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  • wea8675309 4 years ago

    i dont see how one of your videos hasnt gone viral yet. maybe not this one, but still. your channel is a goldmine man. one day.,.

  • Logan Daugherty 4 years ago

    You sly dog, you.

  • stanleyrr 4 years ago

    i watched Zietergist - also lived thru most of it

  • Teh goat 4 years ago

    woah Stan, your tastes are fringe lol

  • RorschachRedemption 4 years ago

    Brass knuckles.  That’s how it is done.

  • Arthur Remedy 4 years ago

    Oh god, that smile.
    Stan, you’re gonna have to help with my my dating profile, so I can be sure to snag ALL the ladies.

  • Rory Manzaroli 4 years ago

    You, Sir, are the master of suspense.

  • GringoGrip 4 years ago

    hey keep it up stanleyrr

  • thetimemusheen 4 years ago

    thanks for the hours of entertainment you’ve provided for my dad and I! True underground youtube

  • 2scary4yu 4 years ago

    Anyone noticed stan sounds a bit like Morgan Freeman?

  • Degenerated00 4 years ago

    Will you take part in one of these, Stan? I believe one can easily get some good quality pussy in there.