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Welcome to the second episode of the ‘How to get a Girlfriend' series. This week's dating advice shows you how to talk to girls and go out on more dates. Whether you're meeting women in person or dating online, these dating tips will help you chat up single ladies.

It's normal to say “I need a girl” and not be sure where to start. This dating advice series will help you date smarter.

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  • Rayve Napsu 2 years ago

    I had sex with her last night. That’s why she’s always smiling in the

  • Ichigo7401 2 years ago

    >Taking dating advice from a woman.

    It’s like you want to fail. Just take her somewhere, treat her like shit,
    and she’ll be riding your dick by the end of the night.

  • BBDrums34 2 years ago

    ALL dating sites are frauds. The majority of pages are fake. They are
    hoping that if you don’t make progress, you’ll pay, hoping to get better
    results. And they don’t want you to find your match either, if you do, you
    won’t use them anymore, and they get less money from you or the sponsors
    that advertise on a page and pay for each time it is used!

  • New improved grady1610 2 years ago

    What do you do when you’re 54, using a walker, have MS, false teeth and
    bald? I need all the hep I can get.

  • Oldmonkey Stargrabber 2 years ago

    Mmk, I don’t want to be the bad guy here (Oh wait, Ichago down there
    already is) but I wouldn’t make a YouTube Zoosk. Yes, you have 10,000 subs.
    Yes, people use you. But people go on Yahoo! Answers and to friends for
    dating adivce, not YouTube. I’m just making some pointers. (Trust me I
    learned the hard way.)

  • Thomas Maxxamus 2 years ago

    What if her face looks like pizza? Should you not invite her out for

  • George Baldwin 2 years ago

    How do I get a date with Joan Actually?
    Just kidding, I’m very happily married.
    My advice for asking a girl out for the 1st time is to propose a place or
    even she’d like to go to anyway; like a concert or the hottest current
    movie Plan on dinner beforehand, so you can talk to one another, since you
    won’t be able to do that once the concert starts.
    If a new girl turns you down for a date 2X, don’t bother to ask a 3rd time;
    she’s just not into you. Mov eon to the next rodeo.

  • ImSoSexyItHuuuuurts 2 years ago

    This is bullshit. Just like paid dating sites. Dating sites were ok when
    they were free. Now the goal is to get your credit card number and then
    make it damn near impossible for you to unsubscribe once you catch on that
    just about every woman’s profile is fake or that she works for the site
    specifically to entice men into paying. If the bullshit she is telling you
    works so well, why the hell do men go to dating sites to begin with? lol

  • PhlashRockinmann 2 years ago


  • Brian Graf 2 years ago

    Hey Joan, I see you don’t have a ring on…Wanna go get a coffee? Or a $200
    romantic dinner? I will let you buy, that way I don’t appear desperate.
    Come on, what do you say, Joan?I think you are cute…

  • Michael Groesbeck 2 years ago

    Let the human race die out. Whites first preferably, that way all races can
    die, since they are so dependent & hate us all.

  • travis provence 2 years ago

    only a looser would watch this

  • Elijah Lee 2 years ago

    SO, whate age dos this work for exactly?

  • knock knock 2 years ago

    hey baby ,want to go to Chuck e cheese …………..

  • tarik jbili 2 years ago