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This video does not apply to all black women and all black men. Excuse the swollen cheeks, just had my wisdom teeth removed. Join the D.W.L Facebook group – …



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  • bsmi1361 3 years ago

    the sad thing is I see a lot of black men that have the same female traits
    now.. they talk as much as females, don’t support the females they with and
    always talking negative shit. got man tits, out of shape and broke as fuck.
    so I guess a lot of black men and women should call it even.. lol.. date
    in your range. if you trashy date a trashy person. if you got some sense
    date someone with some sense. if you insecure date someone who’s
    insecure, it’s simple as that. the problem is black women are so insecure
    they settle for these fucked up black men and vise versa for men. simply
    because that’s all they can get. then they complain.. well get used to it,
    you can’t get no better. you trashy and insecure yourself so what you
    expect. always talking about “there’s no good black men” ummm yes there is,
    we just don’t want your insecure ass.. every woman I have dated, and yes
    all have been black, have talked well, dressed casual and had their real
    hair, nails and never wore makeup. black woman fail to understand they have
    the most beautiful skin and hair when they take care of it. but these
    insecure trashy chicks.. na, i’ll let the man with 4 baby mama’s and
    female traits have you.

  • Ricardo Jernigan 3 years ago

    Man you hit the nail on the head. Wow, you will offend many black women but
    you will find many male followers. 

  • Blessing Kabari 3 years ago

    i have never seen someone with so much self hate. i am so shocked by this.

  • TheyhatecauseimaKING 3 years ago

    Self Hatred is a sicken dis-ease.

  • MΔ†† 3 years ago

    What’s the deal even ? Nigga don’t wanna date you, move the fuck on…
    Most black females be acting sassy and ‘independent’ during the day,
    repulsing any man around them, then crying the night about how ain’t no
    nigga out there that wants them. Get your shit together….

  • Valerie A 3 years ago

    Change this title to “why SOME black men refuse to date SOME black women”.
    Every single point here can apply to some girls of all other races too,
    these stereotypes just need to stop.

  • stevewilliams369 3 years ago

    As a black man, I am tired of seeing so many videos criticizing black women.
    Black women helped us get through slavery, civil rights, and even helped
    put a black man in the White House. I don’t see any other race dogging each
    other like this.

  • Steven Adams 3 years ago

    There are still some good ones out there who didn’t fall for all of the
    fake mess or got out of that mind-state. Same with the fellas. 

  • D.J. Cook 3 years ago

    This is the main problem; the damned generalizations. I love all women
    truthfully. But I’ve spent the majority of my life around Black women. Why
    the hell would I not consider them for relationships?? Yes admittedly, I
    almost married a White girl many years ago, and that was b/c she was just
    around the corner from where we were. We teens at the time and happened to
    bump into each other at school. That’s how a lot of relationships start.
    Well, fate had a different route for us, hence we came apart. Had we
    married, we’d be still together today. Since then, I had three Black women
    as mates, the last one I married. No issue there at all. I simply
    gravitated naturally to women I’ve been around all along. 

  • Lee Bullock 3 years ago

    The reason is, women are acting crazy as hell. I married a couple of them
    and I was out done seeing the crazy stuff you all do. I know all women
    don’t act the same, some are over-powering the positives. Negative reasons
    pop up and I know I am done..If I do-she better be popping
    . Insecurities make it hard to deal with. I was with a woman who was really
    good looking, but no matter what, she was always asking, “how do I look? or
    “I know you think I am ugly”. I am like, why am I sleeping with her, why am
    I taking her to dinner, and going places with her, if I felt all of this?
    The hair hat thing is off the chain. The rudeness is not what I call
    woman-like. Argumentative women is not what I call loving. I would deal
    with what you say–Asian women

  • Anthony Harris 3 years ago

    First up out of all da dumb shit black women do. Im still gonna stick with
    a race all black women are not stupid. I hate to see a black woman wear
    fake hair,fake nails,make up, hate wen they dont dress up like a lady
    should, we as black people dont have any culture in America. Its up to us
    at home to make your culture. And another thing Jesus is black not white go
    to museums in Europe and the pictures of Jesus from the ancient Roman
    republic yes he’s black in every one of them. I want all black people on
    youtube to watch this video called Hidden Colors 1 and 2. Later.

  • 69Pinkywinky 3 years ago

    Black women will sleep with anyone and the black man knows it. They get
    them pregnant laugh at them leave them and call them whores. There are no
    good black men.

  • sirjcmr1978 3 years ago

    Hasn’t this topic been addressed enough? I mean really it’s 2014, at this
    point black men and black women need to agree to disagree and move the fuck
    on. For fucks sake

  • bj olden 3 years ago

    finally. one black woman gets it

  • Santo Miguel 3 years ago

    You seem to be an exception to the stereotype. Very refreshing!

  • heatwave59 3 years ago

    a lot of black women are hoes freaks they will have sex with any guy that
    give them a compiliment an have some money and are very materialistic there
    i said it

  • Ernest Carter 3 years ago

    Sad when you have to tell people it doesn’t apply to all. You would think
    they can figure that out for themselves.

