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I need to make a video of what it's like when Blade and I play, there's always some funny ass shit going on! Hope you guys liked the video, You've been askin…



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  • Bashfulfruit 3 years ago

    Wait, what if they actually like crazy ass bald chicks? the internets full
    of fetishes.

  • JIMBOTHY 3 years ago


  • thecheesygrits1 3 years ago

    What he shouldve said was IS YOUR NAME MOLLY CAUSE U GOT ME SWEATIN

  • Ms Inked Queen 3 years ago

    lmfao that’s their preference but if they are answering all these harsh
    invading questions and still wanting the p in my book they would take
    anything, they’re desperate hence the thisty-ness lol

  • Julianrocker200 3 years ago

    Hi Jim bothy

  • LMFAO! Im dead

  • Ms Inked Queen 3 years ago

    me either lmfao

  • L0114R 3 years ago

    Most dudes on dating sites are usually pretty thirsty. Im actually
    surprised how this went lol

  • Bashfulfruit 3 years ago


  • Ms Inked Queen 3 years ago

    lol :p

  • MrSnoop21519 3 years ago

    Get them a bottle of water for that SandPaperThroat … they thirsty lmmfao

  • Currend 3 years ago

    Why dont you stream anymore? 🙁

  • gamemaster27 3 years ago

    LMAO! XD this is too fucking funny! XD #HugeDickNation

  • PlayCookPlay 3 years ago

    you thirsty fuck 😉

  • Ms Inked Queen 3 years ago

    I do! lol everyday! it’s “twitch . tv / msinkedqueen” (no spaces obviously
    lol) link is in the description 🙂

  • Mariah Taylor 3 years ago

    I’m still laughing my ass off!!!

  • Slickjc1 3 years ago

    you hit them with the thirst trap

  • Ms Inked Queen 3 years ago

    lmfao sure did

  • Charmaine Champ 3 years ago

    Hey Jim blotchy

  • Brian gonzalos 3 years ago

    lol hahah idk i love the series

  • ONLYUSEmeBLADE Jr 3 years ago

    lmaao people these days are so thirsty….. so if i bring a roast ham can
    we get funky ?

  • MMagMaR Online Warrior 3 years ago


  • MrSlickHD 3 years ago

    Good Video queen, been missing dat laugh 😀 ahah

  • Brian gonzalos 3 years ago

    yea funky your right

  • Rayne Kitenma 3 years ago

    …you know…this video just made me quit everything about youtube xD. I’m
    mad that dude just said “Good day” and left though haha!

  • Currend 3 years ago

    Really? I thought it was NoxQQueen before? Hmm maybe thats why I didnt see
    it. Btw your laugh is contagious. 🙂