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  • TheWestCoastgamerz 3 years ago

    The girls hey call me jello they think my fat is sexy ;)

  • Zack Morris 3 years ago

    how do you get a girl if you are not popular at school

  • xXDwalongXx 3 years ago

    thad who is the chick in ur intro? she is hot af, like a 9.5/10 except
    wayyyy too old for me XD

  • Regan Baker 3 years ago

    Hey Thad! Well there is this guy i like but i don’t know how he feels about
    me.His friend asked me out yesterday and i don’t know if i should say yes
    or no because i kinda like the friend but not as much as i like him. The
    guy that i like and his friend are like brothers and i’m scared if i say no
    to the friend the boy i like won’t like me. i don’t know what to do can you
    please help me he expects an answer by the end of the week. HELP ME!!!!

  • adedna2 3 years ago

    Daily uploads

  • Rex P 3 years ago

    nah bro, follow the bro code. Bros before hoes, or just wait it out and
    pick her up when he or she breaks up and pick her up when she is vulnerable

  • MrYamahaMaster1 3 years ago

    If you have a friend and you wanna ask her out, how do u fidgure out if she
    already has a boyfriend

  • afflictionhb2 3 years ago

    Yo Thad you should go through going up to a girl and asking her out, and
    what you would do through the whole thing

  • britforlife32 3 years ago

    a beat maker on youtube by the name of superstaar beats. the beat in the
    vid is called loud

  • Natalie McKartney 3 years ago

    I told a guy I liked him and I gave him my contact info so he can call and
    text and he’s dating a drama queen wat should I do to win him over

  • CODrelapse 3 years ago

    Fucking go for it dude. Fuck that hoe

  • caleb brown 3 years ago

    Question- should i try to get with a girl that has a bf

  • Lennymcpvp 3 years ago

    Hi thad

  • thaddeus peuterschmidt 3 years ago


  • Pedro Moreno 3 years ago

    Where do I find the “how to be confident” series?

  • TacticalGI 3 years ago

    Kaleb started it.

  • Daniel Rosa 3 years ago

    yes it would

  • Connor Fletcher 3 years ago

    …umm I guess this is fight then?

  • TheGamerLegend1 3 years ago

    samduvallproductions if u look in description it says who it is

  • Cameron Christensen 3 years ago

    Tell her you won’t eat her out

  • thechriztmaznoob 3 years ago

    No. You should analyze the couple and see if they will be together for a
    while or if they will break up soon. If they are going to break up soon,
    don’t wait just kill her bf. Then you can comfort her and her love towards
    you will grow. If they will be together for a while, just rape her and move

  • Ogihci Shirosaki 3 years ago

    lol this shit is so true like i was with my girlfriend yesterday and th

  • Johnycanuck15 3 years ago

    In hockey i dont even i have to look at my stick when i stick handle my
    hands just do it

  • Mike Verrier 3 years ago

    You’re gay.

  • jfarrar19 3 years ago

    I would say a meter stick would be more necessary.

  • J stone 3 years ago

    While watching this i came up with a sick guitar riff.

  • MrFantast1co77 3 years ago

    Bring more of these back with cod

  • LEGO Knight 3 years ago

    How to get out of the friend zone

  • thaddeus peuterschmidt 3 years ago

    im not sure, the ruler wasnt long enough

  • kabewar 3 years ago

    Thad y don’t u talk about lacrosse I’m a freshmen just had my first season
    I fucking love it now do some lacrosse vids since u play in college like
    wat college u go to wat division talk bout ur high school/college lacrosse.
    If u want to its whatever but if like it

  • blueflare67 3 years ago

    Ha Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Eskimo Bro 3 years ago

    Thad uses my gameplay, very much appreciated.

  • Andrew Ott 3 years ago

    There’s this girl I like and they know how do I asked them out

  • Eskimo Bro 3 years ago

    Just try to ignore her more and more. Do it slow tho.

  • Skiinaza123124 3 years ago

    Let them have your friends!