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  • Cloak 4 years ago

    so that’s why girls always leave me during dinner

  • TheSarcasticRabbit 4 years ago


  • jimmy2k4o 4 years ago


  • shadowshooter10 4 years ago

    If That were to happen I would Be Gone…Like if I smelled it I’d just Go to The Bathroom and pray It’s Gone When I Get Back.

  • countermeasure 4 years ago

    What if you silently fart, but not purposely under the sheets and don’t tell your partner and they continue to smell it for like… ages.. coz it’s slowly creeping out the top and straight up their nose. Should you just tell them and wave the sheets vigourously to get it out faster or pray that it doesn’t smell real bad and you get away with it?

  • res1492 4 years ago


  • doratsang1976 4 years ago


  • Spyker Flyer 4 years ago


  • MegaTacoriffic 4 years ago

    No Farting, alright well let me just make a quick phone call to my doctor to see if he can remove my fart box.

  • tsu23me 4 years ago

    I hope thats the best advice to give on a first date.

  • Jason Belmonte 4 years ago

    yeah and then when i sit, the arrow pinches inside my ass

  • Jason Belmonte 4 years ago

    most important thing is to not fart on purpose, i dunno whats the difference but just don’t fart on purpose

  • isaiah wong 4 years ago

    He’s so crazy 🙂 lol

  • IncHulkLover 4 years ago

    Maybe the date is horrible and you’re thinking of a way out? Just a thought. :-

  • Grace Branham 4 years ago

    I saw this and cracked up! Why would anyone fart on purpose?

  • TheToken117 4 years ago

    what if i fart accidentally? XD

  • Spyker Flyer 4 years ago

    Easy way to keep your self away from farting is stick a green arrow into ur butt as hard as you can, Thanks me later

  • GrimFox47 4 years ago

    So you can’t fart but anything else is allowed? Like burping, or badly beat boxing? YOUR LOGIC IS FLAWED GREEN ARROW!!!!!!!!!…….awesome show and the comic series isn’t that bad either

  • Gretha Sarai Sanchez Estrada 4 years ago


  • Intrepid Voyager 4 years ago

    you are soooo hot omg!!!

  • FunnyyLucyy 4 years ago

    where did you take this from?

  • Robyn Connolly 4 years ago

    has that ever happened to you Stephen? where your with a girl and she feels obviously comfortable enough to let it rip? haha what did you do? did you say something? did you kick her to the curb? lol Totaly didn’t expect that!

  • brianna bayron 4 years ago

    ha ha ha that funny!!!!

  • Maria Pundurasi 4 years ago

    haha whaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!

  • FishNGirl 4 years ago

    XD XD XD