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This video is dedicated to my beautiful sister in Namibia and to all women everywhere who may be looking for answers. Enjoy! Please don't forget the Buy on get one Free consultations at for earrings and shirt by Jerrry Jean on facebook.



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  • Akeila Squires 3 years ago

    ….that feeling when you listen to this video, and realize that the man in
    your life said the exact same things to you at the onset of our
    relationship, when investing spiritual knowledge to your soul and fondling
    your mind with his realness….then you know HE’S THAT GOOD GUY….#i
    always knew anyway #love you babe +Michael Everette #your my good guy #they
    are out there #no denials 

  • kesh s 3 years ago

    so true and honest!

  • Mimi Krause 3 years ago

    Goshnshe is spot on! We need more women in our communitys like this…she
    is change…thank you nubia :)

  • ashlyn stallings 3 years ago

    can u help me?…for real….i need to talk to you privately tho

  • Serestine Haitembu 3 years ago

    loved the video….btw, im from namibia too..:)

  • Jeneen TheNaturalQueen 3 years ago

    Well said!!! Where were you when I needed this convo 15 years ago? LOL!!!!!

  • eiobeautiful1q 3 years ago

    So beautiful. I am 35 and Thank U for this message***

  • Katie Howell 3 years ago

    I love that your man got the camera started for you. :-)

  • thehoneyeffect 3 years ago

    Say if you live in a country thats racist towards black women? where not
    many men that are eligible want to date them? how is love found there?

  • Emma Jones 3 years ago

    great advice,lot of wisdom

  • Isha May 3 years ago

    I love this~ and I love you~~! So much needed this, especially the ‘things
    i usually do but haven’t been doing’ *oh you saved me from frazzling. 

  • Aslaam Mahdi 3 years ago

    sister you are very beautiful…in spirit and all, many blessings!!

  • moncj66 3 years ago

    This makes me realize i found a good one 🙂

  • what if you’re the bad guy? u know it but what can u do? u want to be a
    good person but you know you’re a f***k up. despite a desire to give all to
    someone. what do you do?

  • unique1express 3 years ago

    I Love the background Sister !

  • reggaesoul16 3 years ago

    So…the whole 2012 thing was psychosomatic?

  • Jade indigo 3 years ago

    New job, journey, love, health, peace. This message is where my mind is.
    The universe is open to my vibe. Everything in my life is flowing with
    love,And positive direction. When something is not right I will remove it
    quickly. Loving God, Family, ME. <3

  • Tiffany Jeter 3 years ago

    Beautifully said queen.keep up the good work.

  • carveasy 3 years ago

    Great message. Your hair is growing fast!

  • m1ssbeehave 3 years ago

    Hi Nubia, great points/insight and I agree with the majority of what you
    say. I do think we should all maintain our individuality to some degree.
    With that being said, I have an issue with my phone and email. Although
    there is nothing to hide, I wouldn’t want someone with access to it, unless
    we’re married. Even then, there is a level of basic privacy that we should
    all maintain. Great videos!!!

  • afcisthebest 3 years ago

    Excellent video!!

  • eatingvegan1234 3 years ago

    Good luck!

  • beautifulafroqueen 3 years ago

    thank u sista! for thit video

  • guiltyofmagnificence 3 years ago

    Nubia, I love you!!! Beautiful message.

  • Laura S 3 years ago

    Nubia, I love your videos, they are so spiritually motivating & so
    enriching especially when I need some inspiration. I loved watching this
    video, and I know I sound negative but I hope this relationship/man that
    you speak of really exists.. not just for me, but for all the other women
    who wound up on your channel in search of some spiritual jolting just like

  • Ajali Affairs 3 years ago

    great message, thank you

  • Alexis Banks 3 years ago

    Nubia never lied

  • julia michael 3 years ago

    Thank you for this wonderful message my sister Happy new year.peace be with

  • Afrinet NYC 3 years ago

    POWerful message Nubia. You dished the advice and without bias. You said it
    like it should be told. This is great information for sistas of all ages!
    Thank you!

  • Natural Remedies Coach 3 years ago

    and thats the truth!!!

