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Is pretty much like taking fishing advice from a fish… With boobs. SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: ht…



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  • FourTwentyy CrazeIt 4 years ago

    girl in the turquoise shorts tho..

  • hockeysniping101 4 years ago

    im 18 “YESSS”

  • ScurrrvyMan 4 years ago


  • lexie eure 4 years ago

    “would you like a man friend?”

  • Klaus Gdd 4 years ago

    Your comment had nothing to do with what I just said. Nice try kid

  • Jay Jay Hebz 4 years ago

    Nah, its actually true, American girls are more open minded

  • J Mintberry 4 years ago

    forever alone…

  • Ben Dover 4 years ago

    2:28 Hannah Montana in the vmas lmaooo

  • Klaus Gdd 4 years ago

    0:51 backtickles? No wonder… american blondes

  • Klaus Gdd 4 years ago

    My guess is girls in America just go with the flow without thinking. They’re easy because they’re not as smart.

  • Klaus Gdd 4 years ago

    It’s true. Americans are too easy because they’re too nice.

  • Fabio Franz 4 years ago

    4:43 That… this soldier deserve a medal

  • Fabio Franz 4 years ago

    4:43 That… this soldier deserve a medal

  • Sudheesh Donnelly 4 years ago

    0.56, that girl needs the D

  • AxeMurderer24 4 years ago

    Euro chicks are easier.

  • ageless hookup 4 years ago

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  • roblos0416 4 years ago

    That bitch with the blue shorts has a fifty year old smoker voice!

  • Spaank 4 years ago

    Dat girl at the end, damn !

  • Spaank 4 years ago

    American girls are so easy

  • Effiong Umoetok 4 years ago

    Do you mean there are a lot of prostitutes in Czech republic or do you mean most of the girls are very easy and are total bitches. Also do Czech men spend a lot of money on their women compared to other countries you know.

  • curtflirt2 4 years ago

    This guy actually said ” what does it smell like”? Who the hell asks that?

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  • Nicholas O 4 years ago

    brunette at 2:39 wanted it aswell, that easy lol

  • ivantrajce89 4 years ago

    come in Czech Republic >whore lvl 99 😀

  • 1RichieRich101 4 years ago

    just college girls

  • MrTHUMBSupTHUMBSup 4 years ago

    How do you not know who Effing Umoetok he’s the crown prince of kenya, some say he’s one of only a few who have internet connection in the whole of Kenya.

  • MrTHUMBSupTHUMBSup 4 years ago

    It’s just you mate.

  • Effiong Umoetok 4 years ago

    I am not famous yet.

  • randomcoolguy1999 4 years ago

    outro song please ???

  • Tobias Meier 4 years ago

    awesome shirt bro, rhymesayers for life

  • DoggyDAWGx 4 years ago

    2:28 She wants the D SAAN !

  • micknamer 4 years ago

    THIS IS CRAZY THIS ISN’T THE FIRST TIME I SEE YOU ON A YOUTUBE COMMENT SECTION! unless that picture is someone famous lol

  • Tripnotik25 4 years ago

    Welcome to the rest of the world 🙂

    Same for Portugal. I go out on the street doing this, i get nothing but laughter and them walking away. Even like, stopping at a red light, sometimes messing with the cute girl in the car on the other lane, you get no sugar.

    These US gals answer to handicaps, blind people, dudes in pink spandex, dudes with a dick stuck to their forehead, dudes with a flat out boner showing thru their shorts, its like any thing you do, has great results hahaha.

  • anon420jw 4 years ago

    I noticed you said probably which implies that you don’t know. You really should try it. You may be amazed.

  • darthcoder2 4 years ago

    Us folks in India have no fkn chance. We’d get fkn slapped.

  • daleva187goligo 4 years ago

    couldnt have said it better myself, us guys are just better off being the “losers in mom’s basement playing video games” haha at least then we’re doing what we like and saving our money! and not spending it on some stupid whore that dosent do shit and could care less about anything but herself

  • daleva187goligo 4 years ago

    it fools alot of people thinking its this easy is what im trying to say

  • daleva187goligo 4 years ago

    never time for a gf, there are billions of women in the world why settle and focus on just one!? thats just insanity … ironically the guy in this vid has a gf and is just doing this for fun and shits and giggles, too bad cuz he can fuck most of these bitches if he wanted to, trust me its not this easy in real life, girls everywhere are fucking cunts, and it dosent hurt to look the way he duz too, get an average looking guy doing this and see what happens, these vids kinda tease ur average guy

  • daleva187goligo 4 years ago

    wasnt there a show like that over there in the uk? where a guy would have to go out and try to get as many numbers as he can from girls off the streets of london, i think i remember seeing a clip of it here on youtube before, its a game show or something, the girls were rude bitches btw so i know what ur saying

  • 38columbo38 4 years ago

    I swear to god. If you made your move to kiss her, she would directly do it.

  • LeRocTz 4 years ago

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  • MrJasonSchock 4 years ago

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  • ColeFried81 4 years ago

    Fake dick ruined it.

  • ReserviorBasterds 4 years ago

    You won’t know unless you try mate.

  • Sqeaky1122 4 years ago

    1:28 Why do you want a girlfriend? Your only in college?!?!? Elementry isnt the year for gfs, Middle School NOPE, High School NOPE, College NOPE, WHEN IS THE TIME FOR GIRLFRIENDS HOLY SHIT!!!!!