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Today I'd like to share with you some of the “gems” of men that I have found and not loved on eharmony and Hope you enjoy!



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  • Nasir Pervaiz 2 years ago

    Hi funny vid 

  • Ernest Douglas 2 years ago

    try pre paid legal

  • rainagrant3 2 years ago

    Guys are mostly scared and angry little douches, I would know I’m a man. I
    was a guy until 32 -35, if you can handle the age gap go for a more mature


  • SevereTstormFan 2 years ago

    So what kind of message would you like to hear from a guy on a dating

  • TheVeneth 2 years ago

    I think it is time for you women to admit that your dating theories and
    theories about men are simply false… Dont you think? Or you think
    everything is the way it looks?? I dont think so.. Take my example.. I am
    being oppressed since I was born.. Wasnt allowed to finish education
    subsequently to have a proper job afterwards.. Women judge me on that – but
    not realising the “story” behind.. Maybe it is time for you women to REALLY
    start using your head a bit as you allways claim to be doing..

  • seharris11 2 years ago

    Wait – how does internet dating lead to gold digging lol? I’ve got my own
    gold, I just don’t want some man coming to dig mine! 🙂 I actually met my
    last partner through a mutual love of cars and through a car website
    interestingly enough!

  • seharris11 2 years ago

    Surprise! I am a Scorpio with Aries rising (hence my outgoing persona lol)
    🙂 But I do have some virgo in my chart and libra….people probably think
    we are nuts talking about astrology but oh well!

  • PersnicketyProduc 2 years ago

    No I didn’t add my name afterwards why would I lie about who I am ? I’m a
    19yr old girl named Lexie who occasionally watches makeup tutorials for new
    looks. Came to this girls video from blndsundoll linking her in a vid and
    thought this was funny so I commented and got some freak sending me
    oblivious comments pulled from his ass. GET A LIFE.

  • Chris Cunanan 2 years ago

    so you’re saying that you’re actually into guys that mess around with soil
    animals and shit all day huh? finally, a glimmer of hope! lol the part
    about smoking/bringing things “to the table” and judgment is so true
    too…wow, where are the women half as witty/well-rounded as you here on
    the west coast?? it’s like night and day difference….your expressiveness
    is refreshing….thank you for sharing so much of yourself, it has also
    given me more hope for future relationships….take care =)

  • Tomania Dunlop 2 years ago

    What’s your astrology sign? I’m guessing virgo, sagittarius, or capricorn

  • Chris Graham 2 years ago

    Wow The Veneth, judging by your response (and your creepy suspiciously
    sic-fi-ish name) I’m guessing you’ve never actually had a date the
    internet….? BTW, a double question mark doesn’t make the question sound
    more exasperated… it’s just confusing.

  • Ivan Mockba 2 years ago

    Esau edomite jews are not Anglo Saxons.

  • TheVeneth 2 years ago

    Secondly I cannot be positive when I am being oppressed for whole of my
    life and my living space is turning in gypsyland with hordes of thieving
    kikes that inflicting death on my nation.. And yet I cannot be positive
    when I see women who should stand next to their men and be their backers
    laughling at them and not being interested rather escaping in the hands of
    coloured or kikes.. I cannot be positive when women selling their
    reproduction organs to me or anyone who gives the most.. positive..

  • reallygraceful 2 years ago

    Lmao. Scott sounds kinky. Love his use of metaphors. Have you heard of the
    dating site for farmers?

