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Forget Dr. Phil, I'll give you advice for Free! jk lol
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  • Juliana Cohen 2 years ago

    hm this video was pretty shitty and stereotypical bro

  • Ken Kaneki 2 years ago

    Mine is. . . The opposite of *everything* you’d mentioned. Lol. Our
    relationship ended about 2weeks

  • Mufasa 2 years ago

    Haha when you held up Soul Eater and that chocolate bar I yelled go out
    with me :3

  • Sherlock Holmes 2 years ago

    ‘skanky slutty’
    ‘girl joey’ ‘boy joey’ changes into stereotypical cloths
    ‘shave’ (did we not just bust Nash for that)
    ‘dress up look good for him’
    Maybe I have been on tumbler too long but girls are not Christmas trees. If
    a girl want to wear a -shirt and jeans why not?
    Dude I have stuck with you for years and years but i’m out. I never though
    I would be this dick but unsubscribing.

  • Fuze Ferret 2 years ago

    Good advice towards pansexuals like me! I really don’t give a sh*t about
    gender types, but I need to be more aware of it however…

  • Dashiël Abrahams 2 years ago

    I can cook. It’s a father-son thing. Alright ladies, c’mere 8D *sits back
    in a huge chair*

  • Veroni Poni 2 years ago

    i’m actually very disappointed… this is so stereotypical and even rude at
    certain points.

  • MurdocFuckingNiccals 2 years ago

    Is it bad that when i was watching “unbroken” i was secretly shipping a.k.a
    “birdman” and louise the main character (i believe his name was)
    I mean birdman looked so cute with his little army suit and he was so small
    and louise was tall and handsome. I mean i was totally fangirling. It
    reminded me of a mizukami shin yaoi manga. The movie was good btw very
    inspiring… I’m planning on making a fan fiction. nosebleeds

  • katsume555 2 years ago

    Can u make a video about rejecting a person?

  • Tobi Thegoodboy 2 years ago

    SomeThing I have learned and most people dont understand is someone is
    super upset dont ask if they are ok that only makes it worse insted pull
    them into your arms and just let them cry it out dont say a word just hold

  • Tati G 2 years ago

    You’re really cool and this was informative. 🙂 saw you on arielle’s
    channel, decided to check you out and definitely subscribing ^-^
    Btw: so cool you’re from Chicago because i actually live in NW Indiana!
    Sorry, reason, but i just find that awesome and so cool ^-^

  • Amberlyn Tucker 2 years ago

    I just raided Aldi for chocolate and got that same bar today. And some
    Snickers. So, I agree whole-heartedly. Watching SAO tonight with a heating
    pad and my chocolate. Nothing more enjoyable to me right now ;P

  • Niylalee Long 2 years ago

    I think I love you senpai….

  • yelyahjimenez 2 years ago

    Joey this really helped me a lot! C”: but may you also do a video on break
    ups & moving on? It’ll really help in the situation I am in c: thank you!

  • Miku Namikaze 2 years ago

    You rock Joey 🙂 I hope to meet you someday.

  • BrokenMoonStudios 2 years ago

    It’s amazing how in just 7 minutes you said EVERYTHING that needed to be
    said, and other people take *hours* to barely mention anything. This video
    is definitely going to my bookmarks.
    Joey, high five.

  • digitalstarlight 2 years ago

    I honestly haven’t watched one of your videos in years, and can I just say
    that you do not look one damn year older!! Holy smokes!! Love you lots
    Joey, you’re still making good vids :)

  • Dani Queen Of Boxes 2 years ago

    I’m a girl, and I bought a short haired wig a while ago for some boy
    The problem is
    I don’t look like a boy at ALL with the wig.
    Unless I wear this one hat, then I could easily pull it off.
    Do you have any advice for boy wigs that don’t help you?

  • DalaiLamaNYF 2 years ago

    Make it easy on us, stay as girl Joey. Its eye candy.

  • Leonidas Draconic 2 years ago

    +Joeyblondewolf2 this is freaking awesome 😀 thanks for the tips ^w^

  • jyllyan mueller 2 years ago

    Also if guys are willing to dance with their girlfriend in public even if
    they suck at it . Now That’s attractive to a lot of girls. Just doin
    something then your girlfriend will have fun . Vise versa as well, or to
    the fabulous genderqueers out there! It’s good advice 

  • Naruto Uzamaki 2 years ago

    But can you give some advice if you get depression when you get broken up
    that be great.

