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Becoming a good conversationalist means listening carefully when someone is talking and keeping the attention on them for a while. Build a reputation as a good conversationalist by learning the art of gab with dating advice from a female dating coach in this free video on dating tips for guys.

Expert: Jessica Claire
Bio: Jessica Claire is the host of her own midnight hour talk radio show, where she gives advice on dating.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller



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  • HatOfWisdom 2 years ago

    @ZcorrectTheory Actually I have already taken up your advice recently. It
    really narrows my search, but not in a very productive way. This might be a
    common excuse when looking for a relationship but legitimately, most of the
    people in my area are self absorbed and lack introspection. But I a agree,
    and I am looking for girls with a little more maturity and intelligence to
    offer. Thanks.

  • stefan francis 2 years ago

    @ILLtactuLaR dude girls never shut up there are only two thing you can do
    start gossiping with and let her spill all her friends secrets so you get
    two benefits got dirty on her friend or know how t hook up with them in
    case things dont work out or plan “B” which is you (sexual) harass if you
    are close to her, if not feed her vanity, tell her how beautifully she is
    find what part of her body she insecure about an complement the shit out of
    it and then you will not have hear her bitching

  • ishthealaskan 2 years ago

    @ILLtactuLaR just leave a cleaning tool around something dirty. Her primal
    instincts should cause her to pick it up and start cleaning. Raw food next
    to a stove should work also.

  • BladeHidden 2 years ago

    How many years older is the guy than that woman?

  • Anthony Tran 2 years ago

    @mikelorenz121 part 2: you’ll notice that shallow immature people exist on
    both sides of the border. I think you’re craving for an intellectual female
    equal, or at least someone cut from a similar cloth (I really hope I’m not
    over estimating you here), but to be honest, it is a rare breed. It has
    nothing to do with, status, wealth, up-bringing, achievement……you
    either got it or you don’t mate:p

  • chrisdawg002 2 years ago

    wait a minute? girls like to talk about their feelings?!?!?!?

  • Duy Vu 2 years ago

    I already got a girl, but do you guys have a feeling that before you dating
    someone,there are millions of things to talk about, then after dating you
    just feel like you have nothing to say, or not as outgoing as before?

  • PhilxEulogyx 2 years ago

    Sometimes you just have to know when to call it quits, if the female
    doesn’t like you then you have to live with it. I listen so much that I
    will know a young ladies life story in 10 minutes and she will only know my
    name. I make sure that im not being a push over and not agree with
    everything they say. Yet in the end you can follow the guidelines all you
    want but the female will simply not want to be around you. I don’t even
    bother trying to meet anyone anymore. Pointless if you ask me.

  • SymfaniArt 2 years ago

    @TS175 Lies! Women care about men who listen, especially when the women is
    over 23 years old!

  • Peter Venkman 2 years ago

    Am 1.Februar 2011 findet ein weltweiter Boykott auf Youtube statt. Das
    bedeutet den ganzen Tag geht niemand online auf YT. Wir machen das um
    den Besitzern von Youtube zu zeigen, dass sie aus dem ehemaligen YT eine
    mit Werbung zugespammte Plattform zum geldverdienen gemacht haben. Macht
    mit, kopiert diesen Text und fügt ihn in andere Videos ein. Und bitte
    gebt diesem einen Daumen hoch.

  • yas paj 2 years ago

    i dont want a conversation.i wanna have sex and watch tv afterwards.

  • phantomfangurl 2 years ago

    I love your hair 🙂

  • Woodthorn 2 years ago

    I thought I did, but now she’s made me all confused with the taking of
    turns and keeping on topic. I don’t know what to think any more!

  • captaindigs68 2 years ago

    what was she talking about? i wasn`t listening

  • Crassus Decimus 2 years ago

    @tonythetiger583 Yes, there is a substantial difference. The difference is
    men are expected to sacrifice their lives for women and work dangerous jobs
    to provide for women and children. They work those jobs because they have
    no other options. While women can avoid taking accountability for their own
    actions and play the innocent victim – a role that society encourages women
    to take. Women get put on a pedestal while men are reduced to expendable

  • yppers 2 years ago

    this advide confilcts with what i was told as a child: If you dont have
    anything good to say dont say anything at all.

  • Crassus Decimus 2 years ago

    @tonythetiger583 All the women I date are professional, educated, come from
    good families, have travelled extensively, are sociable, functional etc etc
    It’s a question of the female mindset and how limited women really are in
    regards to life experiences. Men learn and have a thirst to learn and
    improve themselves. Females seem never to mature past the mindset of an

  • Monim Abdellaoui 2 years ago

    Your’re right you know where you talking about XD thanks

  • Ep Dug 2 years ago

    Wow! This girl thinks us guys are really fuckin stupid!