  • Tomania Dunlop 2 years ago

    Cool. It’s funny you said you have virgo and libra in your chart too, my
    sun sign is Virgo and my rising Libra, lol. Yeah, who cares what people
    think, I see similarities in astrology all the time. : )

  • RichDreamsTeacher 2 years ago

    Wow! Talk about weirdos. I am on eharmony & I know how weird the women can
    be so I can’t even imagine the guys. Is it that hard to find normal people
    with no agenda? It is around where I live. Lol. When you mentioned the guy
    that travels city to city it reminded me of a girl who did that looking for
    “tour guides” in every city she visited. Niceeee! We should both make a
    video on strangest first dates we have been on. I don’t date a lot but I’m
    sure I have ya beat in the “strangest date” story

  • AmoreAmore143 2 years ago

    lol –local circus

  • seharris11 2 years ago

    Hahha!!! I shouldn’t be surprised that there is a dating site for
    farmers…but regardless…I am! Who knew! Maybe that is where my lover boy
    is 😉

  • TheVeneth 2 years ago

    Are you stupid?? Yes you are just a little arrogant.. Dont worry – you will
    grow up out of that!! But than, then no one will be interested anymore.. In
    second message I have copied the massage that I have received from some of
    your wonderfull other half pf your population.. he is jewish prick and he
    didnt like the things I have to say.. so I have sent you “his” massage that
    was originally addressed to me just to show you how trolling look like you
    bimbo! Since your coward arrogant accusation!

  • Perseiden2 2 years ago

    im a great man !

  • Chris Clark 2 years ago

    Interesting Video, Your kinda funny!!! You kinda give me some insight what
    dating websites are like. I have a dating website. I just made it a few
    months ago. My website monodate is simpler than eharmony and matchand it is
    free. If you are interested, you can check it out. Thanks, have a great
    day!!! Chris Clark

  • PersnicketyProduc 2 years ago

    Umm what are you talking about? I’m a girl and I wrote “I just subbed, this
    is hilarious! creeper guys…eek! P.S: your dog is a cutie :D” how does
    that warrant this? WTF.

  • Justin Spector 2 years ago

    HAHA ive been on match and eharmony before, yah i dont know theres good
    people on there but i notice a lot of times people will talk for a week or
    so and then lose interest etc..

  • TheVeneth 2 years ago

    Ahh.. so you trying to tell me that you cant find a man within your living
    space?? Well, that itself is a little if not hugely suspicious – dont you
    think?? If you werent “fishing” for “succesfull types” (which are mostly
    jewish thieves) then you would find very quick.. Maybe that is also the
    reason why for example I am single most of my life.. You women realy doesnt
    have a clue what is going on here.. and worst of all you dont want to be
    interested.. so die alone or be with “succesfull ones”..

  • detestableguy 2 years ago


  • endauthority 2 years ago

    you dont need a dating site, just date me. ill treat you real good

  • SOLIDSNAKEXXX360 2 years ago

    Dont use the internet. People who meet others on the internet is a) have no
    social skils b) homebody c) too busy for a serious relationship anyways d)
    is really attached and looking for a fling..just do it the old fashion way
    and meet people in person, and no I dont mean going to a bar or a club, but
    maybe through mutual friends, a hobby group, or just leave it up to that
    chance encounter, if its meant to be then you wouldnt even have to try to
    find that someone

  • PersnicketyProduc 2 years ago

    And on another note, why would a guy have the name persnickety; get a life
    dude, get a life.

  • Chris Graham 2 years ago

    “You sound like a wussy…” harsh, but fair.

  • TheVeneth 2 years ago

    Internet dating?? So you are a gold-digger right?? Why don’t you just come
    up to the guy that you like on the street?? How do you think people were
    meeting each other before the age of computers and internet??

  • TheVeneth 2 years ago

    Thirdly: I cannot be positive when women denying me sex.. I cannot be
    positive when every time I trying to chat up someone she turns my down
    because she is decieved into believing I am responsible while my true
    enemies are sleeping with her and being her “good” friend.. I cannot be
    positive when my needs and my opinions are nonsense and insane for her.. I
    cannot be positive when she doesnt telling me what she thinks and expecting
    me to guess!?? I cannot be positive dear.. I am realist!!

  • Anthony Glaser 2 years ago

    You’re funny and cute, I can’t believe you have a hard time finding decent