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If you're wondering how to get a girlfriend, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. This week's dating advice shows you how to talk to single ladies so you can get to your first date.

It's normal to say “I need a girl” and not be sure where to start. This dating advice video will teach you how to approach women and help you start dating.

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  • Sub-Zero 2 years ago

    How to approach a girl in one easy step: Stop masturbating to porn.
    Everything else will come naturally.

  • Daniel Roberts 2 years ago

    Why would I want to get a girlfriend? I could just hire an escort.
    Girlfriends cost a lot of money and you have to worry about anniversaries,
    Christmas, birthdays etc. Plus she’ll treat you like a utility. And in the
    end, she’ll just leave you for a hotter looking guy after leaving you
    broke. Zoosk must really make a lot of money trying to sell the love dream
    to guys that don’t know any better and are clueless.

  • Jim K 2 years ago

    step 1: be rich step 2: be tall step 3: be a professional athelete

    once you have those 3 it doesn’t matter what the fuck you say to them, they
    won’t even notice you’re a total dumbass without any education. 

  • crazy4pie1234 2 years ago

    Why is this recommended for me

  • jeste4187 2 years ago

    The approach is easy. Either make a lot of money or seem like you have a
    lot of money and women come flocking to you because all women need
    financial stability. It’s nature.

  • Half-Nerd Half-Something Else 2 years ago

    The key to the game is practice. Start from the bottom and work yo way to
    the top. It’s all about practice.

    Start talking to ugly girls first and slowly work yo way up to dimes and
    five stars. Give it some time and you’ll be owning the game.

  • Redneck Froggy 2 years ago

    +Malcolm Meryn ribbit, hope this helps you

  • Andrew Dodson 2 years ago

    Find God first, then maybe work on finding a godly woman.

    This whole meat market that the dating game has become is just filthy and
    worthless. Also online dating is for autistic people.

  • Austin Weiss 2 years ago

    Haha. I do all of the above except ask for a number. I guess I need to do
    the last step when I actually feel like going on a date. :)

  • Bobby Gaines 2 years ago

    Very nice, and thank you for the female perspective. I think too many guys
    (myself included) get wrapped up in making this perfect impression and
    that’s why many (including myself) will stay longer than they need to, as
    if they’re trying to prove something. It really is just about making
    connections and sometimes it can be a quick process and sometimes not, but
    I liked all the points you touched on and hopefully women recognize how
    nervous this makes guys too, so if we say some weird things at times,
    that’s why 

  • Joseph LeForte 2 years ago

    approaching a women is now “street harassment” bad advice.

  • Oh, it's just Garak. Plain, simple Garak 2 years ago

    “Here’s my numba…” *passes paper* “SIKE! THATS THE WROOONG NUMBA!”

  • Thomas Maxxamus 2 years ago

    What if she doesn’t have a number…but like a prison cell number. What

  • lordsteel333 2 years ago

    lmfao who watches this shit anyway? I get girls everyday…. Online. >,>

  • Lord Zizumias 2 years ago

    I’m the kind of guy that wants to know a girl before wanting to ask her
    out. Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me because I always get friends
    zoned and then they say “Id rather us stay friends” or ” I don’t want to
    datell you, you’re like a brother to me. ” It’s fucking bullshit.

  • Ubernetworkgeek 2 years ago

    Men – don’t follow advice from a woman – trust me the whole ordeal is too
    much trouble to be worth it – odds are you will end up heart broken with no
    money – worse situation you’ll be divorced and paying child support for the
    next 18 years for a child you will never get to see again – and if you are
    loaded before marriage – you ALSO get to pay Vagimony.

    This is what you should do – Look up MGTOW – watch all the video’s from
    Sandman, Thunderfoot (the ones about MGTOW), and other random men that put
    of great content. Also check out the video’s from The great Atheist about
    how feminism is really just some fucked up swill that you should never
    drink! Next check out the videos by Karen Straughan / Girl writes what if
    you want to hear more info about some real shit from an actual woman –
    (watch the early video’s with her in the kitchen those are the good ones,
    the honey badger radio stuff is meh.)

