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Dr. Tartt provides dating advice and insight into the male psyche related to dating for a wife. He details what men say they want in a life partner and wife….



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  • Savannah Ellis 4 years ago

    Look at the sky….is it a bird? is it a plane? No…it’s Superwife!

  • PilotOkatron 4 years ago

    God bless you too.

  • Toolbox747 4 years ago

    Good insight , thanks for the tips, but if i am always ready to nurture or encourage , because i am too busy observing …….. lol …..

  • malibu64 4 years ago

    One of the best dating advice vids on Youtube, thanks!

  • indigobeauty1 4 years ago

    great info!!! thank you sharing. 1LOVE

  • vbminsk 4 years ago

    No, I get the picture. But exchange of services is not it (for me and for many women). We want a lot more than fair exchage… Fair exchange may be a good place to start, but don’t even hope to stay married by merely doing your share or being “fair”. I think what you’re trying to say with your video is that you want love and devotion from a woman, you want to be in her mind and in her heart. Now, that’s awesome. Why not offer the same in return instead of service exchange?:)

  • Onery1 4 years ago

    Ok, have one more suggestion for you after watching how many women had questions on the Oprah Show when Steve Harvey was there, I have another idea for your business. I will send a message…LOL

  • Onery1 4 years ago

    Oh wait, that was supposed to be, “I don’t think you’ll have problems landing the lucky lady.”

  • Onery1 4 years ago

    Well Good Luck! I don’t think you’ll land the lovely lady, every woman in Atlanta seems to be looking for a GOOD MAN..LOL
    Let me say this, I don’t have a problem stroking a man’s ego, but I tend to attract NEEDY men and women, It’s gotten so bad that I changed my phone number and the only one who has it is my dad. I majored in Psychology in college but I know that it isn’t the field for me! Most people are too lazy to fix simple problems & I don’t have the patience anymore. is that bad?

  • Onery1 4 years ago

    Since we’re on the topic of business Dr. Tart? Are you on Skype, you could probably grow your business on a global scale via Skype. You are pretty good, so if you’re not registered on Skype, you should certainly think about doing so. How about Linkedin Dr. Tart? Are you LinkedIn.

  • Onery1 4 years ago

    You’re right about being an encourager and a cheerleader. All of my male friends call me for advice and say that they would marry me, it’s too bad that I don’t feel the same.
    Now can you tell the men what they need to do besides being malignant narcissists! How about that Dr Tart.

  • Onery1 4 years ago

    You are KILLING me with that book..LOL. Let me head to Amazon.
    Why aren’t you married? Are you picky?
    I beg to differ about the food tasting good, men WILL NOT eat food that doesn’t taste good.
    I’m a female CEO, I have no time to cook, does hiring a chef for a boyfriend count?

  • Onery1 4 years ago

    I was mad about the cooking part but at least you’re being honest.

  • lovechrissmag 4 years ago

    Cook??? Are you serious? I go to school, work, network… I dont have time to cook for myself! Jesus… then I’ll never get married.

  • vbminsk 4 years ago

    If men want exactly what you say they do, then why would any woman bother to get married at all?..

  • blacklily624 4 years ago

    Good Tips Doc….