  • CherishedJourney 3 years ago

    Thank you Sister. Many blessings


    I needed this so much , everything you said was real, finding unconditional
    love is not easy and being a women of substance in 2013 it’s very important
    to know to go for what best for you , thanks for all the great wisdom.

  • LavenderCurlsXOXO 3 years ago

    I love me some Barack Obama! 🙂

  • LavenderCurlsXOXO 3 years ago

    walk into a relationship that feels good from the beginning. Powerful
    statement. 🙂 Honesty! this is truly a great video. you make a lot of good
    points. Im adding this to my favorites! Because I want to watch it again. 🙂

  • Robin F 3 years ago

    Thank You! Great video! I tell my girls these same things but I will be
    having them watch you speak on this subject! Many Blessings to you my

  • AllAboutEveWebTV 3 years ago

    (Part 1) This is absolutely correct! It is very important to make sure all
    of the check points that nubiaissutton1 has mentioned to save you time and
    energy. A woman’s intuition is the key to her safety when dating, Get out
    of the looks of a man and tune in to your God given innate ability to
    discern a person’s intention. You will KNOW by that gut feeling that says
    “Hmmmmm something is off, something isn’t right.” YOU DO NOT NEED PROOF!
    Your woman’s intuition is NEVER wrong. TRUST IT!

  • purplegal05 3 years ago

    Nubia could you do a video on creating a meditation routine?

  • hellomello30 3 years ago

    Don’t understand this stigma of not wanting a “Nice Guy”…shoot where they
    at? Cuz I want one! Lol

  • ChikereCarlyn2stars 3 years ago

    Love Peace & Blessing~ 🙂

  • LamourDeLucie 3 years ago

    You gave wonderful advice Nubia. Thank you. It was just what I needed. I
    look forward to doing a consultation with you next month. xo

  • Nyomi McKenzie 3 years ago

    And also a guy that embraces black culture and loves himself despite being
    a black man in America. So many of our men are confused however its ALOT of
    men that love their culture and embrace it. Thats the type of guy i want.

  • AllAboutEveWebTV 3 years ago

    If you know that you are the bad guy then that is GREAT! Knowing that you
    are a bad guy means that you know you need help. You do not want transfer
    your f***k ups to some undeserving woman. A good woman (no matter how much
    you desire to give to her, rings, money, wine and dine) would be devestated
    even MORE so to find out in the end that you are a f***k up. Especially if
    she doesn’t trust or use her womans intuition! There is nothing wrong with
    seeing a therapist and hold off on dating.

  • Jessica B 3 years ago

    Thank you for the advice. I’ve never heard the statement, “watch how he
    treats animals”. I wish I would have known that two years ago. Please do
    more videos on this topic. This video was very informative and applicable.

  • wonder heart 3 years ago

    pure truth,pure love

  • SuperPhdiva 3 years ago

    This is a great video but I would tell my 16yr old daughter not to date at
    all. Its not worth it.

  • AllAboutEveWebTV 3 years ago

    (part 10) Thanks for posting this Queen, I hope the young ladies really
    hear you on this because this video definitely got to me! WHEW! THANK YOU!

  • Iroc314072 3 years ago

    You said a mouthful, I love Barnes & Nobles. I can sit in there for hours
    just reading books and I always meet a lot of nice people. Now the hookup
    through the friends and family isn’t so safe anymore. Misery loves company
    and sad to say but those who you think will look out for you won’t. I hate
    hookups for that reason, sometimes your friends and families don’t want to
    see you happy. So I’d be careful of hookups through people you know,
    sometimes their judgement aint so good either.

  • Codi Maddox 3 years ago

    Peace and good vibrations to you

  • Dameka Davis 3 years ago

    I met a really nice guy. But, he is not intelligent on any level. We have
    absolutely nothing to talk about. My friends and family are pressuring me
    to be involved because he is nice, loyal, and gentle. I can’t get past his
    lack of intelligence and ignorance and I don’t want to be bothered with
    him. I am not attracted to him.

  • Janay Cook 3 years ago

    Beautiful message! This video resonated with my spirit. I love the
    background as well! Many blessings 🙂