  • Bubblibumie 2 years ago

    I love videogames, LOVE THEM! 😀
    ^^ my boyfriend say nothing about me being into Pokemon. We have weird
    humor too, he didn’t notice I cut my hair, but he did notice my sleeping
    habits and woke me up with a kiss on the lips. (Insert princess feeling
    Hihihihihihiiiiiii! I feel so giddy. 

  • MoniMichiyo 2 years ago

    I’m sorry, but I really did not appreciate this. Pushing stereotypes of
    “slutty girls” and “girls who complain too much” and “girls who are crazy
    shopaholics” is just plain disgusting. A girl who is genuinely into looking
    cute and playing video games isn’t better than a caked on barbie-looking
    girl who loves shopping. Fact is, these things might actually apply the
    same girl! And telling girls to shave? What the actual fuck. Guys rarely
    shave any part of their body and girls don’t mention that because it’s
    “normal”, but god forbid girls have some hair on their bodies other than
    their head.
    And I don’t care if this is what all your guy friends/girl friends say,
    pushing these stereotypes is not a good thing.

  • Maka Albarn 2 years ago

    Wow *claps* great advice! ^_^

  • Jhourdyan Snipes 2 years ago

    Joey I love you!! You videos are very inspirational and helpful!

  • gamergirl1013 2 years ago

    Just because he’s acting different doesn’t mean he’s cheating

  • Morgan motionless 2 years ago

    “Wings or no wings…get that shit ” XD fist day watching your videos and i
    already love you ^o^ cx

  • aychr 2 years ago

    Mmmm joey bro…you are way too hot dressed as a girl with make up on. i
    find you pose an interesting question. i see you as both girl and boy and i
    find myself thinking you are cute either way. now im very comfortable
    saying im not gay but i feel your male characteristics are sexy too. Its
    like there’s this comradery between dudes yet you are also beautiful woman.
    win win! your bf is one lucky man.

  • !Shion 2 years ago

    I thought you were cool, man :c

  • korinakorinakorina 2 years ago

    People.. Stereotypes are based on truth. There are many types of guys and
    gals in this world, but let’s face it.. The caked up Barbie girl who loves
    to shop, they exist. It goes both ways though. Anyway this is still some
    solid advice, way to go Joey. 🙂 I believe this is the first time I’ve seen
    you wearing feminine makeup, you look great. You pull off both genders very
    nicely! You made me want chocolate though, and I have none. Damn you. 

  • Quincy 2 years ago

    That jacket is awesome.

  • Alora W. 2 years ago

    Goddammit your face is so lovely. Not in the creepy way.

  • Be true to yourself ! 2 years ago

    I am an ally of the LGBT community. What is a GenderQueer? Also, look at
    my channel I made a video about #KORRASAMI . Cool thanks alot friend.

  • Ai Productions 2 years ago

    Yeah, you’re REALLY awesome, but it was pretty gender role-ey at times. 

  • Daniel Losinger 2 years ago

    Thank you for your advice

  • OliviaTheSuperxD 2 years ago

    Psh.. microwaves are love. Microwaves are life. 

  • Rane Apostol 2 years ago

    ….at girly Joey….;~;…. it was more scary than The Ring… SOWWY!!

  • Carbs4Kim 2 years ago

    Thanks for your tipps, Joey! You made it really easy to follow 🙂 i really
    love your videos, you’re really open minded. And i just LOVE to watch you,
    haha. Soinds kinda creepy…i know 😀 but don’t be scared, we’re both on
    different continents xD so no stalky stuff…but i really do like you 😀
    have a good time! 

  • BaltoHusky345 2 years ago

    Not freaked out, but that lipstick… It’s the wrong shade, XD.

  • yaoi, aliens and pancakes 2 years ago

    People, at least Joey’s trying to help people, instead of nagging and doing
    nothing yourselves!

  • Legendarygamer05 2 years ago

    Great advice! Although I am curious about the way things are supposed to
    properly work in relationships/freindship. I normally use my common sense,
    but 80 percent of the time I do grow a little nervous thinking about it,
    but when do you know exactly when to give someone aneff space? Is a morning
    message everyday a bad thing? And is it bad to be the one who allways make
    the approach ?