Added by on August 30, 2013 Dating Rules From My Future Self Official Trailer Description: The hit web series Dating Rules From My Future Self, from the …



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  • qarinatun naquiah jaffri 4 years ago

    hulu is need to pay in mys .. where i can get this series ???

  • haleyi7 4 years ago

    i found the episodes on HULU they are free to watch

  • Jacqui Genereux 4 years ago

    I love Candice

  • CAT Thompson 4 years ago



  • tinkertoes1000 4 years ago

    I am watching the season 2 and it is only 6 episode whereas the first season was 9 are they bring this back for a season 3?

  • Au2024 4 years ago

    I think they use the style like American Horror Story TV Series. For each season, they put a different plot, different main casts. That’s good for me 😀

  • ama agyepong 4 years ago

    does any one know how to find the videos??!!!

  • changalangXP 4 years ago

    why are the videos private?

  • CAT Thompson 4 years ago

    I can’t see the episodes and I’m in the U.S!!!! What’s wrong???

  • SabrinaMorgan13 4 years ago

    same!!! i miss that show :'(

  • KokoVideoful 4 years ago

    Why did they make all the Dating Rules from my future self episodes private?

  • xkaranicolex 4 years ago

    I always loved Shiri in Roswell and LUX so I was excited to see her in Dating Rules Season 1 and I love Candice from The Vampire Diaries so I’m happy to see them work together on this.

  • OliverTwistedMovie 4 years ago

    Their videos suck so bad and they are so desperate for attention they put them on the internet turd that is imvu for free virtual credits, which is the only reason they are getting the artificially inflated view counts, not because anyone is actually watching them, just opening multiple tabs and windows and clicking play in each with the sound off and going back to other windows or tabs to cyber in the 3D chat rooms or do more over video web cam sites. Watch my real full length date movie!

  • Lena Le 4 years ago


  • Simone20th 4 years ago

    Chill out people I know that Shiri Appleby is still involved with the project as a producer this season and she will make a re-appearance this season as Lucy to help the new dating disaster so we will get an update on her life now!!! P.S. Candice Accola is a great actress!

  • Michelle Mo 4 years ago

    Why the HECK did they change the cast? I apparently got over attached. But nevertheless, I’m ticked.

  • mxahid9 4 years ago

    I haven’t seen season 1 but people stop freaking out!
    Candice Accola is so stunning and an amazing actress! you all will love it!:)

  • Sarah Witherspoon 4 years ago

    I’m more upset that I’ve been mispronouncing “Accola” this entire time….

  • haydenclaireheroes 4 years ago

    This looks awesome!!

  • Samantha Burnette 4 years ago

    I don’t really get why everyone is freaking out about last season not being finished. Shiri is in this one and it showed her, so they’ll probably show what’s going on in her life and how she knows Candice’s character, Chloe. But she found Dave and they got together, and her goal was basically to find the right guy, so it had an ending.

  • ItsMeNoelii 4 years ago

    I’m happy there’s a new season but what about whats gonna happen from last season D:

  • Jaycee Monique 4 years ago

    oh…. right.. knew that… sorry. Thanks

  • Lauren Cusker 4 years ago

    Yes!!!! So excited!!!!!

  • Fir layt 4 years ago

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  • TVDcourtney 4 years ago

    yay! i’m so happy, i love candice.
    guys– they’ll probably finish the last story through this one because shiri appleby is in this too so she might talk to candice’s character and we’ll figure out what happened in her life

  • WeasleyWrock 4 years ago

    Are details from season one going to trickle into this one?

  • rosa song 4 years ago

    I know right!! I want to know wat happends next from last season this is so sad!! Ugh! I guess ill still watch it but i still wanted to lnow what happened on last season of she ever met her future self

  • musicluvrjesusfreak 4 years ago

    They did finish last season.

  • Cindy Hair 4 years ago

    It’s back – OMG, yay!!!

  • xxxCrazy4TVxxx 4 years ago

    Candice! :D

  • Davy Jones 4 years ago

    I love Candice!

  • Jazmin Santiago 4 years ago


  • HalliwellSon 4 years ago

    Candice looks hot in this!

  • Ashley Soliz 4 years ago

    Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! You can’t just leave us hanging from last season!!! This isn’t fair!!!!!! D:

  • Dina8485 4 years ago