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This Is It ——————————————————————————– You keep making mistake and fall for every …



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  • Preeti Nyaynite 3 years ago

    Falling in love is shitty thing and convincing your parents is like
    shittest job. The worst is when you know he wasn’t THE ONE and your Mom was
    Dating Rules – By Indian Mom | Preeti Nyaynite

  • Saurabh Shinde 3 years ago

    My dad always hints me indirectly to get my mind set up for arrange
    Sometimes he is like- “Beta tu hamari marzi se hi shadi karega na ya koi
    dhund rakhi hai???”
    and the way he says it like i can’t even say, ha papa apki hone walli bahu
    dhund li hai… Tumhi kalji karu naka… (,”)