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  • StopThatSquirrel 4 years ago

    “I liked her but she was a coward.” …. haha dude, listen to yourself. YOU WERE THE COWARD. She probably didn’t like you enough to talk to you.

  • kos66t 4 years ago

    If guys don’t approach that means they are not interested.It’s not that hard to understand.

  • SKYRULE-49 4 years ago







    M.G.T.O.W. 4 LIFE!


  • UnexpectedWonder 4 years ago

    Huh. That’s a very simple take on the matter. Thanks.

  • Kaeden Badcocke 4 years ago

    I had a crush for a girl who worked near me for almost a year, but I had a very hard time working up the courage to ask her out when she would come into my work on her breaks. I was pretty certain she’d turn me down cause I’m not anything like those pick-up gurus. My 3rd date with this girl is tomorrow night. Curious to learn how I made it? Check out the link on my channel, if you want to know too.

  • betty messey 4 years ago

    Guys, influence your husband to treat you better doesn’t have to be difficult (I used to think it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Search a relationship course known as Melterize Man’s Heart (search on google). Seriously, thanks to Melterize Man’s Heart, love, passion and romance come exploding back into my relationship

  • Whittery Williams 4 years ago

    you being yourself, not looking as if you are putting on airs, or were put up to it, just relax and say what you have to say 🙂

  • M0N3t7 4 years ago

    Thank you for this video. For years, I used to ask my male friends & family members why men don’t approach…and they acted retarded, saying they didn’t know why.

  • Dorothy Jones 4 years ago

    This PERFECT MAN CONTROLLER is awesome! I googled it and I knew I have to buy it once I watched the vids!! I learned and applied it to my crush.. Wow, i have my second date tonight! I usually view Youtube video anonymously, but I created this account just to thank you for sharing this magical system. Thank you so much!! I hope more girl found this awesome system, I will tell my girl-friends about this PERFECT MAN CONTROLLER.

  • Jessica Brown 4 years ago

    Hi Kath. I checked your recommendation in Google. It is interesting, really. I am planning on buying it today. Hope it is really something. Thanks for sharing!

  • vogeltjesdans123 4 years ago

    So if women just would be a little more friendly and accessible, you woudn’t be complaining about inconfident men and men would have good time approaching you. Remember that turning men down is the cause of this entire process after all, always triggered by women – not men! Men are just being themselves, be it insecure or not, and what’s wrong with that? The only thing that’s wrong with it, is that YOU don’t like them that way. And BTW I don’t like girls with big tits, thank you very much.

  • vogeltjesdans123 4 years ago

    …girls like. Good for you and good for me.’ How does that sound? But nooo, it is so much easier for women just to stay on the sideline and merely reject men for not being what she desires them to be, instead of taking 5 min of their ‘precious’ time to talk to the guy and boost his conficence a little bit. How on earth, how on fucking earth do you espect guys to be confident if they get turned down all the way? I wonder what you would feel like if you get turned down 10 times a day…

  • vogeltjesdans123 4 years ago

    Y.A.W.N. Did I pull some sensitive strings here? Talk about being quickly annoyed and defensive… wtf. FYI I am very confident by now, but I had to learn it the hard way. The way of rejection – just because of the mere fact of being inconfident – is all too well known to me. What strikes me most is your defensive attitude. You can prefer what you want, but instead of turning down insecure men, you could also say ‘hey, I’m gonna help you being more confident, so eventually you act the way…

  • Carolina Otero 4 years ago

    And if the fact that a lot of women prefer confident, attractive, successful/rich men is just too unbearable for you and just makes you think of how incredibly shallow most women are… good news! You can always either stay alone or date men. Now that, is your prerogative. Good day sir.

  • Carolina Otero 4 years ago

    That is my prerogative same as you might prefer girls with big tits – not making an assumption or stereotyping, just drawing a comparison. And sadly for your, most girls prefer confident men too. Now you can just go out there and look for a beautiful, intelligent woman that just so happens to see your inner beauty at a glance and go after you… OR you could stop whining and adapt yourself to the circumstances.

