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Have you noticed how our urban culture has a bunch of dating rules we are forces to follow? Everyone is giving you a relationship advice “You just need a man!” Get a 50% off coupon for my #LoveSexDating course:

So, that's exactly what our society believes:
– If you’re cool, you have a man.

In other words, we women start thinking that if there’s no man if our life, we are not cool.

Full disclosure here. I believed this lie for years. My mom would push me to date married men with kids, only so there’s someone to validate me and bring me flowers for International Women’s Day.

If you googled me or if you’re following me on Social Media, you know that I gave myself to Jesus on October 19th 2014. God is the source of my identity now:

After my baptism video played to 3,000 people at Buckhead Church, folks came to me and said: wow, I can’t believe you took a year off dating, you’re so beautiful, it’s not like you can’t get a date! ….

Oh Lord! … Who takes a year off dating because they can’t get a date? That’s the definition of taking off dating – there is plenty of fish, but you choose to stay committed to your own values and goals.

So…. they thought if I’m beautiful, I must have a man in my life. Not so! Many women I know are hot chicks. They’re beautiful, make their own money, live independently, and they choose to stay single because they have not yet found the right relationship and they’ll never jeopardize their values and dreams dating some random dude who isn’t good for them.

So they wait patiently while celebrating their singleness and living a good life.

You are totally cool if you’re beautiful without a man. And me too!

We do not need a man to validate our beauty. If you choose to be single so you can prepare for the right relationship, I respect you so much. You will be the one benefiting from it, I promise!

And you will gain so much more confidence in yourself, nobody will be able to take it away from you. Ever!

That’s just one of the gifts I received while on my no-dating journey issues by pastor Andy Stanley in the sermon called #LoveSexDating

The gift of unshakable self-confidence…

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