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  • selenagomez4ever813 4 years ago

    nope <3 about 8 whole minutes!

  • OliverTwistedMovie 4 years ago

    Their videos suck so bad and they are so desperate for attention they put them on the internet turd that is imvu for free virtual credits, which is the only reason they are getting the artificially inflated view counts, not because anyone is actually watching them, just opening multiple tabs and windows and clicking play in each with the sound off and going back to other windows or tabs to cyber in the 3D chat rooms or do more over video web cam sites. Watch my real full length date movie!

  • aiyanna driver 4 years ago


  • Deniqua Frye 4 years ago

    Vampire Diaries! Yeah buddy!

  • 1icantfigureoutaname 4 years ago

    i am absoulelyy in love with this show!! its something that no ones ever came up with. when do the new ones come outt?

  • Holly Jiang 4 years ago

    im really excited for this. especially because it still attracts teenagers and people in their 20s yet the characters arn’t all 16 years old set in high school 🙂

  • ThatsShowBiz144 4 years ago

    v agreed. but fer sure sounds intriguing; 4th to comment (;

  • ginamarie147 4 years ago

    i hope this series wont be one of those shows that r like 3 minutes per episode D:

  • ginamarie147 4 years ago

    sounds good!! lol oh and btw second lol

  • TheSheekChick 4 years ago