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Extras + Uncut footage: Dating Advice From Around the World List of principles in video: 1. Be confident (and go after wha…



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  • Honest Signalz 4 years ago

    I am B-)

  • DjJstyles42 4 years ago

    Lol u funny my dude

  • Murad Aslanov 4 years ago

    Perfect Russian accent! İ really thought that you are Russian)))

  • LethalSombrero 4 years ago

    Maintain a strong what

  • Stevebo00 4 years ago

    this video speaks so much truth

  • humudu 4 years ago

    nah man you can’t just go for the kiss if not a good moment for it.

  • Nardi Gee 4 years ago

    LMFAO, I laughed so much. Subscribed and shared on my networks.

  • Dylan Grieve 4 years ago

    Very good stuff

  • Alex Norman 4 years ago

    She know more nice guys than she has pairs of shoes. Being a dick works!

  • zzFishstick 4 years ago

    ‘Conversation straight to penetration’ LOL

  • ChronicYonik 4 years ago

    This fools a g

  • MyStruggleReal 4 years ago

    Great advice!! =)

  • daabongz 4 years ago

    you just wasted half that apple

  • emine22se1 4 years ago

    best jamaican accent lol

  • electroisawesome 4 years ago

    Wow, this was actually great advice.

  • thewilliamjrful 4 years ago

    How can you watch and learn from Simple Pickup and then use their lessons and then didn’t even put them in the credits like: Inspired by Simple pickup or something…?

  • Matt Chavez 4 years ago

    You’re terrible at peeling apple’s

  • Okeen Mills 4 years ago

    the Jamaican part is so funny!! haha (from an actual Jamaican)

  • usuario1234 4 years ago

    Hablas español, no? Me está costando seguir el video, porque la calidad del sonido no es demasiado buena.

    Good job anyways, you’re gonna spread out very soon.

  • jmstephab 4 years ago

    Dude how are you not more famous!Im telling everyone about your videos!

  • EMANeleVenElevEn 4 years ago

    Best advice ever

  • Mackadamus 4 years ago

    Funny, more vids

  • Ibro Ven Mehic 4 years ago

    respect man

  • Dines Larsen 4 years ago

    I just subbed, wish you had more videos! Very entertaining! ^^

  • Jemmy Padmore 4 years ago

    I was in love with a girl who worked near me for almost three years, but I had a hard time getting the courage to ask her out every time she’d visit my workplace whenever she had break. I was pretty sure she’d reject me cause I’m not one of those pick-up gurus or anything like that. My 2nd date with her is tonight. Wanna learn how I achieved this? You’ll find a link to this video on my channel.

  • rangerclass7s 4 years ago

    your vids are real top notch keep workin at it !!! and youll be up there with the big dogs in no time

  • fisher00769 4 years ago

    Hahaha that guy with a Jamaican hat seems like he’s so high. Great advice anyway. Every “friend-zone guy” should see this.

  • SpaceHog2099 4 years ago

    haha that was pretty awesome!

  • yourdeadmother 4 years ago


  • Ollie1772 4 years ago

    Try these characters out on women in the street, i swear the french one would be popular!