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  • Syed Ali 3 years ago

    What if u and her be a bitch to each other and u both like it

  • Kaleb Herbie 3 years ago

    Alright if ur ten just stop and wate until ur 13 or 14 not 11 come on

  • MereLuvsDance Hildebrand 3 years ago


  • Kyle Womack 3 years ago

    You suck big fat dick bich from zak

  • Kaala Meep 3 years ago

    I’m a girl… Guys, don’t listen to this dude, he sounds like a douche. 

  • applestoapplesfly 3 years ago

    lol this was funny. the bipolar part 

  • ImUnmoved 3 years ago

    Also just about everything he says has a ring of truth, and/or whole truth

  • Gamerjunkie987654321 3 years ago

    I hav a crush on a girl in my school but don’t know how 2 ask her to be my
    girlfriend without being pushy or creeping her out.can u help me out?

  • DABOSH16 3 years ago

    thad to get a girl you have to be her friend first, right? but how do you
    get out of the friendzone and get her to like you as more than a friend

  • ImUnmoved 3 years ago

    This guy isn’t cocky, he’s confident. This makes him him.

  • acezio95 3 years ago

    Couldn’t have said it better myself

  • iTzWano 3 years ago


  • Uneasyrock 3 years ago

    What class is that guy using like that’s crazy

  • AxoDutch 3 years ago

    girls can be really different over Phone so it doesnt have to mean she
    doesnt like u 😉

  • cj5880 3 years ago

    What if he isnt attractive

  • SpaceLeagueProd 3 years ago


  • Eric Hendry 3 years ago

    She likes me buy I’m not

  • Robin Kennedy 3 years ago

    Love is just a complex form of masturbation….

  • Robin Kennedy 3 years ago

    And fuck her

  • umarh14 3 years ago

    You’re the fucking man Thad

  • corey siegel 3 years ago

    Well I’m going into 5th grade and there’s a girl I like a she is always
    with her best friend and it’s her last year at this school

  • Gamercity122 3 years ago

    I need help I was dating this girl when I was ten but she broke up with me
    a month later and now I’m 11 and in the same class as her I still like her
    she picked a desk beside me and get nervous when she talks to me what do I

  • UltimateLegacy 3 years ago

    Yo thad! Your advice is like not bullshit, haha I don’t really need it, cus
    I already know this stuff, but I like your videos so keep posting! Haha

  • DABOSH16 3 years ago

    thad i like this girl and i asked her out and she said yes. when i talk to
    her face to face i really feel something and she is you know always talking
    to me and always sitting next to me on the bus but when i text her its like
    she is not interested also its like she is avoiding going on a date with me
    do i just ask her strait up if she likes me or what do i do help please i
    need some advice thad

  • Florim Uksini 3 years ago

    get some fucking toys, oh my god.

  • Izy The Beast 3 years ago

    I think 11 is too young

  • DABOSH16 3 years ago

    wait it out or since summer is hear ask her after school is over so if she
    says no she wont remember next year also you are probably going to find
    somebody knew in middle school

  • NextGenGamingCinema 3 years ago

    unbottun her seatbelt and drive into a tree

  • javon3097 3 years ago

    keep 4 in wallet at all times

  • darkminecraftcro 3 years ago

    okay i have a q ffor ya what if you have grilfriend and you ftink hat she
    is cheating on you?

  • Jiffybme1 3 years ago

    How the the fuck are you 16 and in college???

  • NITRo GAMING HD 3 years ago


  • huseyincemgonul 3 years ago

    make a move=rip your dick out and dickslap her

  • TheFatAmericans1 3 years ago

    Dump the bitch

  • Mike Pham 3 years ago

    If you like two girls that are friends with each other, how would you
    choose which one to go after? @lolitsthad

  • Tozeys 3 years ago

    yo thad! so in social circle there are all ugly girls (in my age) should i
    go for the older?

  • willdabeastimsofly01 3 years ago

    How much you lift Thad?

  • Eskimo Bro 3 years ago

    Bro, he’s just being who he is man. It obviously works man. My friend A.J.
    started acting like him and boom he started getting girls pretty quick.

  • Hugo Rodriguez 3 years ago

    blue balls