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  • Tiff any 3 years ago

    lol when you said “fortress of females”, I couldn’t stop laughing. Very

  • Jessica Kohl 3 years ago

    LOL the great wall of vagina.

  • laurahu21 3 years ago

    omg he’s copying matthew hussey

  • Michelle Coutois 3 years ago

    adorably common people…bars? Sports? How did I get here from upper level
    body language topics. Next topic – kids, picket fences, bbq’s and your
    corporate job.

  • Royals 3 years ago

    How do you pronounce C.O.C ?


  • BronzeTiger82 3 years ago

    Take the red pill, Mat

  • Shanda Panda 3 years ago

    lol, cats pajamas!

  • Ella Stefanaescu 3 years ago

    not very deep…not serious but not evil…kind of guy you can’t take
    seriously or get upset with himl!

  • Tiffany Grant 3 years ago

    omg your so funny

  • LisaMDief 3 years ago

    this is guy is like perfect

  • SunxFlowerxKiss 3 years ago

    Your advices are SO PRACTICAL! Finally found a person worth listening to

  • Olivia Stewart 3 years ago

    Well, at dinner the other night he told me that he “doesnt know whats
    happening and doesnt know what will happen” I truly believe that because of
    what weve been through it has him scared or worried about us going through
    that again. But I want to show him that we can make things work. So what
    should I do from here? Paint the vision of what I want? Is that too soon
    because of what he said on friday? And also, the last time we hung out, he
    asked me and made everything happen.

  • RocknCorruptrepublic 3 years ago

    LOL. He should do one about women. So that I can show people both of these
    instead of having to justify my reasoning for everything I do (or don’t
    do.) Like it seems a lot of people think I’m bullshitting if I say I only
    approach people who are approachable. 😛 At least if I say that about
    “romantic” interest–because they seem unfamiliar with the idea of just
    because you’re physically attracted to someone and they said “hi” to you
    and smiled once, you’re a wimp if you don’t ask them out. 😛

  • aicraftA389 3 years ago

    C.O.C i know what you’re thinking, it’s not what you’re thinking .. LOOOL
    .. he caught me on that one .. LOL ..

  • UnnamedAssaliant 3 years ago

    Great wall of VAGINA haha I will use that

  • Foxxybabe6905 3 years ago

    hahaha get in his coc

  • NaDisHa17 3 years ago

    Hahahaha “this is super secret ninja style” lol

  • chuee1000 3 years ago

    “you’ve got to get in his C.O.C” me: O_O “i know what youre thinking and
    its not that” me: -_-

  • thamka 3 years ago

    ninja style; great wall of vagina.. 😀 i love your videos

  • Vanessa Alvarenga 3 years ago

    You are fucking funny dude

  • dragonjinse1 3 years ago

    I really like your advice about the my man is looking for me right now and
    don’t want me to waste my time with the guy that don’t like me! LOVE IT

  • Shining Smile 3 years ago


  • Sonjas Stars 3 years ago

    <3 liked* :)

  • tisha 3 years ago

    omg you’re so cool! *blinking eyes and smiling* went crazy laughing! you’re
    enthusiasm is so refreshing!

  • MsGabbyGirlChicago 3 years ago

    That is why I go out with no competition!!! This way I never wonder if the
    guy is admiring me or my posse! 🙂

  • Luisa Cuadillo 3 years ago

    I totally agree. This pseudoscientific bullshit just accentuates a
    superficially created gender dichotomy.

  • nessaacosta 3 years ago

    Ya the f.o.f i’ll work on getting rid of that…

  • Olivia Stewart 3 years ago

    I want to see him again, should I ask him out this time? Thanks for reading
    all of this if you did.. I would have sent this to you in a message but I
    recently got a nookhd plus and wasnt sure where the massage button was. So
    whateves! Maybe this will help someone else ? Thank you so so much for your
    all your advice!

  • copppersulphate002 3 years ago

    Im a woman who likes to BE pursued by a man

  • ewwlorelie 3 years ago

    I was eating my heart out when he said that my man was out there looking
    for me RIGHT NOW…. Where you at?!

  • SeraDoll89 3 years ago


  • spring kelly 3 years ago

    you talk like the only place to meet someone is at a bar

  • OutThere2017 3 years ago

    Girls, remember you have the right to relax and just be a girl. Let the
    little boys grow up and become men and come to you.

  • OutThere2017 3 years ago

    LOL you have the nerve to say what you say, but don’t even have the courage
    to show your face like I do. I bet this is all the attention you will ever
    get from a female. Enjoy it babe. Hahahahahahahahaha Yep, as you can see
    from my pic, I wouldn’t spit in your direction, so quit dreaming or better
    yet, just dream dream dream. Relax in your bedroom and beat your meat to

  • PersocomInc 3 years ago

    your excitement really attracts people, something i must learn from 😀

  • hilarybanksdiva 3 years ago

    Also, this guy talks about “FOF”, but y is it that I get approached most
    often when I am with that FOF, then when I am by myself?

  • punkerbelle420 3 years ago

    i like you alot. u give good advice

  • Kapra Cooley-Rieders 3 years ago

    Super secret ninja style!

  • stacyl118 3 years ago

    This works for me. We went to 5 bars, and 8 guys got my number that night.
    I don’t care to long term date any of them though. Whatever.

  • BadGirl42886 3 years ago

    Why can’t I get the right man to ask me out?

  • Moonlitwatersofaqua 3 years ago

    XD the fortress of vagina

  • dumskum 3 years ago

    Here you go again with this being men shit. You really got to shut the fuck
    up. Thats what you would say if some asshole was going around telling you
    to act like a real woman. What if the guy wants to fucking relax and let
    the girl come to him? What of the girl is as ugly as u? U would definitely
    have to walk up to me, then I’d throw my drink in ur face b/c ur a
    disgusting feminazi.

  • majleetyrus 3 years ago

    hahah ninja formula xd

  • Emanuelle Vasconcelos 3 years ago

    where are u from?

  • malkowladii 3 years ago

    stop complaining omg … im so sick of “hating” people … if u dont agree
    keep it for yourself , if u dont enjoy his advices keep that too … just
    go around and find someone who u like and enjoy listening to 🙂

  • Amenda rosa 3 years ago

    you are so fucking funny … 😀