    Whatever you do – don’t go MRA – stay MGTOW – stay true to yourself! – and
    never be a white knight mangina! Don’t enable feminazi’s anymore!

  • Ben Bourne 2 years ago

    Very good point.

  • Shu Chin 2 years ago

    Why would I waste my time on Sex Objects? I can order one anytime from

  • Herbert Evans 2 years ago

    How to get a girlfriend this title is fucking hilarious bro who asked for
    this ? Yeah that’s right boy your ass better stay anonymous because I would
    make fun of how desperate you “actually” is any one buying in to this shit!
    Btw I have a gf and my opinion on how two get one be your self and not
    clingy if your personality is inviting you get the girl but you need game
    as well.

  • Josh Smith 2 years ago

    in my years of meeting random women there’s one common truth women love
    breaking a mans balls

  • James Liguori 2 years ago

    Wow! This was super insightful. Step 1, walk up to a complete stranger
    (no advise on appropriate locations; ie: bar, supermarket, work, gym,
    playground, etc…). Step 2, say “hi” and ask questions to help you learn
    about her but don’t creep her out (no advise on appropriate questions).
    Step 3, ask for her phone number before you wear out your welcome (if you
    even were welcome).

    I’ll share my experience: if women are in a group of 3 or more or if they
    are in a location that involves a specific task or goal (ie; a gym or
    workout class, school), they are not looking to meet guys.

    Well done (yeah, that’s sarcasm). How long has it been since this approach
    has been used on you? Where? What did they ask? Were they a complete

  • Ammo Man 2 years ago

    How to get a guy…don’t be a bitch that acts like you deserve the world
    just because u have a clam between your legs.

  • Huggy Bear 2 years ago

    She’s full of shit. If you cant convince a girl within the first 5 seconds
    of meeting that she ‘wants’ to sleep with you, then you’ve already fucked
    up. Females are THAT fickle and its MEN’s fault for putting chicks on such
    a high pedestal. If you guys didnt try so fucking hard to cater to bitches,
    they would stop acting like entitled little fucking princesses!

  • Clockwork Alpha 2 years ago

    How to get a girl:
    1: get naked
    2: bang her
    3: marry

  • Michael Groesbeck 2 years ago

    Just let the human race die already…..

    Anyhow, the tone you set in the beginning, sets the tone for the entire

    Do you constantly want to be around this person? Do you constantly want to
    talk about the same thing over & over again? Do you constantly want to be
    indecisive & introverted?

    If you want to be a pain in my satanic ass, then take mine & her angelic
    advice & keep watching this.

  • Volstreed 2 years ago

    Hahaha, the “don’t tap on the shoulder and then ask” along with the “go
    without a pick up line” advice was probably good. Also, strategically not
    sitting there like you will be in that spot all night until you decide if
    you even want to talk much less get the OP’s number was great.

  • Nick Littlefield 2 years ago

    Joan Actually……lol

  • edward18517 . 2 years ago

    Well…I’ve never had nor tried to get a girlfriend so I doubt this is
    gonna help me at all. Just checkin’ to see what this crap’s about.

  • Steffan Munoz 2 years ago

    Pppffff hahhahaha hahhahaha

  • Michael Estrada 2 years ago

    I don’t ask for numbers 

  • Timothy Fonte 2 years ago

    you people are full of shit you say I pay $30 when I end up in 50. how’s
    the two different girls say exact same thing. your website it’s fucking
    scan. you could play other people but you’re not going to play me!

  • chris kooren 2 years ago

    step 1. be good looking, have money, and a good car and a good personality.
    step 2. exist
    step 1. not be so good looking ,have money or a good personality
    step 2. don’t worry about it, probably not gonna happen anyway

    …. I may be a bit bitter.

  • MrSargenti 2 years ago

    She’s got this really gross lip scum in the corners of her frothing mouth.
    I would never take dating advice from some gross hose-bag like this. ewe…

  • Nate Falkner 2 years ago

    Spot on Joan! Very well put. Concise, compelling, genuine and right to the
    point. Looking forward to the next installment. Keep ’em coming!

  • rizendell 2 years ago

    Getting a girlfriend isn’t the hard part. Getting the wife to be cool
    with the girlfriend, now there is a tricky one.