  • Crassus Decimus 2 years ago

    @tonythetiger583 Men are taught to be cogs in the machine and never to
    question their roles as men. Look at World Health Org stats on male deaths
    in the workplace in the US alone – 93% are male. Male suicide rates have
    risen dramatically in the last 10yrs, a great many being solo fathers who
    have no legal recourse to custody of their children. Men will sacrifice
    their lives for women willingly because they have been taught that is a
    man’s role. I guess it’s just easier than being persecuted

  • prototypejuan 2 years ago

    seems like a lot of trouble for intercourse

  • PuppetMastern 2 years ago

    @ILLtactuLaR Ducttape! Lots of it!

  • Pirooz Pejman 2 years ago

    @ILLtactuLaR haha shit bro

  • TheSbutter 2 years ago

    SEEDS? hahaha

  • HatOfWisdom 2 years ago

    I’ve never dated a girl with good listening skills, manners or a healthy
    personality. Maybe people need to raise their daughters better.

  • FatCowOfChaos 2 years ago

    1:20 Chuck Norris doesn’t need dating advice ! This video is fake

  • moopy141 2 years ago

    i was talking to a girl once and she asked me how my day started, i said “i
    was chillin out maxin, relxin all cool, shootin some b ball outside of the

  • jamezjamiezpro 2 years ago

    LOL women are the ones who stunt conversations not men. I guess gender
    roles have changed these days.

  • Johannes LaSerda 2 years ago

    why did i work this out myself when i turned 24? she’s rad but hard to get
    .. beautiful woman….

  • JML510 2 years ago

    Good tips. So basically, I just have to listen well, and when I run out of
    stuff to talk about, I can talk about something my girl and I talked about

  • TimeGlass32 2 years ago

    It’s funny how guys have to work harder in order to get a good date They
    have to do this, do that, no one’s perfect…. Don’t men work hard enough?
    Men always have to be the inventors, the guardians and now Superman too?
    Girls have to remember not every man is Christopher Reeve.

  • supubs23456 2 years ago


  • Earl Dyson 2 years ago

    Thanks for the vid!Thanks for the vid!

  • Anthony Tran 2 years ago

    @mikelorenz121 Find a more interesting woman…

  • fury456456 2 years ago

    for all the girls to help me:how do u break awkward silence

  • Robert Houle 2 years ago

    thanks for your last message. i’m on your side. you know a man doesn’t like
    to have to take this stuff from a lady … but you’re right! Can’t argue
    with that! thanks for your help.

  • MissMuffinToYou 2 years ago

    @domaataajs then why did you even watch this?

  • Crassus Decimus 2 years ago

    Women talk but they never say anything of substance. Why would I listen
    silently to some vapid waste of space?

  • dahacknat 2 years ago

    shut up and ride da dik ho

  • Erick Cline 2 years ago

    id hit

  • Anthony Tran 2 years ago

    @mikelorenz121 I think I would really enjoy to hear the stories that you’ve
    been privileged to hear. I really can’t find disagreement with your
    position, except that I feel that I should on a moral level. But that could
    just be a product of the equal rights generation, But the “victimized
    woman”, is also something I do regularly come across. But men in outreach
    programs is a pretty marginalized example. I find the best people I know,
    are the ones that have suffered, and grown as a result.

  • Olivier Lux 2 years ago

    Hum hum… Hitch already told that in his movie Hitch. When a she talks,
    LISTEN. Look at the movie, you’ll see I’m right ^^

  • joojiebee 2 years ago

    how do you figure out when they are lying to you before they tell another
    lie or text their friend?

  • Jose Rosales 2 years ago

    tell us you want us we dont hesitate if we men like em back you want them
    you have to do all this big ol bullshit conversations and what not just to
    get a simple date.

  • MinorityMans 2 years ago

    This is retarded.

  • ceodirectifix 2 years ago

    You are talking about How to respect SELFISH women and lie. New York ? Come
    on so many options that really hard to find someone who sticks around .
    Please read your reviews and stop posting videos about dating. let people
    learn from their mistakes thats how God created us. Perfect world is almost
    destructive as woman who chose forbidden Apple . Smart , Intelligent,
    respectful women is what every men wants.. Dating Coach Come On !!!

  • syrckulito 2 years ago

    thANK U

  • oakleywellington 2 years ago

    @ILLtactuLaR PUT YER DICK IN HER MOUTH it will make you both feel alot

  • SymfaniArt 2 years ago

    I’m going to make a statement because well not many girls have. You don’t
    listen many women will think you’re an asshole. If you are getting laid by
    a chick and you aren’t listening, likely you’re only good for getting laid
    (to stupid guys, means you’re just a tool when we finish we throw you
    away). If you want a serious relationship, meaning your a family man, I
    suggest you listen more. If you naturally don’t listen, have fun finding a
    girlfriend, you selfish dick!

  • Mbluum 2 years ago

    im so glad she pointed out multible times that u take turns talking. cuz i
    and every other guys usually just say something the moment that something
    interesting pop op in their head no matter if some1 else is talking.