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Cure nice-guy syndrome by establishing your own schedule and build a sense of self-worth that keeps you from being used. Get out of the “friend trap” in a re…



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  • RadicalAwesomeness 4 years ago

    The fish giving the bear tips on how to fish?
    I’m not buying any of this.

  • Nguyen Huy Huan 4 years ago

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    fall for him as he used the Cupid Love System (search in Google). I wish I
    was pleased for him but I want such a pretty girl to fall in love with me.
    I am really jealous. Does that mean I’m a terrible individual?

  • Big AL Swagg 4 years ago

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  • Object Stinkallhilly 4 years ago

    people talk shit about thangs they don’t know keep in mind.. these are
    mainstream people.. they can’t think for themselves.. they were brainwashed
    to think everyone is the same

  • Barfetta Jones 4 years ago

    @AllPro777 I agree 100% and I am a girl. NO REAL WOMAN WANTS A BAD BOY.
    This woman is an idiot.

  • poweroftheatom 4 years ago

    from what i gathers she saying be yourself

  • TrunksTrevelyan 4 years ago

    @rocketb00t Yeah, yeah, Forever Alone, blah blah blah. You feel cool now?

  • MrAtom159 4 years ago

    VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • 11Kralle 4 years ago

    Know yourself! Be aware of your appearance! Act if she doesnt! React! Dont
    be surprised, if your first impression clashes with reality!

  • -«(S.T.A.L.K.E.R)»- 4 years ago

    Sure “dominated”…. in other words they want a guy that will do and pay
    everything for them. So what about a guy like me that had his enough dose
    of doing a lot for girls just to find out they arent worth half the effort?
    I see this typical crap of “how guys pick up girls” everywhere, now i want
    to know is “how girls pick up guys”? They dont?…. do anything? Then i
    have more interesting things to put my time and money than on women.

  • XvBiBleMaNvX 4 years ago

    @usernameted1 true story

  • meatissodumb 4 years ago

    can you blow your brains out in the next video? please?

  • Lloyd Franklin 4 years ago

    My sister always says that I need to sort myself out. I alway wear ripped
    clothes until they get to bad and then I will buy new one’s, my hair is
    only cut when it starts touching my neck, and I have to wear deodreant more
    oftern because I am a chubby man. What do you girls think, is she right?

  • yaser a 4 years ago

    i love you jessica

  • smacheful6 4 years ago

    I just like to watch your face and hear your voice. How am i supposed to
    listen to what you say?

  • mrsolofeo 4 years ago

    @faetrn I agree, people should just be themselves–but there are thousands
    of decent guys out there who are trying to be themselves and not getting
    anywhere. And they end up shaking their head and wondering what they did
    wrong. And they go to these dating sites and are told that they have to
    engage a woman this way and chat her up that way and be more Alpha and it
    all becomes just learning pick-up techniques and adapting a certain
    role–and once you do that, you’re not being yourself any longer.

  • udolipixie 4 years ago

    @ifuckinglovetrance With all the complaints on here I thought I had it
    wrong that if you keep encountering the same type then you need to
    reevaluate what type of girls or guys you’re attracted to/attracting.
    Though with most guys he’s usually her friend in the shoulder case so she’s
    not using him as a shoulder to cry on that’s what friends are for. That’s
    on him don’t be friends with people you like & expect them to see you as
    anything but a friend.

  • xHatorx1 4 years ago

    Oh yeah Great once again we men have to change. We have to be interesting
    we have to be good looking what else?

  • John Scott 4 years ago

    Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective: How to Not be a Pussy

  • GPCJordanDowns 4 years ago

    @Nameloc2012 So is a society influenced by secularism!

  • der hannoveraner 4 years ago

    @Girdz17 “i want a hand job on friday……….well righty, looks like its
    just you and me again” Well.. in your case you probably only get ugly
    girls. So, yea.. YOU have to lie.

  • lunarman29 4 years ago

    To have the “nice guy syndrome” you first have to get their attention in
    the first place, and hang out ot some extent, right? What if you are the
    sort who always flies under the radar, having a hard time getting attention
    without pissing them off or something?? What then?

  • blueshogun96 4 years ago

    @aoiahiru It’s not selfish to discontinue sharing something with a person
    who clearly does not want or has not done anything to deserve it.

