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  • zee blast 4 years ago

    It all makes sense now…

  • MsSukiC 4 years ago

    When a guy stares at me for too long it weirds me out and is a big turn off.

  • Koalasarecoolx3 4 years ago

    But them again this kid has been looking at me a lot since December. Sometimes when I catch him staring I look at him and he looks away.. Like just wow.

  • Allannah AyrosoLunamcgee 4 years ago

    I liked that video

  • un defeated 4 years ago

    Lolz! Ur so funny! Haha!  Thx u realy hlpd a lot 🙂

  • jewellee100 4 years ago

    lol subbed

  • smiles190100 4 years ago

    Sooo funny

  • Caitlin Davies 4 years ago

    you a just so fucking hilarious..i cried my eyes laughing your awesome man

  • hweiZhen 4 years ago


  • Hiral Harita 4 years ago

    Lol. I was actually wondering why this guy in my class does that. He is like one of the hottest guys in our school. So i wouldn’t really expect him to make a move. Most boys in my class stare at me and i just look away and frown. Like a why is this guy staring at me frown? If you get what i mean…This video helped. Ty! xoxo

  • Ashley Murray 4 years ago

    “These chicks like bad boys with breathing problems!” lmfao!

  • Diana Bullen 4 years ago

    Lmfao your so funny

  • james jackson 4 years ago


  • Nina Menguito 4 years ago


  • k16en98 4 years ago

    lol i LOVE U!!!!!! thnx i this helps 🙂

  • Felice Chan 4 years ago

    omg ths guy kept staring at me for like a whole minut and i looked away and when i look up still doing it sheesh u cant be more obvious

  • truesue14 4 years ago

    yea guys like to stare but just dont like a zombie. look at her and then look away and smile. not like a “im laughing at u but trying to hide it smile” 

  • LaydiiLunaticc 4 years ago

    awesome video…you’re naturally funny 😀

  • Carly Kaprive 4 years ago


  • thesquishyemo 4 years ago

    I love tht u add comedy to ur advice it makes it so much more interesting

  • Gina Soto 4 years ago

    Great advice and your funny & hilarious hah….

  • DeathofRogue 4 years ago

    Fucking hilarious.

  • lizisback12 4 years ago

    I had a guy stare at me.. and yea i noticed.. he has a girlfriend cause I had heard 3 days ago

  • Christina Smith 4 years ago

    wow this guy is high*lerious lol and yes its creepy when guys stare at you …. exsept for the cute ones lol;) and yes a guys voice can be atractive but its mainly all about peronality;)

  • Ilyanna28 4 years ago

    It doesnt necessarily have to be deep. Personally, I’m a sucker for guys who has a like angelic, smooth voice. For example 2pm’s nichkhun. What turns me off the most are guys with loud, rough and vulgar voices. It just makes them seem like empty tin cans.

  • Lllzziee 4 years ago

    its true! girls really are attracted to a guys voise. Personally, Scottish accents make me horny xD

  • moonlight1126 4 years ago

    lol say the guy wants a new video game he can stare at it all day this stragety is called is called being a pathetic loser

  • 4ingP 4 years ago

    You can if she doesn’t seem interested.

  • TitaniumSeraph 4 years ago

    omg, Darth Vader is my favorite Star Wars character! lol wonderful. “We” do like those deep voices. XD

  • DOOMlalala 4 years ago


  • Mike P 4 years ago

    did you smile at him?

  • thewelshgirls97 4 years ago

    you are hilarious :L people who disliked this have no sense of humour :L

  • Andi McLean 4 years ago

    F’ing excellent Hogwild! They should put your video’s in the school curriculum!! LOOOOOOL!!!
    Way to go go bro!!

  • Nessiebooo 4 years ago


  • ICEY QUEEN 4 years ago

    Yep love a sexy voice 😀

  • AhhSeanTea 4 years ago

    Oh my god. This story is exactly what happened to me! Damn it. I could have has a senior boyfriend! ;/

  • Amy Evans 4 years ago

    I LOVE U!!!!!!

  • michellenguyen160 4 years ago

    Lmaoo! your hellaaaa coool lmaoo

  • Mike P 4 years ago

    wow you are good