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Dating expert Marni, tells the women of CTV's The Social the top dating mistakes women make with men. For more tips go to:



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  • RonQE 4 years ago

    And, for the heck of it, I can point out one mistake a woman is making right here on the video:
    Your = Possessive of “you”
    You’re = You ARE
    (Please note the title of this video)

  • RonQE 4 years ago

    I agree with most of what Marni says in this video. Especially the tip to #1, which was to implement a 3-strike rule, at least. One of the biggest goofs I see women making is that just ONE thing which sounds “off” or hokey to her, and if it’s just something where she doesn’t “feel it”, they will shut down and walk away instead of trying to look for a pattern or find more. It’s remarkably superficial as a way to evaluate someone.
    Also “deal-breakers” are valid but need to be looked @ w/ depth.

  • RonQE 4 years ago

    Funny how women so often find it’s shallow of men to get caught up in body parts (one example – big breasts) but many women find it just fine to not only parade how they want a TALL man, but even more absurd, so they can wear high heels! Nothing deeper than basing mates on footwear!
    Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting a degree, *IF* you have one yourself and want someone on your own level. I don’t respect when uneducated women expect to find men who are.

  • samirbalonmano 4 years ago


  • John Davis 4 years ago

    even easier

  • mafiaps31 4 years ago

    Marni if you read this, im pleased to say that ive been growing some balls and approaching random women at my junior college, however in most first interactions i say that i used the excuse of asking for the time to talk to them and then say honestly that want to get their number, my sister has told me this is being to agressive, my question is how do i find that balance ? how do i balance being soft and agressive in such a way that i dont leave anything to chance ? Like if she says no i wanna

  • DeathFromAboveGames 4 years ago

    Your video that you upload is in HD (so like 720p or 1080).  Youtube will automatically convert it.

  • Marni Wing 4 years ago

    how do I do that? can you email me?

  • 76ComicFan 4 years ago

    Here is a quick tip to men from women…Be tall so they can wear their high heels and have a college degree….I’ve lost dates because I’m short and don’t have a degree, but then again, what does it say about those women looking for those 2? An insecure woman looking to be finacially taken care of!!

  • Hank knight 4 years ago

    Because they are not into you. You give them the wrong vibe. This is basic information.

  • John Davis 4 years ago

    please please please start uploading in hd 🙂

  • benebooster 4 years ago

    The phrase “3 Strike Rule” may have a negative connotation with you. Both men and women need to qualify each other because it shows they have standards. You can still have fun and relax with this rule.

  • xbx247 4 years ago

    Good video..

  • awdaltima2 4 years ago

    welcome to Toronto

  • EarlJardin 4 years ago

    who cares your romantic or not if there is no strike between both…

  • 76ComicFan 4 years ago

    All these women in the world want dates but as soon as a guy is interested, all these guards go up.

  • Prodelos 4 years ago

    Three strike rule? Wait for them? Really ‘positive’ advice, Marni. Why am I wasting my time with a woman who is just waiting for me to strike out? I’m a good guy, charming, funny, fun, romantic, and she’s going to miss it all if she’s busy looking for ‘strikes’. The point of dating is to go out, have fun, and get to know someone. If they’re looking for the fairytale, just stay home and don’t waste my time. Otherwise, just relax, have some fun, and you might not want the evening to end. 😉