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Episode 1.



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  • LinkK2B 3 years ago

    What the fuck is up with your accents? If you’re tryin to sound English
    you’re really far off the mark girls

  • izandnat 3 years ago

    already am

  • nomeconocen 3 years ago

    Where are you girls from? You sound Australian, British, American and
    French all at the same time. You girls look good. The girl on the left has
    the sexy personality and the one in green has a sexy look. When you girls
    get outta high school, drop me an email.

  • pinkrose416 3 years ago

    go to hell

  • izandnat 3 years ago

    thank you and if you notice the dates all the other dating tips videos on
    youtube are dated AFTER ours which means that we came up with the idea =]
    so thanks for your support…although i hate this one cuz of my fake accent

  • izandnat 3 years ago

    if you hate us, dont watch the videos

  • wiley187 3 years ago

    oh rite ok ur propa fit then!!

  • LinkK2B 3 years ago

    @singingxrosexeffect Yeah it’s really really bad 😛

  • toadsworthshortstop 3 years ago

    “never listen to internet rules for dating”… Uh… So should I just
    disregard this whole video then?

  • jord54321 3 years ago

    dam you to r hot

  • JakeDaPaintballer 3 years ago

    I like the girl on the right 😛

  • singingxrosexeffect 3 years ago

    Oh my lord. I can not believe this is me as a youngster. I really enjoy
    that you guys take enough time out of your day to try to upset two young
    little girls. Clearly we’re young and don’t know wtf we’re talking about,
    but rubbing it in our faces isn’t going to solve anything. Shows where your
    life is going. Nowhere right?

  • Datesonline 3 years ago


  • Timesplitter 3 years ago

    where were these 2 when i was in middle/high school

  • wiley187 3 years ago

    man the girl in green is propa fit

  • izandnat 3 years ago

    so very welcome. are you seriously going to use those tips?? lol oh well.

  • singingxrosexeffect 3 years ago

    @nomeconocen we’re american. and that was like 4 years ago? Ha we’re 18 now.

  • tuan hu 3 years ago

    ahaahahahahaha this has help me to date this fine ass girl i been wanting
    to ask out for awhile… not

  • Lucas Heinrich 3 years ago

    you are funny, and i am an idiot cuz i am 2o and looking at this

  • iksidou 3 years ago

    Oh my gosh!! YAY!!! PEOPLE ACTUALLY WATCH OUR SHOW!!! This Is Natalie My
    real Name is Stacie No we are 14 but we made this last year Feel free to
    subscribe and watch my videos!

  • pjsah2 3 years ago

    Wait i didn’t post that comment.

  • gottowin21 3 years ago

    well that was good for like the first episode, buy you 2 should like be
    more ready cuz like it took a little for you 2 to kind a get to the tips,
    idk it was way good and the editing at the beinging is good ya basicly you
    need to be a little more organized when you film an other one

  • happyjihad 3 years ago

    “never listen to tips on the internet” Self-defeating much?

  • singingxrosexeffect 3 years ago

    @LinkK2B what? is there a problem with my fake accent >.<

  • pjsah2 3 years ago

    this is retarded shit

  • soteriologos 3 years ago

    Thanks for the enlightenment girls. With those sublime tips I look forward
    to great success!

  • izandnat 3 years ago

    then dont watch it! lol

  • chinathetown 3 years ago

    i need to laugh.

  • izandnat 3 years ago

    haha thanks im glad you like it 😛

  • PLETSCHEE83 3 years ago

    do u have msn??

  • shiframom 3 years ago

    r u girla like 12?

  • wiley187 3 years ago

    it means u r VERY attractive, i wasnt havin a go at u if thats wot u fort.
    oh and u int that bad at singin either(im awful)evn tho i dnt like ur
    music, so yeaaaaaahhhhhh

  • coryh8homework 3 years ago

    hey everyone who thinks this is retarted must be retarted because if you
    dont like it dont watch it all so shut up for me im rating it 5

  • Ken Nakamura 3 years ago

    Very Cool – thx