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Pat and David get plenty of advice and not much else.



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  • 1mijaz 3 years ago

    Best part: “yeah thats fine”. What a bitch.

  • Chuck Testa 3 years ago

    I actually came here to look for tips to get girls…

  • xwhateva 3 years ago

    2:37 Hover hand.

  • lilmissymo 3 years ago

    @CurryCurry Women know what they want, MEN just don’t know how to interpret
    tips. I mean, come on. When the model said to open her door, she clearly
    meant car door, not apartment door. Cat Passels is just an idiot.

  • lilmissymo 3 years ago

    @dnmn8r lmao yeahyeah, whatever =P

  • Mike Winn 3 years ago

    I’m brian.

  • Ethan Donker 3 years ago

    the black girl was there last year

  • Jacob Scott 3 years ago

    @LolitsMickey made my day xD

  • Tochi Madu 3 years ago

    wheres the one with jake and david?

  • SuburbanScourging 3 years ago

    I would love to take sarah on a date

  • PeaceLoveEtc 3 years ago

    HOVERHAND @2:37

  • Connor Olson 3 years ago

    sarah just isnt as hot…

  • BoringPeopleEnt 3 years ago

    i am soo hott 🙂 hehe

  • WhistlePigZILLA 3 years ago

    @PeaceLoveEtc Wouldn’t that be a verb?

  • skxek 3 years ago

    Is the advertisement really lagging on me?

  • BoringPeopleEnt 3 years ago

    i am soooo hottt:)

  • cuntbagger420 3 years ago

    @luvitbye98 She is stupid

  • theazn07 3 years ago

    im pretty sure graffiting the inside of an art gallery ISN’T a good idea…

  • rockinschool283 3 years ago

    Any men here want to see my boobs in their face?

  • WillofIceandIron 3 years ago

    Whatever Pat, you already boned her in an earlier episode of Hardly
    Working. Cheer up there, buddy.

  • coloradooo3 3 years ago

    @djaz007 They’re not even trying! 🙂

  • LetsRocketship 3 years ago

    I love being tricked into watching commercials.

  • snaberry 3 years ago

    Cool! So if I start buying SoBe drinks I get a date? Fail.

  • BoringPeopleEnt 3 years ago

    did you see how hott I am??

  • alex420ism 3 years ago

    Sarah Schneider I Love You!!!

  • Andrew Walter 3 years ago

    It had Kate Upton in it, one of the sexiest women of all time in it, so I’m

  • tyedye1107 3 years ago


  • kaeldi2010 3 years ago

    definantly be helpful if i ever went lesbian lol