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Read Approach At Will (by Stephan Erdman):

When it comes to dating, attracting women and getting a girlfriend many men who are foreigners or second language speakers feel that they're at a disadvantage. They often struggle to be as smooth in conversation, maybe don't find the right word at the right time, feel unfamiliar with the local customs and social subtleties, they may even perceive their own background to be off putting to women in their new environment.

And while I have had a lot of similar experiences and thoughts when i first came to England from Germany I can tell you that I also made a lot of mistakes that made things harder for me. Only later did I realise the vast opportunities being a foreigner offers and even the fact that I am speaking in a second language is something I see as an asset now.

The video will show you what I mean by that specifically.

Of course, if you really feel that your accent gets in the way because people can't actually understand you without straining then you should follow my advice and get some daily practice in with this book:
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  • Tushar Shrotriya 2 years ago

    I have only recently moved to Denmark from India and everything is so
    different! All your tips definitely make me feel a lot better about myself,
    my country and my status here as a foreigner. I never thought about those
    things and I’m glad that I saw this video. Thank you so much! You are
    really awesome!

  • szanten13 2 years ago

    I also live in England as a foreigner (I’m Polish) and it seems really sad
    how the british are so scared of us, not only because there is so many of
    us but also on the streets, when I walk with my friends through town people
    always look away or look down and I can feel fear in them, while when I
    walk alone people don’t seem to care. I have no idea why they assume that
    we will want to stab them for looking at us so it seems strange to me. Also
    I often answer questions about my country, here is one conversation for
    Friend: So is it true it snows non-stop in Poland?
    Me: Actually the climate is fairly similar to England, basically it doesn’t
    rain as much and it’s usually more sunny, but in Winter temperature
    sometimes goes down to -30 celcius, The last severe Winter that my dad told
    me was in the 70s, the army had to supply people with food with tanks since
    the snow was about 2 meters deep, but generally it doesn’t go beyond
    Friend: Wait, so Poland has an army?

    Best questions so far:
    -Does Poland have an Army?
    -Do you have TVs in Poland?
    -What? Poland is in Europe?

    Also here is a literal quote from someone who tried to offend me but made
    me laugh instead:
    -Go back to your Africa, no one needs you here.

  • Julian Amorelli 2 years ago

    what if it was the other way around? what if you (guy) is attracted to a
    foreign girl?

  • Enrique Limberger 2 years ago

    I had a similar experience, but inside my own country.
    I’m from south Brazil and recently spent 5 months in São Paulo state. Some
    800miles from where I live. Culture there is very different, specially the
    way people interact much easily.
    Here where I was grown up I had some very serious lack of self confidence
    for everything, hadn’t had a Girlfriend, not even kissed a girl in my 20
    When I went away a big reason contributed to my self confidence growing
    bigger, I finally wasn’t living with parents anymore, I was living with
    colleagues all throughout Brazil.
    During that time I felt like I was becoming the real me, witch was hidden
    inside for all those years. In the 3rd month there I was lucky to know an
    amazing girl from a near state: Rio de Janeiro, and now I’m back and we’ve
    been dating for almost 8 months already. I feel much much better with
    myself now.

    Also thanks Stephan, for your videos, they were of great help since I’ve
    started watching them, some 2 years ago. You do a great job for guys like
    me. =D

  • Roman Kofmehl 2 years ago

    I was in that situation a few years ago when I went to California.. people
    saw that I was a foreigner and asked me where I was from. I said
    Switzerland and they: oh Sweden!! everyone is tall and blonde there
    right??” 😉
    A few girls showed interest but I was insecure and nothing happened..
    missed opportunities!!! grrr 

  • HeezerulesNL 2 years ago

    Hey Stephan! I myself will be going to Spain for 3 months soon, so this
    video was very applicable to me. I am from the Netherlands myself, which
    many people perceive as a pretty interesting country, so that won’t be an
    issue haha! The problem is that I will have to speak Spanish, and I can
    barely speak that. So will it be a problem that when I’m meeting people and
    they don’t understand you but you will act cool when getting a remark about
    it? Or will they still feel awkward, even if you show that you don’t care?
    Thanks :)

  • Stephan Erdman | Authentic Game 2 years ago

    Are you a foreigner? Second language speaker? This is for you /;-)

  • MrGoonito 2 years ago

    Hey man its my birthday, can I get a shout out. Ps been watching this
    channel for years and I’m now a foreigner in Switzerland.

  • DarKMaTTeR 2 years ago

    I am a foreign student in the Netherlands. The country I’m from has
    gathered some bad reputation, so I usually don’t use it as a selling point.
    I have had no special problems connecting other foreigners here. They are
    usually just passing through, whereas I am considering staying, so, not
    much achieved there. I would like to mix with the locals better. The locals
    are nice and always humour me in either English or in my broken dutch, but
    never quite enough befriend any of them. It’s been a year now and I can’t
    say I have dutch friends. Though they rarely tell it to my face, I can tell
    that they would rather have a normal-paced conversation in their native
    language. I sympathise with that, but it also means that I don’t get to
    practice the language.

  • Enrique Limberger 2 years ago

    I’ve written a lot and forgotten to say what I’d intended to.
    That girl who now is my girlfriend got really interested in me partly
    because of my different culture. Specially if you consider she’s from a
    city with 6million people, and I’m from a country town with just over 100
    thousand people. Also my accent is quite different from hers, and we know a
    lot of expressions the other doesn’t know, and this always gives us a good
    time laughing. 

  • MihalisNavara 2 years ago

    Hi Stephan! I’m from Greece, my mother language is greek, but I have learnt
    english in language school in my country. I was one of the best students in
    my class and I can say that I speak english quite fluently. Now I am a
    seaman, to be precise, apprentice engineer. Although Greece has the biggest
    maritime industry, most of the ratings and some officers are foreign,
    mainly from Phillipines, Romania and Russia. This fact means that we have
    to communicate using the same language, which is english. The countries
    that I visited were the USA, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Panama and Argentina.
    Our flights when joining the crew and signing off included Brazil,
    Paraguay, Switzerland and France. Using english as the language to
    communicate made things a lot easier for me. In some harbors I even
    approached women and women approached me. Surprisingly, I find it much
    easier to approach, chat and flirt in english than in greek. Even the
    american coast guard team that inspected the crew of the vessel had a good
    time talking with me about my first contract and although they are so
    strict that you can die due to heart attack, we laughed a little bit. (the
    captain called me virgin seaman). My maritime english teacher in the
    academy asked whether I have ever lived abroad, because she found my
    pronounciation similar to american. CU soon!

  • MOHA ALI 2 years ago

    I faced this problem when i was in SYdney two years ago, but tried to heal
    the people out there, most of australian citizen are friendly and they let
    you tray to speak which is good thing for me.

  • Ali Ahmad 2 years ago

    Hi Stephen, whats the name of book you are referring on Amazon?

  • Skaterson Waller 2 years ago

    is there going to be a video this friday? you haven’t posted one in a hwile

  • The Interfector 2 years ago

    What could i do, if I’m depressed with this, that i even don’t have proper
    place to meet women? What if, as well i have great fear about what people
    will think about me and how will they react if i approach a woman?
    Anyway… I don’t even know where to start meeting girls… 

  • myexflower 2 years ago

    Hey Stephan!

    Another very good video. I am a foreigner in a country where a few people
    speak English. And, I have not been having enough time to learn the

    In short, it sucks! The girls do not understand you and you do not
    understand them. But, I have found out that you do not have to have a
    perfect pronunciation.

    Atraction is atraction!

  • Rock545451 2 years ago

    Awesome video dude.