  • rockster0192 3 years ago

    If we were still segregated, negroes would be better off..

  • thenappyhoe83 3 years ago

    Oh yes, plus, on average they respect womyn as being womyn and don’t expect
    us to be these “concubines” as I hear on average black womyn who DO date
    these “travesties” say, getting all up in your face. The way black men
    HARASS you for not liking them is AKIN TO ATTEMPTED RAPE! Even though my ad
    says, “No black men”, I STILL get these NIGGAS calling me! Why!? Black
    “men” are controlling and domineering and I am not even one who has had
    personal experience dating them; I wouldn’t even fuck em for money yet they
    still call, why? It’s all about control hence why the majoritry of black
    womyn are DEFENSIVE when dealing with these low life apes and neanderthals!

    PS FBI stats don’t lie; BLACK MEN TEND TO BE VIOLENT hence why I don’t
    copwatch for em cause their “advances” on womyn is akin to SEXUAL ASSAULT
    and most of them ones who DATE white womyn like em cause they are docile
    and EASY TO CONTROL like the fucking CAVE APES (BLACK MEN) ARE unlike the
    other individual races of men who allow you to put your hair down and allow
    you to relax WITHOUT requiring you be a far flung version of old fashioned,
    ANTI-WOMYN femininity! For instance, white guy approached me recently,
    rather rude, I rejected him; he moved on! MAYATE ie NIGGA approached me, I
    rejected him, a FIGHT ENSUED! That’s how these animals are and that is why
    we need more cops killing em and more George Zimmerman’s looking for these

  • theloniousMac 3 years ago

    I would love to have a serious relationship with a black woman. Problem is,
    as soon as they find out I’m a computer geek, I majored in computer
    science, I like science fiction, I enjoy reading more than television, I
    can’t stand watching real housewives or most reality, (no make that all
    reality TV,) that I spend more on computer hardware than I do on (gasp) a
    car, that I’m an atheist, libertarian, that when speaking alone, no one can
    determine my ethnicity, they generally run away. I just don’t pass the thug
    test. White women? They tend to just want to go out, have a nice time, no
    expectations, and it works for everyone. 

  • Prometheus 3 years ago

    I wish most black women would stop wearing weaves, stop with the tattoos
    all over the chest arms ect. and boy do they cuss like pirates.

  • TranceBab3 3 years ago

    I totally get you. I use to think the same thing and never understood why.
    But so many black women have issues with themselves, that men find it hard
    to date them. Men don’t want a woman who’s not comfortable in her own skin,
    she’s combative, and argumentative. Some sista’s need to check their
    “strong black woman” attitude at the door. A good man wants a woman he can
    care for, she’s supportive, positive, and loving. It’s like that saying,
    “one bad apple can rot the whole barrel”. 

  • nessa logan 3 years ago

    Now I know your a thug. Having a picture proves nothing and you would be
    utterly surprise if you saw me. Men such as yourself want me to have a
    picture to wonder if you could tear me apart. NOT!!! I don’t have anything
    to prove to you as thugsaren’t on my radar. I will continue to love my
    husband regardless of what you call him. You just continue to hold on to
    your REJECT. Oh and my husband retired in his 30’s and we are business
    owners. Get lost and don’t respond back. No time for you.

  • Mike Lowry 3 years ago

    A lot of my brothas are looking for somebody like you. When they can’t find
    you they cave in a settle for the next step down from you. A white girl. No
    diss to white girls.

  • nessa logan 3 years ago

    I 100% agree but let these men tell it, other races are flocking to get
    with them which simply isn’t true. Most other races prefer their own. Even
    the rich bm aren’t getting the best ww. I was looking a picture of Reggie
    Bush fiancé today and once again, although pretty, is a no heard of
    stripper looking ww. The article says she is a dancer but she isn’t a Julie
    Roberts, Angelia Jolie or the type of ww that Brad Pitt would date.

  • nessa logan 3 years ago

    Anytime a man comes on here talking underneath a woman clothing, 99% of
    time, you’re a thug. Honey, educated bw such as myself are very high upon
    personal hygiene, using some of the best perfume such as Dolca & Gabana,
    etc. I know thugs such as yourself knows nothing about this. Thugs like you
    expect bw such as myself to be jealous of you with your whale when you’re
    not even on my radar and for the record 75% of bw aren’t single. What about
    the stat that say 65% of bm are single (cont)

  • redco gold 3 years ago

    See look at this smh… I can could set you up on a date with a bm who I am
    friends with and I guaranteed women like you would avoid him completely
    after the first date. Now you see why bm dates out in such high numbers?
    Because bw only wants a bm if he’s mean and aggressive but if a wm be nice
    he goes viral big time dealing with bw.

  • nessa logan 3 years ago

    They didn’t see me getting out my vechile as I was already in the store and
    these men wonder why bw just ignore them and head to other races. Many men
    of other races are nicer. I mean this white guy literally turned around,
    noticing me in line and spoke. I’ve had this to happen to me often and I’m
    not looking for a man as I’m married but I can only imagine if I were
    single what it would be like. I wasn’t looking mean and would have spoke
    but they looked away.

