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Filling out the profile for Plenty of Fish…next video are the results we find!



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  • mba2ceo 4 years ago

    This is why I will never respect a sperm´╗┐ extractor. ­čÖé

  • jaredontv 4 years ago

    your not a christian´╗┐

  • porcelanplugger 4 years ago

    Bitch, you talk too much and your more annoying than my neighbors dog. methodandmadness is spot on.

  • methodandmadness 4 years ago

    Women never take guys very seriously. Pretentious girls like you exist and´╗┐ that’s why desensitized assholes like me exist.

  • Sylvain A. 4 years ago

    LOL. You should put your own stand up comedy.. you sure got the wits for it . hehe´╗┐ your funny.

  • David H. 4 years ago

    you are hilarious! very´╗┐ entertaining.

  • Memento Mori 4 years ago

    Personally speaking I find American women to be appalling. Now Latin American and European on´╗┐ the other hand, I’ve had all my luck with them.

  • 5tonyvvvv 4 years ago

    Women are picky´╗┐ stuck up bitches today! Even 400lb women get tons of men!

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    More like an obnoxious arrogant bitch who’s got no place to talk, and thinks she’s some sort of comedian… and´╗┐ we know how funny that women-comics are LOL

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    Ok mangina, keep on peddling that women are no more demanding than women, despite the statistical´╗┐ average that only consider 20% of men to be good enough for them.

  • Christopher Davidson 4 years ago

    I’m already´╗┐ married dude ­čÖé but I used to be on that site and it wasn’t all too bad.

  • playmaker06 4 years ago

    you´╗┐ crazy

  • Ghetto Culture Kingdom 4 years ago

    ..this girl’s freekin Hot!!´╗┐

  • Ghetto Culture Kingdom 4 years ago

    Watch the “KEEP IT MOVING – Plenty´╗┐ of Fish” video on here.


  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    Eat shit, shitsuxmangina, it’s not “comedic” to laugh´╗┐ about how you’re too good for everyone else- it’s ARROGANT.

  • sinthuxmachina 4 years ago

    she’s just being comedic. at least she isn’t rude like yourself.´╗┐

  • jackie20ization 4 years ago

    you are good doing videos´╗┐ sorry for having a go at you

  • jackie20ization 4 years ago

    it’sok thanks got a girlfriend´╗┐ know

  • jackie20ization 4 years ago


  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    This chick is´╗┐ a perfect example of the typical obnoxious American bitch.

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    No´╗┐ I’m being HONEST.

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    What´╗┐ % did YOU get?

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    Typical´╗┐ woman, you equate aggression with hostility, vs. instrumentality.
    My dog married an aggressive male, but he also had good hunting and leadership-skills and was compatible with her. So women today aren’t even worthy of the name “bitch,” they go for worthless degenerated pissants and then blame ALL men when she can’t take her own medicine.

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    Because they want what they can’t have; that’s why the best´╗┐ way to get a girl is play HARD to get.

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    I’m sure she wasted a lot more of guy’s lives than that.
    She’s about 30 and surely stole a´╗┐ lot of good years with bad times.

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    Yeah if you’re rich and great-looking you can get laid.
    So you look like a´╗┐ superhero, that would be CAPTAIN OBVIOUS.

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    Dumb bitches will do that, that’s´╗┐ why it’s best to just nod and watch her tits– it’s what they’re for.

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    Yeah that’s how most dates go– tied in a boring dinner-date and gagging on´╗┐ her rudeness and arrogance.

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    Nah, why bother, I just don’t go there. Women never write men anyway unless you’re a 10.

    And national statistics back up everything I say, i.e. 90% of all women think they’re too good for 80% of all men, which leaves men in the 1-8´╗┐ category competing over all the women who are 1’s and 2’s, while all the women who above a “2” just read their e-mails and laugh at them– like THIS bitch right here in this vid (she’s about a “3” on a good day)

  • TheFlyingScotsman01 4 years ago

    Fucking hell mate you got that one of your chest didnt you? lol

    I take it´╗┐ you have deleted your POF account then? lol.

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    In other´╗┐ words, you have no game but feel competent to give advice on it.
    That shows your entire problem right there: MENTAL.

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    WELCOME TO AMERICA, my foreign friend– THIS IS´╗┐ HOW our women think, they are castrating bitches who are arrogant and full of themselves, and they like to laugh at most men as being stupid and not good enough for them.

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    That’s a lie, it’s a sausage-fest for attention-whores of´╗┐ ALL shapes and sizes who expect too much and won’t put out unless the guy’s at least 5 degrees of attraction above her (i.e. she’s a 5 and he’s a 10 etc) otherwise they’ll just use you for to give them free dinners, and transportation and fan-mail while saying “I don’t DO casual sex (unless you’re a 10 and I want to trick you into a long-term relationship).

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    You’re crazy, it shows that she’ll stick ANYTHING in her mouth even if it’s fun, even if it KILLS her!

    After all, what’s a little dick and jizz´╗┐ compared to CANCER?

  • Thomas Jefferson 4 years ago

    I didn’t even need to watch this video to know that this was going to be a stuck-up cunt flattering herself on her impeccable sense of humor by thinking she’s absolutely original,´╗┐ unique and hilarious in shitting on “creeps” for daring to DREAM that they were in her unreachable league.
    As the saying goes, “you can do anything if you’re stupid.”

  • jaymcaaa61 4 years ago

    pof not good i met a cuple´╗┐ o girls they didnt match up 2 ther pics plenty of freaks more like

  • Jordy R 4 years ago

    You don’t need to you’re´╗┐ very attractive ­čÖé

  • From Inbox To Romance: Online Dating Tips Made Easy 4 years ago

    Instead of ditching I would try shaping up your match profile – or if you want to avoid paying then you should also consider´╗┐ joining okcupid. I find it’s better than POF.

  • TheFlyingScotsman01 4 years ago

    POF is mostly just fat mammas wanting to use you as a buttplug whilst theyre husbands´╗┐ just stand theyre and jerk off to yous. You should approach the site with extreme caution guys!

  • jackie20ization 4 years ago

    are you trying to say people that are not hot or losses sorry if i spet that wrong i do not understand you speak English stop taking the piss of over people and just going to say yes you are nice looking but you most love yourself a lot´╗┐ lol

  • Richard White 4 years ago

    your a beautiful´╗┐ young lady!!!!!

  • Christopher Davidson 4 years ago

    i forgot to mention, he got a 0% response rate´╗┐ and i don’t blame them.

  • Christopher Davidson 4 years ago

    not just women, but people in general like to go for those who are attractive or “hot”. i had a friend on pof who was overweight and jobless and he only messaged attractive thin women. sorry but it doesn’t work that´╗┐ way, you want an attractive mate? then you better be attractive yourself.

  • Rodney Duggan 4 years ago

    First date : Maybe getting tied up´╗┐ & gagged would be nice.

  • ron williams 4 years ago

    I´╗┐ just lost IQ points watching this video of redundant obviousness.

  • Chris Leger 4 years ago

    LOL!! I’m 33 6’7″, shaved head, 205lbs, blue eyes. I noticed that I get tons of replies from women that do not match up. I enjoy exercising and working out,´╗┐ and I work in the Oil and Gas field, 90% of the women on there love the fork to mouth workout. I’m looking for someone fit that likes to workout as well. I get the shallow comments all the time, all because I have personal preferences. I did try zoosk though, and I went on a date with a gal that had the same interests and I had a blast