Added by on August 30, 2013 Dating Rules From My Future Self Dating Advice Description: The cast of Dating Rules From My Future Self dishes on their own …



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  • Mario Henssler 4 years ago

    I don’t understand people who are reluctant to try dating online, I finally gave in over a year ago and found someone about 6 months later. It’s not for everyone but bit.ly16pejEc helped me out bigtime and I had a lot of fun with it too

  • OliverTwistedMovie 4 years ago

    Their videos suck so bad and they are so desperate for attention they put them on the internet turd that is imvu for free virtual credits, which is the only reason they are getting the artificially inflated view counts, not because anyone is actually watching them, just opening multiple tabs and windows and clicking play in each with the sound off and going back to other windows or tabs to cyber in the 3D chat rooms or do more over video web cam sites. Watch my real full length date movie!

  • TeamTVDMusic 4 years ago

    Dave or Taylor Kinney is dating Lady Gaga and was on the Vampire Diaries.
    Bryce Johnson is on Pretty Little Lairs.
    and now Candice Accola is doing season 2 and she’s on the Vampire Diaries as-well. It’s nice to see TV shows secondary characters/actors do something so cool! I Watched season 1 and now watching season 2and I just LOVE the mini series 😀

  • mia hall 4 years ago

    is there gona b a seasone 2

  • ImNaturallySuper 4 years ago

    We need a season 2!!!

  • Regina Manning 4 years ago

    When are new episodes coming? we are hooked now ya gotta have more 😀

  • kailawilkerson1987 4 years ago

    Come on season 2, when? lol and that was a fast season, wtf they need more eps then 9

  • Shanice Williams 4 years ago

    Season2. plz!!!!!! With a Black or mixed chick

  • Mark Reddington 4 years ago

    yeah! we’re waiting for the new seasons

  • Karen vee 4 years ago

    WHAT?! seriously?!

  • gotjesus13 4 years ago

    i disagree the guys the man in the relationship you make the first move or we are going to wear the pants in the

  • Mark Reddington 4 years ago

    seasons of dating rules and talent ended.

  • 55Megsme 4 years ago

    Season 2! Hear us out.

  • bsomazzi95 4 years ago

    Season 2? Please? k thanks

  • smudgetaz1 4 years ago

    guys, not sure if you noticed but they said feb 8th was the next episode. And i’ve always made the first move, guys are just a joke, cuz seriously they dont ask anymore. I’m looking for a guy that will ASK me. it gets annoying to always be the one who asks when your a

  • SweetDeceitxo 4 years ago

    I hope that they have a season 2! This was probably one of my favorite series made by Alloy! It was so cute and funny. 🙂

  • Gabrielle Munoz 4 years ago

    This inspired me…..I just made the first move 😛

  • MikuVocalLove 4 years ago

    Season 2, now!!!!

  • Marlene H. 4 years ago

    I need a season 2! This show is awesome(:

  • Mariam Baysingar 4 years ago


  • nadeenk10 4 years ago

    are you making a season 2??

  • Karen vee 4 years ago

    you’re slacking with the episodes alloy!

  • kiwicmx 4 years ago


  • sunkissed646 4 years ago

    ahhh!first <3