  • nessa logan 3 years ago

    Depends on the bw and if she has the aggressive mindset.

  • 70sbaby4life2 3 years ago

    Yes you may not talk bad about black women, and that’s good, but the simple
    fact that you refuse to date or marry black women because you don’t like
    their looks, the same looks makes us black, that bothers me. How can you
    find the woman who’s forefathers enslaved your ancestors attractive? You
    believe that Eurocentric beauty is more attractive than Afrocentric beauty.
    I’m not here to change your mind, but think about what you’re saying. You
    are a BLACK MAN that find your OWN women unattractive

  • ccdays26 3 years ago

    Thank you for this video D.W.L!! Love you for this video!! Are you

  • Mike Hunt 3 years ago

    You KNOW what i’m talking about. I read your posts on here and they are
    totally the opposite of the ones on the other thread. I told you it would
    be a good idea …IF (and thats a BIG “IF”) ..IF you are strong minded and
    know how to leave your Americanisms at home. But if you bring your
    Americanisms WITH you, you are spreading the American corruptness overseas.
    that’s something I DON’T recommend. And don’t think for a second that
    whites are the only ones in America that carry that corruptness.

  • 70sbaby4life2 3 years ago

    I still disagree that black women are the least married. Even if it was
    true, it’s not black women’s fault. Look at the country we’re living in.
    You’re so busy blaming EVERYTHING on black women that you can’t see who’s
    behind all of this.

  • WayneBrady 3 years ago

    She is… I’m a black man and I just cannot stand most American sisters, I
    try to avoid being in their presence.

  • 70sbaby4life2 3 years ago

    and for the records, the stats are wrong. 42% of black women were never
    married, not 75%. It’s propaganda, and you are falling for it. Open your
    eyes, my brother. Genocide is real.

  • 70sbaby4life2 3 years ago

    I notice this too. When these black men say that they want women with real
    hair, they are really saying that they want women with biracial type of
    hair. I’m telling you by experience, black men 30 and under DO NOT want
    black women with natural hair. It’s funny how these same black men who
    bitch about black women wearing weaves will call black women nappy headed
    and peasy head when they do decide to wear it natural. And they want to
    know why black women wear weaves. We can’t win for SHIT!

  • 70sbaby4life2 3 years ago

    I was born in 1977, and I notice that black men from Generation X and
    before treated black women a little better than black men of Generation Y.
    Yes, black men of Gen X bashed black women like Tommy, he’s Gen X, but it
    was a mixture of black men of Gen X. You have Gen X black men that love
    black women and you have Gen X that hate black women.Gen Y black men are
    showing the world that they hate black women to the core.I believe that Gen
    Y black people are the most self-hating of all black people

  • Alexis Anderson 3 years ago

    This is so true!!

  • Dswizzle90 3 years ago

    Yes, a lot of them have beauty supply stores and go to college.

  • nessa logan 3 years ago

    It really is unfortunate and its growing more and more. I used to never see
    bw with other races but its growing more and more. We were at a game on
    Sunday and I saw bw with other races as well as bm. Once upon a time it
    uncommon to see this but its growing. These women tend to be nothing like
    the hoodrat as I have friends and relatives who married out. These women
    say they want a man who loves them for them and not superficial B.S.

  • twistedblktrekie 3 years ago

    You’re from Canada. Cool. I’m curious about something. Here in the States,
    one of the major contributing factors why the girls that display particular
    stereotypes is that most black kids in the U.S. don’t grow up with
    father-figures in the home (almost 70% raised in single-parent home with
    just a mom). Do you have the same problem in Canada?

  • Dswizzle90 3 years ago

    What about all the other black women who don’t fit that stereotype?

  • 70sbaby4life2 3 years ago

    Sista, you have to be a little more sympathetic about this. You are
    criticizing black women about their weight yet these black men will marry a
    fat white woman with a bad attitude. You are giving a black men TOO much of
    a pass, and you are stereotyping a black woman. Before you criticize a
    woman, you have to get to the man because God places a man as the head, not
    the woman.

  • 70sbaby4life2 3 years ago

    Yeah, but that’s a few. Most black women on average want black men as their
    mates. The majority of us DO NOT want white men. Look at the stats. Why do
    we want to sleep with the enemy? Look at the history that black women go
    through in this country during slavery. We were brutally raped, sexually
    assaulted. Most black women do not have any interest in white men, so I
    don’t care if most white men don’t prefer us. It’s mutual. White people are
    not to be trusted.

  • Dswizzle90 3 years ago

    I see, there are problems that leaders such as Sharpton should focus on
    addressing in the black community. Problems that have been ignored for far
    too long, that only come into light when incidents such as Trayvon’s happen.

  • 70sbaby4life2 3 years ago

    You are helping the black race to become extinct by saying that you don’t
    find your OWN women attractive. What sense does that make? I don’t hear
    other races of men said that they don’t like the way their women look. I
    don’t hear white men say that even though some of them date Asian women.
    Only black men. You are no different than the black men on YouTube.