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  • jyoung3231yahoocom 4 years ago

    how could you not have a boyfriend you sooo cute!

  • dreamcar19 4 years ago

    dude,  u r very smart and wise for your age. but don’t be in a rush for the relationship. enjoy life now. u will have a lot of time to get totally serious

  • kuJhawk1000 4 years ago

    Hey can u please message me!!!! I really really need advice bout coming out! 🙁

  • arjay0416 4 years ago

    You are adorable! I love your videos 🙂

  • TheGayAsianSwimmer 4 years ago

    @darrenc993 Alright, I’ll be careful. And yeah i’m definitely waiting until college, But right now i’m dating this girl named Sarah.

  • TheGayAsianSwimmer 4 years ago

    @ninjaboi37 thanks! Good luck!

  • ceazon williams 4 years ago

    awwwwwwww you have 2 be 18 im13 can i get on any young dateing sited

  • DarrenC993 4 years ago

    (Hey Ross! :D)
    So yeah…make sure that if you’re not 18 or over that you’re not wandering around Grindr (I’m actually considered an adult now…but online dating can be sketchy…) But thanks for taking the time to talk to us about these sites!

    Also, I think you should definitely wait until college to find the right one. 🙂 b/c long distance relationships suck and don’t always work so well. Btw, have you thought about any college plans yet?

  • Ninjaboi37 4 years ago

    Aww… But you’re so cute and your personality is awesome! And I also have the same luck with relationships, so I can relate with that. Oh, well. ^^

  • SuburbanGay 4 years ago

    @thegayasianswimmer LOL! @1.17 ;)

  • TheGayAsianSwimmer 4 years ago

    @csm1025 aw thanks but I really don’t think i’m that great. And awesome, you should wear it in a vid sometime.

  • TheGayAsianSwimmer 4 years ago

    @SuburbanGay what’s the cookies thing mean?

  • TheGayAsianSwimmer 4 years ago

    @Austinfrom1995 yeah you gotta be careful about that stuff!

  • TheGayAsianSwimmer 4 years ago

    @jakejolas correction. If the guy/girl is super hot and has proof it’s legit him/her. Maybe.

  • TheGayAsianSwimmer 4 years ago

    @jakejolas nope. They suck, and never work out.

  • TheGayAsianSwimmer 4 years ago

    @corathus59 thanks for sharing! I never knew that!

  • Co Ma 4 years ago

    I can’t believe no one at your school doesn’t like you. You’re adorable!
    ps I think I have that same blue hoodie

  • SuburbanGay 4 years ago

    If only Grindr was around when I needed it! But damn give me some cookies. Xo

  • Austinfrom1995 4 years ago

    The security questions was a good point I never thought of that

  • Jolas Capacio 4 years ago

    I mean long distance relationships….

  • Jolas Capacio 4 years ago

    Do you believe in long term relationships?

  • corathus59 4 years ago

    For many years I directed a public counseling service that primarily served the gay community. EVERY SINGLE WEEK we had a couple of people coming in who had been mugged and severely beaten through meeting people over the internet. These muggings would often happen after having met a couple of times. So it is not just the first date. Internet connections ARE NOT SAFE! You don’t hear about all the violence because people don’t want to admit it, but it is out there.