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Never make these mistakes when talking to women and you will trigger attraction.



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  • Kerry Carlsen 2 years ago

    The second point about needing a point to prove (really, it’s about having
    a structured frame of thought) is absolutely true hahahah. In my experience
    at least however, it’s not to show or prove anything about themselves, but
    just a mentality 

  • fxcoolcucumber 2 years ago

    I think u guys r awesome!I dun understand y smone out there is tryin’ to
    run u guys down,they bunch of losers! 

  • hifergk 2 years ago

    Great tips! Out of curiosity, what do you do for a living?

  • codi bear 2 years ago

    come to romania and marry me :P

  • Nordic111 2 years ago

    When I was single and dated guys, it was an instant turn-off if they
    bragged about themselves, their professional or financial status or car. I
    usually then just turned my head in disgust and wanted to run away. I felt
    like they were looking for a golddigger or a whore, and since I am neither,
    I felt insulted that they would bring up such topics right in the
    beginning. What would I have in common with someone who is all about his
    accomplishments? Decent women want to know a guy as a person, what his
    interests are, what his values are. Then a bit later you can talk more
    about jobs. And if she likes cars, you can maybe talk about his car (or
    cars in general) too. If she is not a car person, then don’t worry if she
    doesn’t want to hear about your porsche/mercedes/bentley or such.

  • dannycampo 2 years ago

    i have another big freaking mistake that was made but lots of asian guys i
    talked to and end up not liking cz of that… and it is the fack that when
    they talk to non asian girls (white, black, latinas etc) i dont know why
    the fuck they think that just because we are not asian that means we are
    completle “open minded” and that we are gonna have sex just like the second
    time we meet or stuff like that… so disrespectful seriously ^^

  • iAnimationProduction 2 years ago

    #2. word.

  • Sam Zheng 2 years ago

    you are the best P 

  • bandai1983 2 years ago

    Really good channel.

  • Ilham Maulana 2 years ago

    My internet is kinda slow today. Anyone pls help me to make 3 lists in the
    comment. Thanks. 

  • Ferrari Boy 2 years ago

    It make sense.. Thanks for making a point..

  • Keepcalm&carryon 2 years ago

    what’s Steve’s accent?? sounds like a mix

  • csyd22 2 years ago

    number one show ya wallet done 

  • Asian Boss 2 years ago