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The Ellen DeGeneres Show – ”Steve Harvey; Kurt Warner” (Recorded Feb 12, 2009, WNBC)



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  • Supablonde1 4 years ago

    I stand corrected =)

  • MRFUCKOFF202 4 years ago

    Wow you’re a stuck up fucking imbecile. Fuck you. You were probably indoctrinated into extreme Christianity which is why you think it’s acceptable to judge people based on words and to say “grew up in foster care” as an insult. Fuck you hard you cunt.

  • Shray Kapoor 4 years ago

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  • Meechie Bancos 4 years ago

    I can only have sex thru marriage. so, yes, a lady in the street, which mainly amounts to knowing how to act in a relationship, (which they don’t) and teachable inthe sheets.most of all, she must know the Lord and the Father and her spiritual mother, which is her first nature lost in eden, Wisdom.(I find no wise women) Christ said she must justify you.(matt.11:19) and be cute in the face, and slim in the waist, and I must like her and she like me. so I am celibate becuz there are no wise women.

  • Meechie Bancos 4 years ago

    hear me out. just becuz you don’t have sex before marriage don’t make you holy in the Father’s Eyes.(but good for you) this goes to what am I looking for.the world is in the apostasy stage. people are stuck in their sin. they believe anything except the truth. We must be holy! you asked me, do I want someone morally clean? if that means no std’s from being a big ole’ ho (they all tight to me-just sayin’ from what I know) or vices -YES! or one who acts like a lady? YES-BOTH! I can only have one?

  • Meechie Bancos 4 years ago

    as my own advocate, I request your patience. it is not about the church(once you have spent years learning to sin as one) I find everyone I know in church to be sinful.they sin, and repent, and sin, and repent, thinking when they are not doing that they are in cannot sin in faith.they were merely believing(or saying they do) when the bible says very clearly”believing is not enough”. here’s the thing, as long as men are not good (in God’s Eyes) no woman will make the mark. w that said

  • Supablonde1 4 years ago

    I attend Church regularly and thats where i met my husband. We didnt engage in sexual intercourse until our wedding night. Many Church’s tolerate sex outside marriage,not ours though. Its the norm now in our sick society to use vulgar language and be unfeminine,things i am definitely not! Are you looking for someone morally clean or a woman who actually acts like a lady???? Some one to marry and be the mother of your children???? what are you searching for?

  • Meechie Bancos 4 years ago

    well, I got news for you. not only can you not find women with ‘any’ morals at the club, but neither can one in the world, or at church. so where are you advising to look? no right answer. no man knows when he is going to meet a female. they are every ‘friggen where’. so why sweat it. she is going to get on your every nerve when you meet her. so there is no such thing as a ‘good’ women, unless she can prove she knows God.(through) where do you find them at? why milk mistakes?

  • Meechie Bancos 4 years ago

    naw, what he doing is telling women how to make better suckers of men when it comes to their sexuality. women have become even more promiscuous since his book, and freakier with each other. so much so that the average young woman has no desire to marry and raise families. they even got programs like the girls guide to depravity portraying societies females. I am just saying there are going to be a majority rule in hell on the women side.what then when they coochie is gone? torment, and for what?

  • Meechie Bancos 4 years ago

    wait a minute! he meets a one night ho, marries her, and then say in his book that women should wait for 90 days to be a better ho? unbelievable. there is absolutely nothing in his book to help men understand how to dwell w women. nothing about how a man must master his own sexuality in order to completely understand is the removing of the mystery that allows for true passion she needs.othewise, EVERY woman wants to find someone who can give them the sex life t(s)hey feel they deserve

  • ashwin karmacharya 4 years ago

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  • quentin verdaasdonk 4 years ago

    steve harvey you sell out mothaf… 😛

  • rakesh kumar 4 years ago

    I’m irritated. My cousin sleeps in the adjacent room. I’m annoyed because he in recent months turned fantastic at seducing girls. He found the Master Attraction web page (Google it) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing girls back. He’s always having women back and I hear it. It’s gross and I wish he never discovered that site. My best friend just signed up and got a blowjob a week later. I am jealous!

  • Prajwal Tuladhar 4 years ago

    My weird cousin managed to make the most incredible pole dancer there is in my town fall in love with him because he used the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish I was joyful for him but I dream a good looking individual would fall in love with me. I’m exceptionally green with envy. Does that mean I’m a bad individual?

  • Skybeam Nugget 4 years ago

    Fuck Ford Motor Co.

  • Bernd Bananenbieger 4 years ago

    I lost all the respect for him after hearing his opinion on atheism etc. He is obviously braindamadged and brainwashed. Hes just dumb like nearly all religious people.

  • William Shattner 4 years ago

    He’s really just telling women what they want to hear, not what they need to hear. Nothing new here.

  • saham jaya 4 years ago

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  • Kaeden Badcocke 4 years ago

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  • NJAY8/16/08 4 years ago

    you racist MOFO

  • NJAY8/16/08 4 years ago

    LOL steve at 9:26 ‘ What the hell is going on?!?!’

  • SKYRULE-49 4 years ago


    /watch?v=j3Iz1aCBowM –




  • Mitja Brezovnik 4 years ago

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  • Ritwika Das 4 years ago

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  • groooovybum 4 years ago

    Haha thanks but to be honest I’m fine being single for now.

  • Supablonde1 4 years ago

    Boy! another compliment! You do make me blush so readily Sir! My advice and that of my husband to you is,if you sincerely desire a woman of high morals and a woman that could be the mother of your children,you’re not going to find her at a sleazy nightclub for example! Where they hang out or what their interests are will be strong indicators of what really lays hidden underneath! I personally dont smoke,swear or drink,it just doesnt appeal to me but i can still be happy and have a good time!