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  • Phillip Galey 2 years ago

    M-m-m, . . . You speak clearly, . . . you seem so smart, . . . I just
    really wonder, why give all these hints, . . . don’t you want to sort out a
    loser so quickly as may be possible, . . . let the losers sort themselves
    out? I mean, rully, . . .

  • Kendahke M 2 years ago

    Still living in the home you shared with your ex is messy. It’s just messy.
    You’re not over her if you’re still wallowing in her energy. Clean up that
    emotional mess. Great video. Excellent advice.

  • David Allen 2 years ago

    I’d much rather play a round of golf with my friends. It’s cheaper than a
    date and a lot more fun.

  • LL OK 2 years ago

    I don’t expect a man to move out of a house he owns just because he broke
    up with a girl friend who lived there with him or got a divorce. HOWEVER –
    having said that – I do expect him to get rid of her stuff. Guys do not
    leave other women’s stuff laying around in your house, bedroom, bath –
    after you are no longer involved with them. No woman wants to find another
    woman’s toiletry items in your bathroom. If you invite a woman over to your
    house spend a little time getting it ready. Clean a little. IF you plan on
    her staying the night put CLEAN SHEETS on the bed…. make sure you dont
    have a previous girl friends perfume, hair brushes, jewelry sitting around.
    get rid of it. IF you invite a woman to move in or ask her to marry you
    make sure you give her the idea you have been planning for making room for
    her – giving her CLOSET space, dresser drawer space – Make her a priority
    if you expect her to leave her own space to share hers.

  • Melanie9080 2 years ago

    I love it! As a woman who is 45 and single, I wish more men would watch
    this. Women expect to be treated well, particularly when we date older men.
    There are some great men in this world; but for those who need help, here
    ya go.

  • Adam Jenkins 2 years ago

    Dating Advice for Men, Especially Men Over 50

  • Adam Jenkins 2 years ago

    loved it

  • Geoffrey Tomkins 2 years ago

    I was raised by my grand-parents and have old values and principles… I
    gave up looking for my equal. Nice video Pretty Lady, hope your find, or
    have found your equal. :)

  • Gerald Davis 2 years ago

    I am different, I would like to know about the partners history. 

  • MrZombieIsHungry 2 years ago

    @Tom Noeldnerr. Advice… my advice to that over 50 person that you refer
    to is stay single because that person sounds like a douchebag who spends
    his life trying to impress others with worldly garbage that means nothing
    instead of trying to work on being a quality person that women actually

  • lambchopxoxo 2 years ago

    Really good advice, however I’m 52 and NEVER want another man/SO ever
    again. I’m so much happier by myself. But yeah its good advice.

  • nigella4me 2 years ago

    And any man who doesn’t understand why a woman would feel that way isn’t
    worth the time of day.

  • tom noeldnerr 2 years ago

    What advise would you have for men that are, over 50 and a over achiever?
    Single, no children, set in my ways, but in a good way. Art collector,
    antique collector, master gardener, great cook, tall, tanned, no ex’s
    anywhere. Plus can and clean up well ( 30 form fitted suits. Business
    owner, live in the city, 3 story custom built home, good credit, almost
    debt free. Speaks 4 language’s, world traveled. and have all my teeth, and
    full set of hair. Ex-military, BMW owner? Advise

  • Checkm8king2 2 years ago

    I’ll agree with you on that because anyone who is that petty isn’t worth my
    time or attention…XD!

  • Peter Vandyke 2 years ago

    She has the right concept’s now, just have pets around the house too
    control with voice pitch etc. Got a question for you nigella4me who points
    out men are a turn-off that verbally say I this /I that. Do you get
    everything you want in life or are your struggles now limited cause you’ve
    gained such wisdom from experiences? Do you know the true numbers level of
    poverty in USA, or do you just have a sub-urban view where those you know
    around you all are in the have category? Your dog RULES.

  • aminada53362 2 years ago

    Good Tips! Too’ Some Older Men Move 2 Fast, Assume Too Much And Have Some
    Nasty Habits! My Lady friends & I Laugh off many things about The Guys
    We’ve gone out with! One Guy I Really thought I’d go out with again reached
    over during our first date & kissed me! After dinner he asked me ride with
    him as i’d driven my own car to meet him he took me to where his Ex used to
    live. He cried. I knew then. Still he took me on a walking tour’ took my
    hands & begged me to go home with him! OMG! SCAREY!

  • MrMisanthrope1 2 years ago

    living in or visiting a woman who lives in the same house she did with her
    ex is nothing. if its a problem then its a minor one.

  • shockoloco 2 years ago

    How typical ;)! You start talking about men and the dogs (male and a
    female) start to fight with each other, lol!

  • memelland8 2 years ago

    Great common sense dating advice for those who lack common sense . Many
    Americans are too self-centered to care about anybody except themselves .

  • Checkm8king2 2 years ago

    Well, if that creeps you out I can’t change your mind. However, most of the
    time a divorced woman keeps the marital home anyway. I’ve dated many women
    who live in the same home that they shared with there ex. Never bothered
    me. In fact, I have asked a few women I know about what you said and they
    thought your observation was a bit odd. I don’t live in the same house now
    but if I ever met a woman who wouldn’t date me because of this I’d show her
    the door within 2 minutes of bringing it up..LOL!

  • tillycupcake 2 years ago

    can I add? ladies, listen hard when he talks about what his x[the bitch]
    said about him because the ‘x’ is right! great advice and guys,take down
    the ‘x’s’ pictures too!

  • Marina BT 2 years ago

    Been there and have felt that as well, so true.

  • nigella4me 2 years ago

    So, so true. I once dated a man that used the excuse that because he had
    children with his ex, that that was why he had pics of his ex and children
    all over the freakin’ house. Seriously? Hhahaahah!

  • Checkm8king2 2 years ago

    Getting out of a home you shared with you ex? Are you serious? What if the
    house is paid for or he likes the location, etc? If you are totally into
    the guy this should not matter. I do agree that the man should lead the
    conversation and ask about the woman. I actually like the woman to do most
    of the talking. This is how i qualify if the woman is actually right for
    me. Don’t buy gifts for a woman you just met. I would say for the most part
    your video is informative.

  • nigella4me 2 years ago

    I couldn’t be MORE serious! It has nothing to do with being “into” the guy.
    It’s living in another woman’s home. I can’t tell you how many women have
    messaged me telling me how they just couldn’t stay with a guy that was
    living in the same home he shared with an ex. It’s just too creepy!

  • nigella4me 2 years ago

    Most women and men I know have always felt differently about this. Men tend
    to not care much, women tend to be uncomfortable in another woman’s home.
    It feels like living in her shadow. As a woman, I personally could have
    never stayed in the home I shared with my ex husband.

  • nigella4me 2 years ago

    And she’d be lucky you did 🙂

  • Ivanova Jean 2 years ago

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  • marlyn ayende 2 years ago