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  • Jesse Greene 2 years ago

    Women: Guys love it when you approach them. If anything, we’re relieved
    to not have do it ourselves. We haven’t been trained to approach. Who
    would’ve trained us anyway? Our absent fathers? Our lesbian mothers? Our
    idiot friends who are just as knuckleheaded as us?

    Second, you don’t have to work hard to demonstrate you’re interested
    sexually in a guy. He’s already assumed that because you approached him,
    or because you spend more than 30 seconds talking with him and looking into
    his eyes instead of across the room. The guy may be making the wrong
    assumption, but that’s what he’s assuming.

    Third, you won’t find the man of your dreams in a bar. Anywhere but a bar
    or club. 

  • KimYoung Jo 2 years ago

    oh it’s that handkerchief again :p I think the thing is just about showing
    interest , a woman is only supposed to show that she kinda likes the guy
    and that she’s ready for a conversation or even a date with him , I guess
    this is what is required for women , but men are the ones that are supposed
    to approach and make the first move , that’s what a gentleman would do ;)

  • Dexie Xo 2 years ago

    for some reason, I found this woman quite annoying

  • Rainbow Phoenix 2 years ago

    I was all set to buy this dvd set… then I saw the price. Eeek!! sorry
    that’s way out of my budget :(

  • snj prl 2 years ago

    haha – well why don’t you just get dressed up and go to a bar. alone. no
    girlfriends, all by yourself. i did that once and it only took a few
    seconds until two guys came up to me and bought me a drink. i think it’s
    really all about confidence.

  • hannah grace 2 years ago

    I’m in college studying engineering so there are a lot of guys 😉 

  • Mary Jane 2 years ago

    Damn it this it so true for me. Oh boy I’m 34 I guess it’s time to create.
    My girl has been telling me to multiple date for a while now. Guess I got
    to start dating at all in order to get to multiple dating lol. Ladies,
    let’s create!

  • Newblux 2 years ago

    thank you this helped so much

  • John Segal 2 years ago

    very few guys pick up handkerchiefs nowadays

  • Jane S 2 years ago

    Interviewer is too tan, too blonde, too much makeup, just too too. She is
    cute, should be more natural.

  • lisaengelbrektson 2 years ago

    There’s one major problem with this whole suggestion and you can read about
    it in books: a woman in a relationship who is approached by a another man
    (not her bf) is unlikely to give him her phone number or have a
    conversation without indicating she has a boy friend. I’m told (and have
    read) that men are frequently so flattered a woman has approached him, that
    despite being unavailable for whatever his reason is, many of them WILL do
    those things. When I was younger I thought that was far too old fashioned,
    and I might ask for the time or say who knows what, anything that fit. And
    I promise that without exception, 100% of those people were either attached
    or had zero interest in ever becoming attached. You can imagine how much
    this helped my confidence. Once I suggested to trade numbers with someone.
    “Me?” He asked, astonished. He went on to accuse me of mocking him, saying
    he could t think of any reason why I’d ever want to talk to him again. I
    just stood there. “Well, now….” I said, making a face I can only imagine
    as partly overwhelmed, partly blown, partly unsure if unbeknownst to me I
    had a penis growing out of my, but ultimately glad to know I’d waste
    approximately zero of my life misguided by that particular psychopath.

    I haven’t approached a man first since then because we don’t carry perfumed
    tissues anymore, if we did I can’t believe one would notice we had dropped
    it. IF one did, I do believe he might care to return it. But the odds of
    stars aligning to create that moment are so slim. If a woman could make a
    convincing argument for why the rest of us women should approach men or
    make the first signs/moves, and could back that up with how to avoid
    players and or men with girlfriends/wives (because tables turned, i
    wouldn’t like it and anyway I’m unwilling to muddy up my dating karma),
    then i may consider this advice. But it’s totally bias coming from a man
    and it doesn’t take into consideration any of the very important points,
    such as those I briefed above, into consideration. 

  • Sporty,British Chick Claire Plowmon 2 years ago

    maybe 1 or 2

  • jaranya janth 2 years ago

    How u can forget me u no who I am nana can do everything I want see P’tan
    now I miss him so much 

  • Etisey Chung 2 years ago

    How to get the DvD if i am located in Taiwan?Please.

  • Ranjan Sutradhar 2 years ago

    That’s pretty useful. I’ve been a pick up artist for six years now, should
    you wish to know the fastest way to get any woman you want then research
    Wise Women Workings. Honestly. No nonsense. Just google it.

  • Paula Martinez 2 years ago

    3 to 5 ……..

  • SecretaryBirdable 2 years ago

    yeahhh yeahhhh yeah yeah

  • DancingDickhead 2 years ago

    Why be so desperate?

  • ELVIRA BERZINA 2 years ago

    Where can I get the DVD from? 

  • SecretaryBirdable 2 years ago

    yeah…yeah…. mmm…. uhh… she sound so nervous next to him

  • Althea Brodt 2 years ago

    Easy Girl System shows you way better ways to pick up ladies and obtain
    their names and phone numbers. Every little thing I learned, I learned from
    Easy Girl System� Do a google search for it and find out if they could help
    you out.

  • Desire Brihm 2 years ago

    Anybody know what is Sozofintao Dating Manual about? I hear most people get
    laid by hot women with Sozofintao Dating Manual (google it).