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Talking on tge subject about dating sites and being transgendered, or do you stealth it, and your safety towards crazy people.



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  • MrStripyHead 3 years ago

    it all comes down to just being yourself. ha ha pof is the worst! :)

  • FaithTheSlayer 3 years ago

    He sounds married

  • pavy415 3 years ago

    Would like to go out with you been dating lots of trans girls and love it.
    Not ashamed either they met everybody I know 🙂 your pretty :)

  • Vigilante Man 3 years ago

    Yes, remember the murder of transgender Dwayne Williams in Jamaica August
    2013, just for crossdressing at a party.

    It’s no joke that some guys don’t want to be deceived by TSs, so you are
    100% correct to disclose to all dates.

  • Danabanana Kitty 3 years ago

    🙂 remember the old boot to the groin if you wind up with anyone who is
    less than a gentleman 

  • Aeris Houlihan 3 years ago

    You will find someone hun, you seem super nice ;0) Don’t you worry about
    that x

  • rebecca c 3 years ago

    take a listen to George Michael -I Cant Make You Love Me .

  • remi003 3 years ago

    hi , you are not creazy at all you are magnifique really . you desserve the
    best . i wish to be in NZ. 

  • Jade Dragon 3 years ago

    Congrats Alex, on being finished with your exams!
    Your music video was Awesome, I Loved it, and you still looked gorgeous
    covered in mud! 😉
    I really hope you get to do the commercial, they’d be crazy not to pick you.
    Stay Safe Sweetie and Good Luck!

  • thevinman 3 years ago

    Don’t know anything about dating sites, but it’s been my experience that
    love finds you when you stop searching for it. Just continue to be
    yourself, you’re as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside and
    it doesn’t get any more beautiful than that. The man who wins your heart
    will be the luckiest man on earth. Best of luck on your audition. 

  • Bryce Nelson 3 years ago

    I would go on a date with you and i dont care about your past.

  • thierry2357 3 years ago

    I think that it is necessary beaucoups of courage to admit that difference,
    and nobody not it is more than you the difficultée to say it, good luck for
    your casting, big kisses Alexandra.
    The french man.

  • LisaAlexia62 3 years ago

    I’m an older trans female and after reading a book “She’s Not There” the
    doctor told the author that after taking HRT you will be 1 of 3 …still
    loving women, start to love men, and asexual! As I have journeyed for the
    last 31 months on hormones and watching trans females on YOU TUBE I found
    that a Pansexual female is a woman I’d like to be with! She loves all
    genders to be short and sweet about the subject. I have not dated and the
    security is the primary reason why I haven’t gone as fast as other like
    gals. Doing this alone is no cake walk especially after my grown children
    have put me out of their lives some 17 months ago.
    However, I have started my “life test” and happier than ever but missing
    the closeness of a partner or even a friend.
    Salaya…. you are so together and gorgeous….be safe.

  • Tristan14578 3 years ago

    i had a guy like that. i refused to be his booty call and kicked him to the

  • rebecca c 3 years ago

    to tell or not…. to be or not to be that is the question. well in my case
    i transistioned many years ago and had surgery with the doctor u like a
    decade back very happy and settled into the place in life i am comfortable
    with , apart from the issue of loosing many partners with the past history
    profile yes the truth can cause a negative reaction with distressing
    outcomes .With all the pain and suffering we go through only true love will
    except our past without questions .

  • Alex Zander 3 years ago

    Transgender leads to podophilia