Added by on July 1, 2014 Are you a christian single struggling with dating? Single christian women and single christian men both are wondering how does dating …



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  • pwh75 3 years ago

    excellent video,getting rid of some of the nonense being preached in some

  • Praise Match 3 years ago

    Not to bad. its in your face which is good.

  • Mami Yankee 3 years ago

    point 1 is wrong.

  • Nidia Valenzuela 3 years ago

    The Christians books encourage your development first. How many of us have
    found a great guy but were not ready? How many of us have dated emotionally
    unavailable guys? I used those books and found my soulmate…so don’t knock
    them down until you really try it 🙂

  • Tiffi 3 years ago

    baby Jesus?

  • Nathan Kim 3 years ago

    That’s true, but for books like Kiss Dating Goodbye that was purely on the
    author’s personal journey on relationships, not one size fits all. I
    believe that the author himself admitted that.