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Foamy gives dating advice to the masses! (This episode is part of the massive Foamy HD project I've started where I'm trying to re-encode mo…



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  • NotoriousBroadcasts 3 years ago

    Fuck U Foamy, Zombie nation rawks… :P

  • Kyle McCall 3 years ago

    there are some slut shaming issues, but the rest of it is spot on. 

  • Katrina Payne 3 years ago

    Decent advice from Foamy?

    Hold me… I’m scared…

  • iLL WiLL PrEss 3 years ago
  • Zo Senjack 3 years ago

    Solid Advise.

  • LucyJohanIII 3 years ago

    Dude…that was good advice 

  • Shoxxwave 3 years ago

    Since I started watching this videos 10 yrs ago this has been my favorite

  • Shanique Clarke 3 years ago

    nice advice

  • Gary Berthelot 3 years ago

    This is real advice I can get behind, not those candy coated inspirational
    quotes that don’t really apply to reality.

  • Thisisbb1 3 years ago

    there is truth. i knew bitch that had huge plumber ass. and it wasnt cute
    ass all. and i even said “think ya need a belt” and reply of “fuck a
    belt”.. more like “hate the view”. well the bitch is solo being a ho on her
    own. i refused to touch that. had a LOT of secrets and bones in the
    closest. not worth a penny.

  • FixedByDoc OffGrid 3 years ago

    you forgot to mention the retards that sag their pants and need belts…
    you don’t want one of them.

  • capt0skittles 3 years ago

    My squirrel 

  • Ryan Virgo 3 years ago

    Oh great, im getting dating advice from a squirrel.

  • chris s 3 years ago

    all hail the lord and master!!!

  • Max SMoke 3 years ago

    It can be very import for a woman to have her name on her tramp stamp. How
    else is the guy suppose to remember it well balling her on all fours? 

  • Horror 3 years ago

    Rant on foamy c:

  • Trueflight Silverwing 3 years ago

    but I like Zombie Nation… :(

  • Jaybee 3 years ago

    You also don’t want a guy who sags their pants

  • BurpAtTheMoonAtNoon 3 years ago

    If a fluffy squirrel knows more about our society than we do…we are
    seriously fucked…

  • James Long 3 years ago


  • DarkMoonGeneral 3 years ago

    I wish I would have known of Foamy when i was dating my ex lol. Hail the
    lord and master for he knows of what he speaks:)

  • DragonDon Belmore 3 years ago

    Foamy is my hero!

  • brassboy212 3 years ago


  • Anna Mation 3 years ago


  • XxVash13xX 3 years ago

    I already do this……..i suck

  • Dr. Muffin 3 years ago

    As always, the squirrel speaks the truth.

  • joe bob macaboo 3 years ago

    @1:45 hit the nail right on the head.

  • Lurker1979 3 years ago

    I am always in Foamy’s position of giving advice to people who have no
    desire in changing their habits. But they never look my direction. Go