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Being more than friends with a girl you like can be the start of romance, but make the move when she is not vulnerable. Become more than friends with that girl who holds your heart with advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys.

Expert: Jessica Claire
Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller



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  • Aaron Sullivan 2 years ago

    I have a friend who just got out of an engagement and wanted to be close
    with me. And see where we went as in more than friends. Well, she also
    wants to live the single life and keep me on the side. We’ve slept together
    and hung out a lot but she said she needs space to do what she wants right
    now. How do I keep her interested and wanting to see me more than other
    guys? (Also already watched your video on how to keep a woman interested.)


  • mark ibbetson 2 years ago

    1337pwanage I thought this Woman was good . now I realise

  • l337pwnage 2 years ago

    @MissMuffinToYou actually, you marry the guy who is going to be a doormat,
    but make good money, then cheat on him, divorce him, and take half stuff
    because you feel “unsatisfied” because he was working too much to
    constantly stroke your fragile ego. FACT 🙂

  • BobbyL5757 2 years ago

    Gentlemen, never listen to women on the topic of women. You’d be much
    better off listening to Tom Leykis.

  • Agent1W 2 years ago

    @zuzanarox Been down that road before. In fact, some girls actually want to
    base their friendship just on that. “She totally wants your cock, dude!”
    Can’t believe how many times I’ve heard that. : /

  • ringobare 2 years ago

    I loved it but i went to fantisizing getting her on nude beach and i wanna
    see her hairy pussy

  • ARTZY64 2 years ago

    @InternetAesHole Watching or doing?

  • TheBatugan77 2 years ago

    Q. What is the definition of making love? A. Something women do while men
    are having sex. Guys dont pay hookers for sex. They pay them to leave. You
    do what you want with ur tips. I’ll do what i like with mine.

  • Cameron Burke 2 years ago

    im gonna keep al these in mind now lol

  • Royalsteven 2 years ago

    Hey Andres Rocha, did you know Jesus loves you? 🙂

  • Watchugonedo27 2 years ago

    she needs no nose job…she is quite attractive

  • Kermit 2 years ago

    eh… this makes me uncomfortable for some reason… I think cause it’s
    scripted and she’s making blanket statements.. vanae12 is better imo?

  • Tommyk101 2 years ago

    can you please stop introducing yourself in each video its rather anoying

  • theICE23 2 years ago

    I was drunk, I ruined more than a friendship, Let’s just say she never wore
    that dress again.

  • ARTZY64 2 years ago

    @andyeroo33 Good one

  • ARTZY64 2 years ago

    @Ganman33 You sound obsessed.. been there, done that. Solution? Detach
    yourself, move on. Relationships based on obsession can escalate and become
    dangerous. Most people become obsessed with someone, or something, at least
    once in their lives.

  • agony202 2 years ago

    well i dont know 2 different citys with that same sofa behind you

  • fleammm 2 years ago

    @FreeOnlineWorkouts suck my fat cock

  • Mw2QuiiKScOp3z 2 years ago

    @Supersaurus2012 Same here bro.. it fucking sucks :L

  • Masonictoaster9 2 years ago

    I just want to know …is that is auburn hair?

  • beswick1111 2 years ago

    i wish she was my sister, id be getting to date all her sexy girkfriends

  • thevettedude66 2 years ago

    if you like someone just say so damn this shit is to complicated about
    timing ive tried that then when you try to wait shes with someone else a
    month later you have to pounce sometimes cause woman tend to move on fast
    and the thing is when your friends if shes interested it shouldnt be that
    hard for it to happen

  • TheOceansofPeople 2 years ago

    So true! Most successful relationship starts in friendship but their a risk
    to take when transition comes to friendship to lovers.

  • TheUNDEFEATED75 2 years ago

    thats how relationships go in the first week they meet , they start dating
    n fall in love in the second , they fight n break up in the third then they
    go back together n try to fix their mess n they never realize tht they r
    not mature enough to comprehend wat a relationship is… just be funny u ll
    get all women tht u desire n forget bout relationships

  • MegaFrank777 2 years ago

    @tommy34543 Ohh I totally wanted to say that from before lolz

  • Nullbunker 2 years ago

    don’t listen to this women. if you want to at least keep her as a friend –
    DON’T say nothing at all!! for if you make a move, you ruin it all. and
    that’s not evil spam, that’s the truth, speaking from experience! good nite
    and good fite.

  • Robert Houle 2 years ago

    you are a sweetheard, Jessica, I must date you …. for about thirty years!
    I’m 50. lol

  • xenoyautja 2 years ago

    jessica, drunk words are sober thoughts

  • THEGlassIED 2 years ago

    This gal gives shit advice.

  • Ganman33 2 years ago

    @ARTZY64 Ah. Thanks. I wasn’t obsessed. I looked too deep into it, but I
    was more obsessed with finding a relationship than that particular girl.
    She could have been anybody if she looked good and had a decent
    personality. I’ve since learned that I should be focusing on other things
    in my life outside of relationships, and that I shouldn’t worry about it so

  • Royalsteven 2 years ago

    it. Or personal wants. But in essence you are right. Be yourself, do not
    change yourself for others, someone will always respect and accept your for
    the person you are. If not, so be it.

  • Ganman33 2 years ago

    This girl in my dorm flirted with me non-stop for two months. She’d
    compliment my eyes, my smile, my clothing… even my scent. The problem was
    that my life was a little too hectic to deal with it. I liked her, but at
    the time, I was too busy for a relationship/dating. My life settled down a
    bit recently, and I asked her out. She told me she was flattered, but that
    she was “sort of” seeing somebody, but said that she’d be okay with
    grabbing dinner as friends. She gave me her cell number.

  • InternetAesHole 2 years ago

    @ARTZY64 both brah. high 5?

  • ARTZY64 2 years ago

    @Supersaurus2012 Yeah, you have to decide what is most important on a
    case-by-case basis. I have a young female friend, many years younger than
    me. I’m attracted to her sexually but I want her as a ‘friend-for-life’ so
    I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that.

  • fannyslapper33 2 years ago

    @VeyLaren what?

  • MADNESSisPERFECTION 2 years ago

    What if the girl you like always looks beautiful

  • InternetAesHole 2 years ago

    @Rocky183 big fan of rape

  • MrXxarr0wxx 2 years ago

    Lol pause at 1:13 and Jessica will show her most beautiful self 🙂

  • badboy2kool 2 years ago

    @Counter4Dead hahaha dont get drunk n ask her out lmao

  • Patrick Griffin 2 years ago

    Dude i told her i like her she giggled and was like: your serious? Then she
    told me she had the same thing to tell me. I thought it was so cute how she
    got all nervous. It was like we broke down all are walls in a matter of
    minutes it was so freeing.

  • ARTZY64 2 years ago

    @royalsteven Actually, we can all ‘improve’ ourselves. If you are ‘being
    yourself’ and at the same time missing too many opportunities then you’d
    better take some kind of action. Just keep it simple. Guys who do well are
    just a little bolder than guys who don’t do as well. Girls like bold guys.
    Take a chance. Even if she turns you down, so what? When I say something
    flirtatious or funny to a girl and she ignores me, I just figure I wouldn’t
    want to know such a sourpuss anyway, and move on.

  • michaelfloyd24 2 years ago

    im gonna be a mighty kind, enemys beware… (ive never seen a king or beast
    with quite so little hair) im gonna be the main event, like no king was
    before, practice on my looking down and worrking on my ROAR!