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This week's dating advice is the third episode of the ‘How to get a Girlfriend' series. You'll learn how to avoid the biggest first date pitfalls, so you can look for love without wasting any time.

It's normal to say “I need a girl” and not be sure where to start. Go from first date to best date with this dating advice series.

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  • veteran0121 2 years ago

    That just proves how narcissistic women are. WE have to get to know THEM,
    because they aren’t interested in what we do, how intelligent we are, or
    what kind of character we possess. It’s all about the cock and whether or
    not we’re willing to pay for dinner and whatever other bullshit she wants.
    Don’t fall for this shit, gentlemen.

    On the flip side, most of us just want your pussy, and are insanely stupid
    to not realize that the more attractive the woman, the less likely she will
    be down to earth and have the same interests as us.

  • skirm123 2 years ago

    so basically listen to the girl yap and pretend we’re listening.. done.

  • Rayve Napsu 2 years ago

    Listen up everyone! Joan Actually and I are officially engaged! I asked her
    to marry me last night and she said YES! You should have seen her face when
    I proposed to her She was shedding happy tears. We were jumping up and down
    hugging and kissing each other afterwards. Then we had hot sex in the hotel
    (again). I can’t wait for the wedding. She’s going to be a beautiful bride.
    Wish us luck!

  • Lacy Swallows 2 years ago


  • Geon Quuin 2 years ago

    duct tape and chloroform-soaked cloth works well too.

  • AJ Steele 2 years ago

    Why don’t women approach men and ask them out? What’s the damn problem? A
    bunch of bs excuses. Equality my ass.

  • RedFlag450 2 years ago

    And this is why most of my attention goes to any gender identity that
    cisgendered female. Women tend to be extreme narcissists who want to
    control you.

  • time- binder 2 years ago

    I can i get a girlfriend -brush my teeth and let her respond -WOW thanks

  • Nathan Lee 2 years ago

    I’m still stuck on step 1 but thanks for the advice!

  • John Biggs 2 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube

  • Chadley Allen 2 years ago

    Song 4 the occasion: Teasing Pleasing “I tsink I’ve got the wrong house..”
    I am sorry: I thought this was where I would learn how 2 get rid of a

  • ArtChains 2 years ago

    Take the advice, but have second thoughts about joining Zoosk. They ripped
    me off, making me think there was a one time fee (which is more than it
    should be). After joining, you think that’s it. That is until you find
    someone you want to communicate with, and then you find out that you have
    to pay more money to do that. Serious rip off.

  • jglova720 2 years ago


  • dusan gajdos 2 years ago

    ok fellas , just look around how many of you know someone with 2 jobs cause
    child support is after his ass ? there is no rush to settle down . that
    shiny garage kept pinky slit is a killer and very expensive one too . for
    pleasure and satisfaction till you settle there is plenty of those
    kind with little more cushion on them and they’ll appreciate and spoil you
    much more then those fancy expensive trophy’s out there .

  • mista divine 2 years ago

    Ga5^64> €<>{<}=~=`%~//^&)I 

  • Justin Kelly McClure 2 years ago

    I can’t believe people wasted their time to make this. Why not make a video
    on “how to sit in a chair on a date”…all this is COMMON SENSE

  • psicofukapus 2 years ago

    I thought this was grill advice. I want to know how to grill lobster.

  • Pretty Jay 2 years ago

    The bottom line is: you wanna get laid. So why not just skip all the
    bullshit and find a prostitute? You’re going to spend way more money taking
    a chick out on multiple dates where you MIGHT get laid, one day, after a
    lot of ass kissing, than you would just paying for it. If you can get over
    all the emotional shit and look at it logically it makes way more sense.

  • Veracity SOF 2 years ago

    Here’s the only way to pick up attractive girls; Be rich or about to be
    rich and have fame. That’s it. All these “dating rules” aren’t needed then.

  • Leo theLion 2 years ago

    I’ve had 87 silent treatments and still counting. I go straight up to all
    the hot white girls in my downtown and ask the same line, ” Hey?!!, Do u
    wanna go out?!!! “

  • HaraKang 2 years ago


  • Ivan Snyder 2 years ago


  • Darth Graggus 2 years ago

    Not to be a troll but that is not helpful.

  • Patrick Sarnecki 2 years ago


  • Sherry Lee 2 years ago

    Guys. Not all girls are the same. Some of us would rather go out for ice
    cream and have you save your hard earned money for something serious. We
    want to get to know you. If you talk sports, hunting, etc., some of us are
    gone like a flash. Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of us out
    there who prefer a more earthy guy who likes to raise the animals instead
    of kill them and somebody who has read more than the sports page. If you
    are a trophy hunter good luck. You know what I mean. You wine, dine,
    display us like some commodity to your friends, rush into the engagement,
    marriage, and then put us on the shelf, trophy won. Many of us can see
    through that one.