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Not far from Madison, there is a small Liberal Arts College whose culture is very different than the Big Ten's UW. At Maranatha Baptist Bible College, students must obey a series of rules very unfamiliar to most campuses.

2010 Regional Edward R. Murrow Award Winner – Best Feature
2010 Wisconsin Broadcasters Association – 3rd Place – Feature



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  • Jerry Kaifetz 2 years ago

    I have a friend who was raped by a teacher in a Maranatha affiliated
    school, and the University has been 100% about cover-up, dissembling, and
    even re-victimizing the victim through intimidation and running 180 degrees
    from accountability and the kind of righteousness demanded in a Christian
    approach to sin. Further, the hundreds and hundreds of graduates that I
    have known to come out of these Fundamentalist schools have largely built
    highly dysfunctional and unimpressive lives. Their theology is a stack of
    bumper stickers, and their understanding of Christian grace and mercy is
    non-existent. Instead, judgmentalism rules. Many books and
    documentaries abound on these Fundamentalist institutions, including mine:
    “Profaned Pulpit — the Jack Schaap Story.” Maranatha has skeletons in
    their closets GALORE. God is not pleased. Jerry D. Kaifetz, Ph.D.

  • Ashley Sloop 2 years ago

    My girlfriend went to college there. It’s a cult. Some of the upper level
    classes are male only. The people who go there are indoctrinated from a
    young age into fundamentalism. She also walked out as an atheist.