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Dating advice provided by College Magazine – #1: Should you wait five dates before having sex? If you have sex too fast, will the guy lose interest? And shou…



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  • George Luz 4 years ago

    What does it take to get a job at TYT? I love the show and I’m pretty young, so it’s not like I can just get a job/internship, but I love the fact that you guys have morals I agree with and counter your own views on a regular basis. You guys´╗┐ just seem like awesome people to be around ­čśÇ plz reply?

  • Benin Badyal 4 years ago

    Sure, but would you wait´╗┐ for it?

  • Kim Pham 4 years ago

    i think the 3 day rule is a cultural thing. for example in korean culture if you go on a date and the guy is interested he´╗┐ would most likely contact you right away. but its usually not something big just like a small text.

  • PokeBrii 4 years ago

    Five dates? Ana, no,´╗┐ you’re fine. I would say even longer.

  • Scott Andrew Hutchins 4 years ago

    I usually contact the girl via e-mail the day after the first date. At that point, she typically has told me that she was bored and doesn’t want a second date. ­čÖü I’m a nerd. Waiting five dates to´╗┐ have sex seems to me, if anything, too soon, but I know many people go sooner than that.

  • jade69inc 4 years ago

    first don’t get dating advise from here because of ego angle women don’t want to look easy and guys always want to inflate how many women they had sex with. guys and girls have needs and it isn’t wrong to want to have sex and´╗┐ to have sex with someone just wear protection.

  • animatedJ0J0 4 years ago


  • MultiWingnut 4 years ago

    Yeah, nothing´╗┐ wrong with playing if that’s entertaining to you. But for me it’s just too much work for the rewards. Not enough bang for the buck. Plus it feels like she is in control when I have to do all the work. That’s not what I want. I want to be in control.

    So I don’t go out of my way to go after women. I look after my own interests. If she wants to have sex with me without me making too much effort, fine. Otherwise I’ll just jerk off to porn. Pornstars are much better looking anyway.

  • animatedJ0J0 4 years ago

    i think about that too when i cant get a girl i wanted, but lets´╗┐ be real here. girls dont chase loner guys. the quicker you change back to a player, the quicker you get girls, and more positive side of girl u see.

  • MultiWingnut 4 years ago

    Reject women! MGTOW is the way to go! Be a´╗┐ REAL man!

  • dating44 4 years ago

    Any body take a´╗┐ look at the friends the day before? Absolutely fascinating!

  • GtheJAR 4 years ago

    khe… I was holding 2 years! and in the´╗┐ end nothing happened ;O

  • RecliningWhale 4 years ago

    Talk´╗┐ about the journey of a lifetime, Click “Show the Comment” to see what I mean.

  • 1990banks 4 years ago

    5 dates is nothing, try 5´╗┐ years.´╗┐

  • Kurtis C. 4 years ago

    I’m´╗┐ sure I’d love them too. =)

  • Pookieluvie 4 years ago

    It’s too bad you don’t live in America, my´╗┐ friends would loooove you here.

  • Pookieluvie 4 years ago

    No problem, and thanks for the compliment.
    I, like yourself, am into politics, history, culture, philosophy, etc. and find trouble seeking relationships with guys who aren’t completely shallow. There’s a few out there, I just never found them until I started looking into avenues other than college parties and the´╗┐ like.

    Good luck in the future and may you find your ‘equal’ half.

  • Kurtis C. 4 years ago

    Thank you very much. Likewise, you seem to be someone who has enough confidence in herself to speak her mind´╗┐ without being arrogant or condescending.

    And yes, I definitely have much more to talk about than beer or parties. I’m into politics, history, culture, philosophy, etc.

  • Pookieluvie 4 years ago

    I’m sure you’re a great catch. Idk you personally, but from what I’ve read on here, you sound like an articulate person who knows exactly who he is. That’s a very appealing rare trait to find in a guy. Trust me, I’ve had enough of the frat boy personalities. I’d like someone with substance who can hold a convo over something more significant than´╗┐ what type of beer is best.
    Rejection is inevitable. Try to examine yourself, I’m sure you’re looking for a right girl in all the wrong places.

  • Kurtis C. 4 years ago

    Oh, of course there are great women out there! I have a lot of friends who are girls, and they are very decent people. I guess I just became a little jaded from perceiving rejection so quickly from´╗┐ virtually every girl I’ve ever spoken to. It just feels like a lot of them wouldn’t even give someone like me a second thought. So I just wound up feeling rejected even when it wasn’t explicitly expressed to me.

  • Pookieluvie 4 years ago

    That’s fine. Honestly, I was leaning towards the perception that you were a total dick but I’m happy you’ve come to the realization that not all women are like that, There are still great ones left out there.

    But I agree, it’s saddening that -many- women tend to overlook great guys over miniscule details. I believe they feel the need to overcompensate their own´╗┐ insecurities by controlling a man’s every move so they may live out their fantasy of a perfect relationship.

  • Kurtis C. 4 years ago

    Those are reasonable standards, though. *I* would want a girl who takes care of herself and has enough restraint not to do self-destructive things. Ana strikes me more as the type to have, as you say, “stupid dealbrakers”.

    I’m sorry if I came across as rude. It wasn’t your character I was judging (at least I never intended to imply anything like that), but just the idea that so many women I’ve seen´╗┐ would reject otherwise stellar guys over small details they picked up on.

  • Pookieluvie 4 years ago

    I have my standards but they aren’t exceedingly high. All I ask is that a guy won’t be abusive, a drunk, a cheater, or a liar. Is that too much to ask for? It’s not like´╗┐ I have stupid dealbreakers like not wearing pjs outside or something like that. I’m not totally superficial. Yet I won’t budge on my standards or settle for less because I know I deserve more than that. Why would I want a guy I’m not compatible with?

    Nope, I refuse to judge you like this. I’d have to get to know you better.

  • Kurtis C. 4 years ago

    Well, why wouldn’t you hold guys to high standards?

    Me, the perfect guy for you? You’re telling me that you aren’t already under the impression that you’d have no interest in getting to know me any better? I don’t come across as´╗┐ a judgemental and aggressive person who is difficult to reason with?

  • Pookieluvie 4 years ago

    What makes you think I’m like´╗┐ that? Yeah, because you can totally base my character off a yt response… Who knows, maybe you might end up being the perfect guy for me. Don’t stereotype women like that, especially me, because you have no idea who I am.

  • Kurtis C. 4 years ago

    Yeah, I agree with you there.

    But then again, virtually every girl is like that, including´╗┐ you. Which is why you could right off the bat that I’m “not your type” so to speak…