Added by on August 14, 2014 Dating coach Evan Marc Katz works with smart, strong, successful women who want to understand and connect with men. Here, he sho…



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  • Liz Torres 3 years ago

    I just came from a video that Adviced men to do nothing and let the woman
    chase, to here where it advices the woman to do nothing and let the man

  • VideoEtTaceo 3 years ago

    @80mthomas I understand your sentiment but I have never gotten anything
    tangible without “doing.” I have achieved peace of mind through meditation
    but how can I meditate a relationship into my life? If I see someone who
    intrigues me, I’m going to say “hi.” I don’t plan to rabidly pursue men (or
    anything for that matter) who don’t have an interest in me but I just don’t
    see the problem with expressing MY interest in them in a healthy way. Feel

  • Sheree Morgan 3 years ago

    Good advice Marc….A man will pursue you if he is interested, If he
    doesn’t he isn’t! Never chase him or play games thinking that will make him
    want you,chances are it will drive him away even if he was interested. Be
    open to receive but let him come to you and don’t sit around waiting for it
    to happen either. Men are attracted to happy confident women with their own

  • BeautifulDreamerK 3 years ago

    I agree with this to an extent. Not every good guy who’s interested will do
    this – they’re nice, but like what he said, you’re not always an exception
    to them. I really do believe that the one you’re meant to be with will
    behave this way towards you and he’s right. It doesn’t mean you have to be
    passive or submissive. Women are so used to dating guys who aren’t
    interested, we’re accustomed to chasing and tolerating. With the right guy,
    he does it all before you could THINK to make things happen

  • Dating Tips For Men 3 years ago

    great advice!

  • DJ McGrath 3 years ago

    @smertgopam its bullshit, im a man, a PUA just make eye contact if theres a
    strong connection between u and him move nearer with more eye contact to
    attract the right man check out the law of attraction , play hard to get at
    the start as if ur better than him and test him

  • smertgopam 3 years ago

    @djsvideodiarys hey, thanx ))

  • Gabby Abby 3 years ago

    Wow thats so simple, but its so hard to find the guy!

  • Nas tia 3 years ago

    It does , make sense. Some women feel that way aswell.

  • Mike Thomas 3 years ago

    @VideoEtTaceo it’s the art of non-doing, the mind has a problem with this
    until it realises that it can actually have what it wants without feeling
    the need to do something to make it happen

  • themodernfemme 3 years ago

    hey Evan, if you could find every woman the perfect man for them you would
    rule the known universe LOL

  • smertgopam 3 years ago

    okay, so as a girl, i gotta be so passive??? well, perhaps it is true.
    i’ve tried to “make things happen” before, and that strategy just doesn’t
    seem to lead anywhere.

  • DJ McGrath 3 years ago

    @VideoEtTaceo dont believe that skam im a guy, all you got to do is make
    eye contact… wait and make eye contact or get nearer and make eye
    contact… simple if you want an alpha male then you need to show signs of

  • VideoEtTaceo 3 years ago

    wow, that’s messed up..i mean, just wait and wait and wait…quietly.

  • thehighlndr 3 years ago

    He nailed it, because of two things(on avg.): 1) Women spend too little
    time looking and trying or meeting and far too much time filtering and
    revising their lists instead of meeting more. 2) Once in the relationship
    that they decided mattered…micromanaging it and micromanaging him. Just
    as he said the games playing does not help and running away or towards him
    does not help and god knows immasculating or manipulating the crap out of
    him does not lead to love or a lasting relationship.

  • DJ McGrath 3 years ago

    @gabbyabby76 LAW OF ATTRACTION

  • pozitionoftheday 3 years ago


  • Mike Thomas 3 years ago

    That’s pretty sic (sic meaning genius) very good advice. My worry has bin
    that she’ll like me more than I like her, then I’ll feel shallow for not
    being physically attracted to her enough to want to be in a relationship
    with her, does that make sense?

  • DJ McGrath 3 years ago

    @thehighlndr no u just haven’t met the write guy… you need to try push
    him around and see how stable he is… you can literally push him and see
    if he does the same back im a man, anybody who studys social dynamics and
    psychology knows this… play hard to get and THE RIGHT men will be all
    over you thats what i do and it works with women