  • MyLittleDiscolite 4 years ago

    Rammstein gave the best advice ever in their song ‘Pussy’. The whole point
    of male/female is sex. I enjoy girl talk and all that other gay shit
    because I like the perverse and morbid, but there’s an understanding that
    at some point sex will be had or I just get bored and go back to my
    hobbies. Besides women age horribly and theres new 18 year olds at every
    high school and fresh corpses in each morgue daily. Hakuna Matata

  • TheInsomnicat 4 years ago

    @shootgroundhog Better your education level… Move out of the trailer
    park… Dress better.. Basically if that’s who you’re dating then you need
    to better yourself. More than likely you wont do any better since those who
    can don’t even associate with those kind of girls. Might just want to look
    at settling for what you can get cause it’s probably the best you’re going
    to do.

  • yeller909 4 years ago


  • Dumbeldork 4 years ago


  • muffinman1 4 years ago

    hahahaha what are those 40 year olds doing trying to play hard to get.

  • Bdhjs 4 years ago

    I don’t look at kindness as weakness, I think it’s attractive. As long as
    they’re not TOO nice.

  • EndlessVacuum 4 years ago

    The way I see it, the best strategy for a ‘dating coach’ is to provide
    faulty advice to her clients, meaning that the client will be unsuccessful
    and have to hire the dating coach again so the coach gets repeat business.
    Y’know, like chiropractors.

  • Barfetta Jones 4 years ago

    @ibmsony101 Wow. You sound like a real meathead. A REAL self-respecting
    woman wants a man who will treat her right and she will treat him right if
    SHE is a real woman too. Listen. Show respect. Spend time with each other.
    Let each other be who they are but work to improve. Its not friggin rocket
    science. I have a great marriage because of this.

  • ragnarkisten 4 years ago

    This doesn’t fit. A lot of women typically have problems with their self
    confidence, but they are still attractive. Confidence is a typical thing
    sought after in men, by women. One of the reasons for that is I think that
    a lot of women want to be dominated.

  • DMilli2nd 4 years ago

    The woman in the video is freakin’ beautiful.

  • johnied8509 4 years ago

    I fell you no one should never chabge for anyone some woman appriciate a
    nice guy I usaully open doors for woman and stuff like that you would be
    suprised how nuch woman wanna give it to you or let you have sex with them
    on the first night or the first couple of days just by respecting them and
    treating them good.

  • TommyRyan90 4 years ago

    lol some people say this some people say the complete opposite. this is so

  • Dan Watson 4 years ago

    @jimmy49: You can still be a nice guy, but the girl has to feel like you
    have a backbone and you’re not a push over. Sad reality is that women
    associate kindness with weakness these days (upon first meeting guys
    anyway). Hit up the “Mack Methods” course man, it’s free and it’ll really
    help you understand why girls are so attracted to the asshole types.

  • lorvincent 4 years ago

    @usernameted1 Casanova has to be mentioned too, of course. First thing to
    note about Casanova is he had friends in high places, and knew how to
    appear as nobility and as a gentlemen, when he was in fact neither.
    However, with a knack for storytelling, he has portrayed himself as a
    roguish character at the same time. So whether his stories were true or not
    didn’t matter. His presentation allowed for him to discuss the “dangerous”
    side of Casanova while appearing classy at the same time.

  • Arnold Kim 4 years ago

    I think the Tao of Steve said it best: “The Tao of Steve isn’t about
    picking up lots of women. It’s about being the best person you can be”

  • diezpiedrasnegras 4 years ago

    I like nice guys. 🙂

  • sly bob 4 years ago

    Lol thumbs up if you always get that Mormon ad before videos rofl!

  • NippleSlipped 4 years ago

    @hotpants69 Very true

  • ragnarkisten 4 years ago

    I think one of the reasons some women want to be dominated is because it
    feels safe and you don’t have to take wholly responsibility for yourself.
    They are longing for a strong men telling them what to do. Why is
    confidence such an attractive trait for men? Well i guess because it is the
    stereotype of masculinity. But alas, there are a lot of men that lack
    confidence, hence confidence is not such an essential masculine trait.
    Confidence is overrated, and might be a sign of lack of empathy

  • freddie junior 4 years ago

    in other words just be yourself!