFaiRy 2 years ago

    it depends on how you say hello and present yourself. if you do it
    respectfully and you smell nice and she still rolls her eyes then you just
    saved yourself a ton of trouble. a woman lacking a graceful response to a
    respectful attempt at communication is not one you want to see in the first
    place. so cheer up.

  • 777appleguy 2 years ago

    yada yada yada

  • dredoc1 2 years ago

    Back in college (or back in the super-broke-eras) I used to invite girls
    over to watch a movie…. 🙂 Still works!

  • zuzanarox 2 years ago

    @barrtarr LOL!! hmmmpff LMAO

  • Tucothe Rat 2 years ago

    skating is a GREAT idea… i live in canada and girls LOVE hockey and
    skating goes hand in hand and its winter time here 😀

  • theusedcomputers 2 years ago

    wat was with all the words on the screen

  • Menaka Sadesh 2 years ago

    That was excellent information. I had been so mystified witnessing my buddy
    change from being a loser to a ladies man. He went from a nobody into being
    awesome. He pretended he didn’t realize. He then told me while he was drunk
    on Bourbon. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction
    Formula. Google it and you will discover it… He’s seeing a beauty…
    Lucky dick!

  • h4ckb0x7 2 years ago

    @Trancemaster2052 Ice Skates are 80-100 dollars??? LOL you are a funny guy.
    My skates were $600 plus the charge to have them baked. What she means is
    open skate is normally $1-$5 and a skate rental is normally $2. That’s
    about $7 per person. $14 is a lot cheaper than going to eat at Benihana.

  • Jammiejammo 2 years ago

    @Attila709 n pick her up using the ol’ bus.

  • triggerhippee 2 years ago

    some one needs to video response it with the part of half baked when he
    takes maryjane on a date with 8.50 THATS how you date on a budget lmao!!

  • cyberOwwwOecho 2 years ago

    If you run out of budget you definitively have the wrong girl….

  • dagonlord32002 2 years ago

    thank you for the kind reply but that’s just internet trash talk.

  • Master-Junker 2 years ago

    they say womens are like cats , i disagree my cat is so loyal to me , if
    you treat cat nice they actually want to be with you women=pigs

  • Kozlon 2 years ago

    Ice skates 20$ winter close 80$ (in Michigan :P) falling on your face while
    ice skating PRICELESS

  • ThaBeatDocta 2 years ago

    @Attila709 lmaooo

  • Agent1W 2 years ago

    Basically, the things she’s talking about is complimentary, not really
    free, from the BIGASS TAXES you fuckin’ pay over there. “How to Date When
    You’re Overtaxed” is a more fitting guide. : /