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The best way to date a hot guy and keep him yours is by avoiding jealousy and jealous outbursts. Snag that hot guy by exuding confidence with advice from a d…



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  • Miley Voelker 3 years ago

    ugh ur lame girly.

  • SirHappyThe1st 3 years ago

    This woman talks a lot of sense. At least she doesnt talk like a pick up
    artist and mention negs, disqualification, sets, peacocking, social value,
    preselection, ability to emote, fixed routines, kino escalation, made up
    stories and stale chat up lines. Just refreshing sensible talk.

  • pokelover02 3 years ago

    this is pretty awful:/ i mean, ur pretty and all, but u dont give any good
    advice:/ sure the part about knowing that ur beautiful is good..cuz all the
    guys i know hate it when a girl calls herself ugly or fat, but the rest is

  • NoisemakerArrow 3 years ago

    @indiaisthebestt Lies. There is no AC in India.

  • BossHogg650 3 years ago

    nice couch bitch..

  • JoeyMars1 3 years ago

    What?..The narrator says..”Other girls will hit on him”..since when does an
    army of other girls hit on men?…I never get hit on!…she seems a bit out
    to lunch here!

  • sandbunny1 3 years ago

    like u wud no..? hahaha u cant give these kind of tips, every1 is different
    the only tip u can ive is be urself so dont waste ur time watchin youtube
    for rules on dating, go out & do it..

  • Blake7820 3 years ago

    =( i feal a lil gay for watching this and all of this is a lie

  • paullessard 3 years ago

    11 guys don’t wanna know how to date a hot guy.

  • orrin4 3 years ago

    Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Date a Hot Guy This
    title makes no sense what so ever. “Dating Tips for Guys” No

  • CowboyNiceguy 3 years ago

    I wonder how maney woman watch this? And yes this feels kinda gay watching
    this, but i did say nohomo

  • deatheart360 3 years ago

    hmmm not interested in “hot guy” im straight. lol …sigh theres 1:24 of my
    life i wont get back….

  • Agent1W 3 years ago

    Hot is subjective. What is hawt? Some girls may consider me hawt, the rest
    won’t. Jessica, my dear, you’re slipping again!

  • Lacerare2 3 years ago

    “Dating Tips for Guys” GJ with the title.

  • dude123321321 3 years ago


  • xThaddeusx 3 years ago

    is it just me, or is that one massive typo?

  • BuddyOrange 3 years ago

    ahahah i can’t belive this…

  • sneakonproductionz 3 years ago

    the tone is kinda like…. “oh and the rest of you guys that are not “hot”
    should just go and kill yourselves”

  • Balaji U 3 years ago


  • UtzChips2009 3 years ago

    Those are some delicious shoulders!

  • Redlemon17 3 years ago


  • xxsparks 3 years ago

    but does any of this actually work?

  • Hano LOLO 3 years ago

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  • MrMaryJanes 3 years ago

    What a conceded bitch.

  • adam michael 3 years ago

    I’m irritated. My step-brother lives in the next room and he just got
    extraordinary with a lot of women. The guy discovered the Master Attraction
    website (Google it) by Jake Ayres. All he’s doing now is fucking women.
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    a blowjob a week later.

  • Grim494 3 years ago

    Um i thought you were teaching us how to date the girl we like not be a
    homosexual with a man women find attractive

  • Papawowmac 3 years ago

    ‘Dating tips for guys’ ….’how to date a hot guy’ oh joy! lets play big
    veiny snake in the hairy mud hole.

  • Rocky183 3 years ago

    Wait… Is she calling me gay?

  • JoeyMars1 3 years ago

    @SymfaniArt sorry I don’t believe you.

  • Norman M 3 years ago

    Best Ways to Stop a Woman on the Street Visit and watch the
    video Or you because it all you are rich and when you actually get better
    at all.

  • Troy Carpenter 3 years ago

    First of all, women don’t have to be anything special to get a decent
    looking guy. It’s very common to see women to’e up from the flo’ woman with
    either a fairly normal looking guy.Meanwhile,average Joes are having
    trouble finding a date. She is right about the jealousy part, but not
    completely.It is true that it’s easier to get along with a gal that never
    gets jealous,but it’s also harder to feel close to her. Showing jealousy is
    a way to show you care.Balance is key.Last keep your hair long!

  • JOELMILLIONAIRE 3 years ago

    If you’re unattractive, repulsive, boring, smelly, fashion-challeged &
    dorky … Please don’t be yourself …

  • 6bange6 3 years ago

    First you tell them to be confident then later you say learn to give up all
    your inadequacies

  • fuzzyone99 3 years ago

    More power to you, then. There is hope yet for the human race. 😉

  • Danilo Pochini 3 years ago

    I think it’s flattering for us guys if our girl is a little jealous and
    feels good.. if she doesn’t care then it can also seem like she doesn’t
    care about the relationship