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In which John gives romance advice. The Wimbly Womblys play Leicester City. Suggest topics for future videos in the comments! And consider following us: Twit…



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  • hankgames 3 years ago

    In which +John Green gives romance advice. The Wimbly Womblys play
    Leicester City.

  • Gabriel Martinez 3 years ago

    why doesn’t he ever put sensible smart relationships in his books most of
    them are like teenage fantasies. my favorite relationship that he wrote was
    between hazel and her mom when her mom says im not going to be a mom
    anymore that was real 

  • Katie Husband 3 years ago

    American linguists decided that they would streamline the language to
    remove extra letters like U. We didn’t add letters, Americans removed them

  • terry4prez 3 years ago

    The more videos you make like this, the more it becomes obvious that the
    Wimbly Womb;y’s need a Meredith-mic.

  • alec bird 3 years ago

    It’s just pronounced lester 

  • SteveTheInfection 3 years ago

    A couple days ago I got to see the real AFC Wimbledon play while I’m on
    holiday in London. Was a fun time despite them losing. Get to watch them
    again tomorrow night too:D

  • Elliott Henderson 3 years ago

    How does the word program have extra letters?

  • sac12389 3 years ago

    Can meradith do an episode?

  • OurCognitiveSurplus 3 years ago

    John, how do you feel about the fact that the striker who scored AFC
    Wimbledon’s first ever goal was latter the key perpetrator in the News of
    the World hacking scandal?

  • Angie R 3 years ago

    In terms of the ask your crush thing. What if you’re just way too scared?
    Are there like signals?????

  • goonerbeagunner4life 3 years ago

    Hah, the throw-in guy is Rory DELAP, not De Laet :P

  • AFCWimbledonTV 3 years ago

    Is Amankwaa’s (typing very carefully) hair internally illuminated?

  • Liz Mac 3 years ago

    “I just don’t know how people date these days.” John Green -while doling
    out dating advice. 

  • Napoleonicus 3 years ago

    so true. Worcester sounds like “worster” too

  • Colin Churchill 3 years ago

    John or other fans what do you think of Liverpool’s transfer business so

  • Ramón Rivera 3 years ago

    I’m happy you acknowledged at the end how important romantic love is for
    those that are not having it! I feel like saying “there are more important
    things in life” (regardless of it being true or not) is missing the point,
    as those asking for advice obviously feel being in a relationship is super

  • Zalied 3 years ago

    theres tons of people in the world you dont wanna make out with….yea but
    i hate putting my close friends in the same group as like shrek

  • 12Rman21 3 years ago

    Yes John, you can totally tell your best friend that, no, she is off the
    table. If you feel that way.

  • historymeg83 3 years ago

    Internet dating, for me, was weird and awkward until I met my husband. We
    were honest with each other right away about what we did and didn’t want,
    we clicked, and it was/still is awesome (admittedly still a newlywed, so I
    know it will get harder). I think honesty and openness are especially
    important in internet dating, since you don’t have a whole history of
    knowing the person or necessarily have friends who can help fill in

  • FourLeaferLP 3 years ago

    Topic for video: Internet economies. (like, the trading economy in tf2)

  • radicalbacon 3 years ago

    the fault is not in ourselves, but in our star… ters

  • ChelseaMorning 3 years ago

    Haha, Does anyone else sing along with the Bald John Green song? 

  • Nora S 3 years ago

    It’s pronounced less ter I think

  • nadiact1000 3 years ago

    Didn’t someone on NPR accidentally say John was on Grindr when they meant

  • HRodbro 3 years ago

    no, you spell colour with too few letters

  • Joonas Puuppo 3 years ago

    1:57 : “I have a little crush on you do you have a crush on me? If not, no
    big whoop.”

    That’s the way a rational person would approach a situation. HOWEVER, I’m
    20 now and I’ve learnt through my own experiences that whenever I have a
    crush on someone all rational thought vanishes, leaving only emotion.
    Therefore, it actually IS “a big whoop” to me if the person I have a crush
    on doesn’t have a crush on me – and that can lead to some pretty difficult

  • AFCWimbledonTV 3 years ago

    Whatever happened to pubs and cheap nightclubs with self adhesive floors?
    Dating technology must have improved.

  • Ching Yin Pea 3 years ago

    John Green is really awesome,wrote the fault in our stars,a fan of
    Liverpool and giving dating advice with a fifa game play video(though he
    isn’t a skilled one)

  • Jamie Bryant 3 years ago

    Some of the team need a massive break. Particularly in situations where we
    could afford to rest them and get some team circulation going. I feel like
    this could’ve been an easy win.

    Also, mentally flipped out with the TFiOS reference.