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Dating advice for women: find out what are the dating red flags to watch out for in a guy. He's telling his best dating tips for women.

Interview with Dating & Relationship Coach for Women, Joe Amoia.

Single in Stilettos Show #11

Suzanne Oshima, Founder of Single in Stilettos and Matchmaker & Dating Coach at Single in Stilettos interviews Joe on the dating red flags to watch out for when you first start dating a guy.

Joe's Dating Tips for Women, when it comes to red flags to watch out for:

– Why are you not seeing the Dating Red Flags in the first place?
– The Dating Red Flags are there
– Why you need to be crystal clear on what you want in a relationship
– What to do if he isn't giving you what you need in a relationship
– Why it's so important to observe a man's actions
– How does a man treat people other than yourself.
– How can a woman get a man to open up to her?
– What will happen when you ask a man too many questions up front?
– What's the biggest differences between a man and a boy?
– What type of men should you avoid?
– A real man will make an “investment” in a woman
– Why men don't need an emotional connection to sleep with a woman
– What to do if a man is not consistent in his actions
– Why it's important to tell a man what your standards are when it comes to dating
– Look at a man's integrity in every aspect of his life
– Why a woman needs to learn how to manage their emotions
– Why you need to stop making excuses for his actions
– Why you need to understand you can't make a man be the man what you want him to be
– What's a big sign that you need to get out of a relationship?
– Why you need a man to earn a relationship with you.

Stay tuned for the next Single in Stilettos Weekly Show and get the best dating advice & dating tips!

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Suzanne Oshima is a Matchmaker & Dating Coach at Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette:

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  • Sus Cruz 2 years ago

    Great interview, thank you so much Joe, Im on the market again after a
    relationship with no future, I kept asking myself why this happens to me
    over and over again, and found it is me, with your help I discovered I
    looked for relationships from beginning to fail, Due to an idea I had
    marriage is bad. Than you so much Joe for all your help. Your MX fan.

  • Denise Pacana 2 years ago

    ACTIONS speak louder!!
    You’re right Suzanne!! and Mr. Amoia!!
    Good work! 

  • catherine weiss 2 years ago

    Thank you, see the truth I say after being divorced and now dateing Iv
    ignored red flags and ended up fucken nearly dead,fakness wont cut it with
    me anymore. I wont have sex strait away.

  • catherine weiss 2 years ago

    If he has more than one bad habit first of then get rid fast.

  • catherine weiss 2 years ago

    just because he says your so beautiful.