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  • daz bones 3 years ago

    lol at she likes intelligent dudes, she means big black cocks that play
    (game) her vagina well

  • Sandra Aguinaldo 3 years ago

    Hey guys good day, Recently I have just finished reading “The Tao of Badass” which is also known as “Tao System” created by Joshua Pellicer. Its very nice..

  • TheSocialPlayground 3 years ago

    true, guys know if the girl is hot from the get go, for girls it’s so much
    different, they need persuasion ))

  • Marko Gregurovic 3 years ago

    I’m sorry but where is the advice???

  • Damian Nuñez 3 years ago

    Did she say boob camp?

  • Barry White 3 years ago

    Too much make up babe. This is why I stick with Slavic and Scando’s man.

  • Rescue162 3 years ago

    Generally her message is “game” outmatches “type” so you dont have to worry
    if you’re not as tall, rich, strong, etc as the next guy. Think “game on!”

  • SonicBoomC98 3 years ago

    She makes a good point, but I have to admit that I find a lot of women
    constantly dating basically the same guy

  • Nightxslayer420 3 years ago

    i want to suck on those tits!

  • Harry Peter 3 years ago

    Did she define game? I was distracted by her boobs.

  • anthony manuel 3 years ago

    How do you go out with a girl who has an attitude?

  • ClockworkSlave 3 years ago

    for some reason after watching this clip i cant spell my name either

  • viiktoor96 3 years ago


  • ge0rgi0 3 years ago

    nice titteez

  • Lakshan Mohan 3 years ago

    shes the laady from transformers

  • labouroflust 3 years ago

    Like many guys here. you are reading too much into it. Read my response to
    another comment above.

  • vanvanbluz 3 years ago

    WTF ?? GAme on???!! That is so vague, should i play chess with her or

  • Fiddle PlayerCowboy 3 years ago

    how to make a girl like you?…use the jedi mind trick(well I mean assuming
    she has a weak mind)and tell her you are peter north…bamm!!! your getting

  • ducalux 3 years ago

    I am starting to wonder how the human race is going to move forward when
    people know so little about themselves and the world we live in and so on.

  • Faskee Ba 3 years ago

    although you have beautiful eyes and lips.. I can’t take my eyes of your
    … furniture.. very modern..

  • John Doe 3 years ago

    Step 1. Make a lot of money Step 2. Sit back and wait for the bitches, and
    watch those gold diggin’ whores come runnin’

  • AnonymousF0x 3 years ago

    yeah no girl is a lesbian i have been with more lesbians than i can count
    most that have never been with a guy

  • HowKingToElite 3 years ago

    i can generate attraction to milfs, girls of my age. any girl. but i dont
    let it go cause i dont want an attraction-based relationship too. cant
    women stay with a man and accept life like it is? we all die why should we

  • Thomas Chiong Sy 3 years ago

    I think being a lesbian is a great excuse hahahaha

  • SquishyLongfist 3 years ago

    I feel like I’m the only dude thats not here for the boobs xD

  • Flamur iHp 3 years ago

    0:16 D

  • silver52148 3 years ago

    ya man im 12 and I can get a 17 year old with just one worked

  • tonebeatz24 3 years ago

    I know a way to make girls want you. Don’t be to nice or she will put you
    in the friend zone. Act like you don’t care and do

  • Vengeful Spirit 3 years ago

    Are most women more concerned about a man’s mind and character rather than
    just his plain looks?

  • Adam Clayton 3 years ago

    who’s “your”?

  • MegaBloodrain 3 years ago

    Did your boobs get bigger? Lol wasn’t staring..

  • Peerless Simpson 3 years ago

    nice tits

  • dawid laska 3 years ago

    man i think like giving up but i just love her so much i cant D;

  • Massimiliano Sfamurri 3 years ago

    Ma in lingua italiana niente?

  • proteincheese 3 years ago

    Its like saying hard work beats talent

  • SirOreo86 3 years ago

    “The world’s leading…” (introductory remark)…, so it is proven nobody
    else is anywhere in the world has a better advice about the topic because
    she knows what all girls want around the world. Talking about a
    megalomaniac, self-centered, uni-culturally biased perception of
    reality…the truth, girls like a man for her own unique, individual
    reasons, which vary from culture to culture.

  • yugi302 3 years ago

    Megan fox?

  • Snapsi Light 3 years ago

    Am i the only one here who came here for the advices? o.O

  • supermanwithabeard01 3 years ago

    You are right, but it’s all about views and advertisement. Whenever one
    makes a video they definitely sell themselves, too. In the ‘preview video
    pic’, this really proves itself. Not a matter of trying to show off or
    anything (although, goodness gracious those titties look appealing and
    alluring all the same).

  • ebrahim alward 3 years ago

    i did the total oposite and i have a girlfreind

  • alternet8 3 years ago

    i think this will work

  • Deen Abdallah 3 years ago

    what to do if a girl rejects you , but you still want her

  • aggel Norston 3 years ago

    You Are Gorgeous , Love Your Eyes And Hair