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Asking a girl to homecoming should be creative and public, giving the girl a chance to look good to friends and other guys. Get a homecoming date by asking i…



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  • Vinther1991 3 years ago

    Rubbish. Never ask a girl to homecoming in public, especially not in a
    funny way. You don’t want to date a girl that only wants you because of
    vanity (in case she says yes). And you don’t want to be humiliated in
    public (in case she says no).

  • Машина Землетрясений 3 years ago


  • urolz20 3 years ago


  • azolox 3 years ago

    you forget to say that if the girl turns you down and you brought candy and
    stuff you will be humiliated til the bone

  • pelahale 3 years ago

    Why does she mention she’s in NewYork City everytime – who gives a Frick

  • LuffyTubby 3 years ago

    what about threats or saying something like that you will unfriend her on
    facebook if she doesnt go with you to homecoming?

  • Malekhit87 3 years ago

    i have to agree that tip SUX really hard i mean its damn cool way if it is
    your girlfriend already or you are dating with her but if you are not i
    wouldnt recommend this unless you can stand your ground firm after lose.

  • Finenial 3 years ago

    First of all, we brits don’t have this american rubbish, but the advise is
    still useful. Thanks.

  • imbonnie 3 years ago

    She doesn’t want you to ask publicly if she doesnt like you because then
    she’ll be forced to reject you publicly. Shel’ll feel put on the spot.

  • bobsonofbob 3 years ago

    If you would like to sodomize british men so much then why did you bother
    watching this? Oh. and what’s an asshat? Have a nice day.

  • B1ackSunsh1ne 3 years ago

    hey bud just remember one thing…if america didn’t come and save your a55
    in WWI or WWII you’d be speaking german right now

  • RatedATG 3 years ago

    2 problems with publicity. 1.) If you get rejected, you get straight up
    HUMILIATED. 2.) You’re male friends will GUARANTEE bust your balls while
    your asking. Trust me…I found out today. -_-” I’m a bit on the Emo Side,
    so I went with asking my friend while we were sitting on her car and
    presented a single black rose. My friends started yelling “HOMO!” and her
    friends started giggling like crackheads. Yeah next time I’m going with the
    PRIVACY option.

  • survivalisme88 3 years ago

    wat i did to get a girls attention was…………. i ate some grass, she
    was obssesed, she kissed me like there was no tomorow, she said there was
    nothing that turned her on so much, we slept together, is was brilliant,
    ‘BUT’…….. when i had sobered up i relised she was a COW

  • Norman M 3 years ago

    Guys don’t approach women because they fear a rejection Visit
    and watch the video You will not regret Here are – Nobody likes being
    interviewed in trying telling a woman feel sexually attracted to make
    approaches and immediately stops adding to have got to see men who brag
    about you are seeing a woman after the discussion with a woman.

  • SaintOwnerLP 3 years ago

    im starting to think these clips are meant to be funny

  • dahaka2005 3 years ago

    Wow, i heard better advice from the paper clip in Word. “It looks like you
    want to publicly humiliate yourself, would you like some help?”

  • mikez565 3 years ago

    her advice is so bad….my grandma gives the same advice

  • iamhack 3 years ago

    latest news: fortune cookie industry sky-rocketed after this vid!

  • charlieshiiin 3 years ago

    this is good if she is the type that likes “publicity stunts”

  • LiuetenantDan93 3 years ago

    @megametalpriest u can buy them empty and just make a little piece of paper
    with what u want on them and just stick it in. or u can order them with the
    writing already done and its not expensive at all

  • thorndawg cee 3 years ago

    We don’t need your arrogant comments, faggot.

  • jwize25 3 years ago

    @megametalpriest Wow lol you made me laugh so fuckin hard

  • Kdilly66 3 years ago

    Is she a lesbian?

  • kc4ril 3 years ago

    Wow this is a great way to make sure everyone knows if you get rejected, if
    there is a chance she might say no, make sure all her friends are there to
    laugh at you!!!!

  • Sameer Ismail 3 years ago

    @jwize25 well its the truth lmfao

  • jaxmax1 3 years ago

    Yeah, because all british traditions make so much sence…oh and stop
    hating America because we can sodomize your entire country before its time
    for lunch..have a nice day asshat

  • What Now 3 years ago

    and im a dating coach. for new york dating coach

  • XjeraldX 3 years ago

    I wrote my friend a poem to Winter Formal. It works believe me. Be creative!

  • James Hvizdalek 3 years ago

    nothing works exactly the way u plan. 4 example: 2 guys ask the same girl 2
    the homecoming, 1 guy is White, the other Black. guess who the girl will
    pick? probably the black guy. black men have that abusive quality about
    them that many white chicks dig. what does this mean? nothing, this is from
    a Hispanic guy who spent his High School prom crying while throwing rocks
    at a Coke because no girl asked him to the prom. i want the same as most
    women do. or is this a 1 sided world we live in?

  • Celeste C. Rey 3 years ago

    my advice (as a girl): ask in private. nothing is worse than your friends
    getting all annoying a giggly. and just ask normally. fortune cookies might
    be good for the movies, but not for real life. if all else fails, use

  • Attila709 3 years ago

    Have you ever thought about doing these tips videos in the nude?

  • ZayWooT 3 years ago

    @kc4ril I’m not exactly the most popular guy, but I asked the cutest girl
    in our class in the middle of all the others, knowing she might say no, I
    actually thought she would but she didn’t and thats just awesome

  • Foci8 3 years ago

    @Kdilly66 Both probably 😉

  • droge085 3 years ago

    Use candy. They’ll get in the van.

  • ken shrestha 3 years ago

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  • João Agnelli 3 years ago

    at 0:09 you can hear the cameraman/director saying GO