Added by on December 22, 2013 Dating advice expert, Dr. Diana Kirschner, assisted by blogger pup, Madison, shows you simple yet powerful flirting tips designed to …



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  • Martha Ngo 4 years ago

    I just can’t follow this video. She is no distracted. Playing with her dog
    does not help at all. Hmmmm …Does she has a PHD degree!

  • Muffinxwar 4 years ago

    XD AAAAAAAAAAAAH shaven dog hahaha, a cute thing lol. It’s tail moves and
    everything mmmmm (Animal lover lol)

  • ThePicturePerfect 4 years ago

    Call me the love guru lol cute puppy dog

  • Mari Gummybears 4 years ago

    Cute Dog.

  • Smiley0815 4 years ago


  • Mia Wulff 4 years ago

    stop talking about your dog !!!!

  • PeaceLoveJoyWorld 4 years ago

    Funny video!

  • Eunnette 4 years ago

    Madison’s fur is gone!

  • leafninja13 4 years ago

    ahah, family picture.

  • eelwoman75 4 years ago

    Thats the cutest dog I’ve ever seen!!!! I just wanna squish it!!! …. but
    this video is rather dumb. … ok, its really dumb.

  • Steph Collins 4 years ago

    I think my Pom Biscuit might be Madison’s soul mate. He acts JUST like her!

  • peekaboots01 4 years ago

    That’s fake. Either you think the joke is funny or you don’t. Either you
    naturally mirror your don’t. If you make yourself laugh or mirror, it’s
    only a fake connection and won’t last.

  • keimo2007 4 years ago

    LOL! that dog is hilarious! 0:20

  • philhealey1 4 years ago

    Doggie had a hair cut!

  • CoralxxChaos 4 years ago

    the puppy is adorable (: it responds so good too!

  • Emmalina2008 4 years ago

    how cute! this dof is lovely!

  • zaika1982 4 years ago


  • thenameistaylor69 4 years ago

    i jack myself to madison

  • janectreb 4 years ago

    Well done doctor.

  • Jazmin AmorĂ© 1 4 years ago

    Madison Is so very cute. Forget the guys can I have maddy she will love my
    yorki Mimi

  • jackinla8 4 years ago

    Madison looks better butch

  • yasinpatel12345 4 years ago


  • iivanita 4 years ago

    suuuuch a cute doggg

  • AnimeFreak18422 4 years ago

    i love that dog! it’s so cute!

  • raquannawilliams 4 years ago

    what kind of dog do you have?

  • fishexpo90 4 years ago

    she has a serious problem with her dog.

  • lovein90days 4 years ago

    yes I did dr d

  • Stuff180 4 years ago

    man that dog is hawtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • kibbss 4 years ago

    This is the best shit ever

  • Bmosh1133 4 years ago

    what kind of dog is it? Northern Cali <3

  • lastgoodthing12 4 years ago

    your dog is so cute! i have a pomeranian as well named peragen took

  • Macutalking 4 years ago

    Hola amiga parece un leoncito realmente gracioso. Un beso para los dos

  • JulianaKartsona 4 years ago

    I’ve watched more than a few vids, using the baby pups as examples keep the
    vids very entertaining versus just talking to the viewers. Reminds me of a
    technique a college professor would use, he’d literally draw stick figures
    on the board and make them talk, lol, as strangely as it was, it kept
    students entertained and he’s seriously one of the best lecturers I had,
    (his tests are another thing, lol).

  • Beth Lichtenfels 4 years ago

    I love your advice, it is such awesome honest advice. I am going to buy
    your book. Also, Madison is adorable!! What a sweetheart!

  • mbpdep 4 years ago

    Good but I’d rather see it with a man.

  • Mirabelle Summers 4 years ago

    cool dog! love your dating advice, its really genuine and honest stuff

  • Millie Coronel 4 years ago

    I think she’s dating her dog.

  • ashfor3v3r 4 years ago

    Stop at 1:41 xD they are both smiling. I love that dog! Its sooo cute!

  • 919350829705 4 years ago

    i love your dog,

  • 1900kb 4 years ago

    LOVE THIS DOG SO cuuuuuute <3

  • Alexis Montgomery 4 years ago

    I think your too distracted with your dog, you cant get into a true
    explanation without talking to your dog…. lol