  • Carolina Otero 4 years ago

    Did it ever occur to you to actually READ my comment before you replied? Could you please quote the part where I said being a ‘grown man’ meant you should like rejection. Don’t even know how to begin to reply to you because frankly you’re all over the place. I did say I have compassion for men because I do realise they get turned down so often by women that inject unnecessary cruelty in their rejections to make themselves feel better. But that doesn’t change the fact that I prefer confident men.

  • vogeltjesdans123 4 years ago

    Did it ever occur to you that every man has to learn how to approch women? Which is a very hard path to go if you’re not a hot guy? A path on which every guy multiple times has been rejected and heartbroken. And what do you do? You just say ‘well you should have seen my signs’ and wave him away, just like that. Does it occur to you that men just don’t pick up ‘your signs’ like women do? And does being a ‘grown man’ mean that he should like your rejection? Think about being rejected 10 x a day!

  • vogeltjesdans123 4 years ago

    To be honest I think you are wrong all along. I’m not scared of approaching women. I just don’t like to be shot down by a girl who actually is insecure by herself and therefore her ego needs to be boosted up by rejecting men. Remember that it’s always the guy who steps up at you, and never the other way around, that gives you girls the luxury of turning guys down. If women just would act a little more friendly and kind, and gratefull for the effort, men would be only to happy to approach you.

  • Jamie D. BABY 4 years ago


  • soahcftd1 4 years ago

    i approached a girl before and told her how i feel and was responded with eww get away from me creep. then some people around her heard what was going on laughed. im not putting myself in that embarrassing situation again. i’ll wait into a girl comes to me and says i like you

  • ThankMyself 4 years ago

    @DatingWithDevon You are awesome! Thank you for the wake-up call … I am the type of girl who can sometimes intimidate men … just cos I’m known for being moody (not really, I’m just shy) and when I’m really really super nervous, I tend to be a little obnoxious and loud (just to hide my nerves, especially hanging out in group). Most of the time, I’d be quiet, calm and collected (sometimes cold). So unpredictable.I guess that explains why I’m still single 🙂

  • king amanda 4 years ago

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  • Katherine Fischer 4 years ago

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  • Michael Bornnard 4 years ago

    You have a terrible personality, men aren’t the problem. You are. I personally feel for any man who has to date you. Because I sure as hell wouldn’t approach you. And did it ever occur that maybe men don’t like you? No man isn’t obligated to do anything for you.

  • Michael Bornnard 4 years ago

    I don’t approach or flirt with women at all. I prefer being single and I need my space.

  • Michael Bornnard 4 years ago

    Then you should’ve asked him out, a man isn’t obligated to do anything for you.

  • UnexpectedWonder 4 years ago

    Now, what’s the right amount of Confidence look like?

  • UnexpectedWonder 4 years ago

    It’s actually kinda Hard. Let me tell you. Dudes often don’t know how a Female will react. Also, Experience could play a part. Men often Hate Rejection and don’t want to be Embarrassed or heartbroken.

  • tombraidergurl1002 4 years ago

    guys never approach me, not to just be friendly and talk, or smile or anything. lol BUT then the guy I supposedly was in the same room with? or saw at a friends house or whatever.. Adds me on facebook… and ask why I was staring at him.. and that I should have said hi.. -___- I was waiting for him to say hi! never came up, so I basicly et this person kinda online when I just wish they would have came up to me instead. Then the compliments come lol its just funny and weird.

  • Liz Darianne 4 years ago

    I figured out a while ago I have to approach men, and others, instead of waiting. Not that I do it often, but I know I got to take the first step. I always thought I just wasnt good looking enough. And I just kept dolling up, nice clothes, pretty hair, makeup natural but on point, groomed, whatever, doesnt happen. Well it happened once XD and thus my boyfriend right now. But Im always surprised it was only this one person. Yes some men look at me, but thats it. Maybe its my personality. Dunno

  • Liz Darianne 4 years ago

    well im glad she didnt

  • Alyssa Lashown 4 years ago

    I approach,I ask out, I show Im interested too, and the jackass is still scared?? Idiot.